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Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Sorry to say that nthis issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter will read much like a Newspaper Obituary Column!

We will be paying tribute to 3 legendary artists, all of whom have a connection with Soul-Patrol:

Richie Havens
Vince Montana
Cordell "Boogie" Mosson

Quite sad indeed. They say that death comes in threes, so there you have it.

When you scroll down in this issue, you will read a piece on Vince Montana writen by me. A piece on P-Funk bassman Cordell "Boogie" Mosson and a piece on cultural icon Richie Havens by Kevin Amos. I would like to thank Bob & Kevin for their contributions in this issue. They both went out of their way to write someting good about these artists while they were still here.

It is a comfort indeed to know that when someone like this passes, that you in fact did something for that person while they were still here. For most people, it is an abstract thing. A person that they know of, but they didn't know. The hypocrites come out of the closet with "fake" sorrow, simply because they liked or heard of a song or two. But they have no knowledge of that person as a person, nor do they care. It is actually quite a shameful display. They act like they care, but in reality they could care less. It is literally the cyber equivalent of the kind of folks who show up at funerals for people they didn't know, simply in order to get a free meal!!!

I wish that I could say that was it. But it isn't.

I know of 2 Soul-Patrollers who enters a hospice this past week. And several others who have been recently admitted to nursing homes.

All of this is quite painful for me on a personal level and its even more devastating on a cultural level.

I am more determined than ever to make absolutely certain that we support our remaining legends who are independently continuing to put out great music. Therefore I am making the following announcement:


I noticed that President Obama is once again CAVING IN to the far right wing extremists. He seems to think that Senior Citizens actually require LESS money in order to survive in 2013. Therefore he is determined to CUT Social Security in his new budget.

This cut will be about $100/month for those who get Social Security. I know that doesn't sound like much to some of you. However for many folks it will mean the difference between having a roof over your head or being homeless.

So therefore, effective IMMEDIATELY going forward, any indie artist on Social Security who is here on Soul-Patrol that has a product to advertise will get a "1/3 CHAINED CPI DISCOUNT."

Any genre that we cover: soul, jazz, blues, funk, rap, rock n' roll, neo soul, doo wop, etc.

Interested or know someone who might be? Just contact me via telephone or email...

(phuck obama & his right wing economic policies!!!)

If you have read this far, I would not only encorage you to continue reading, but also to pass this email along to others that you may know.

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis


RIP: Vince Montana

RIP: Vince MontanaI did want to let you all know that the GREAT Philly vibe man Vince Montana has passed away. That blurry pictre of him along with our own "Giant" Gene Arnold was taked at the Soul-Patrol Convention. I suppose I have have some better pictures of Vince, but I wanted to use this one, since Gene is in it also, because Gene introduced me to Vince.

As a teenager in the 1970's I grooved to Vince's music both as a member of MFSB and as the leader of the SalSoul Orchestra (which actually included most of the members of MFSB using fake names....LOL)

Later I got to not only meet Vince and his family. I got to be their friends.
They became big supporters of the website and attended all of conventions religiously, back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, till Vince became too sick to attend anymore.

Vince was a key part of the Philadelphia music scene for over 50 years and if you don't know the name, you know his music. You hear him on vibes on just about every song that you have ever heard that was recorded in Philadelphia during the 60's, 70's, & 80's.

That means you hear him on every song recorded by artists like the O'Jays, Teddy P, Wilson Pickett, Jerry Butler, Patti Labelle, Stylistics, Delfonics, Billy Paul, Hall & Oates, the Jacksons, and many others during this period!

One of the FUNKIEST musicians I have ever known...

(and an even better person!)

RIP Vince Montana

How many here remember the song: "Sad Girl" -Intruders?
Do you remember how the song starts?

First there are the horns....duh duh duh duh duh...
Then Lil Sonny (I think?) comes in and sings...
Saaadd Giiiirllll

Then there is a short vibe solo

Then Lil Sonny comes back and sings....
"Did he break your heart..."

Then there is another short vibe solo

Hell I didn't know that till I met Vince....LOL

Right now my head is spinning around thinking of all those little vibe solos.
In songs from the O'Jays to Archie Bell & the Drells to the Delfonics and on and on and on.

I can remember Billy Paul coming up to me at one of the SP Conventions and saying to me...

Billy: "Nice to see that you have Vince here Bob"
Bob: "Yeah I like Vince, do you know him?"
Billy: "Hell Bob, Vince is playing on everything I recorded at Philly International"

(I had no clue.....I just thought Vince was a super funky disco

Vince was a badd mf

--Bob Davis


RIP: Cordell "Boogie" Mosson

RIP: Cordell Boogie MossonNOTE: There will a Wake (public viewing) Friday between 5 & 9pm at Calvary Baptist Church, W 4th & Monroe Ave, Plainfield NJ 07063.

This is the same church both Ray Davis & Garry Shider's services were held.

Boogie's funeral will Saturday April 27th 9am from Ruth Fellowship on South 2nd St near Grant Ave, Plainfield NJ.

I am planning to be in attendance...

BTW....the picture is of Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, along with guitarist Michael Hampton (Kidd Funkadelic) and our good friend Daryl Moon of FUNKIN IT UP TILL THE END!!!

--Bob Davis

No good discussion of P-Funk is complete without a mention of the some of the baddest funk bassists in history.

Unfortunately, the conversation almost always turns to either Bootsy Collins, an obvious architect of the P-Funk flavor of the late 70s or founding Funkadelic Billy Bass Nelson. Now that is not all bad in itself. These are some badd boys. However there is another somewhat lesser known bassman that was just as, arguably if not more important in the development of the band's obscure early Funkadelia into the platinum-drenched Parliament chart-toppers & lavish road shows towards the latter part of the decade. His name, the legendary Cordell "Boogie" Mosson.

Just as comfortable behind the drum kit (check Parliament's "Dr. Funkenstein") or rhythm guitar (his role in the current touring invasion force), Boogie's unique, propulsive approach to bass playing single-handedly offered up the foundation that by the end of the decade had launched the P-Funk into the outer regions of the Chocolate Milky Way. Oft referred affectionately to and dubbed the world's only "Black Leprechaun" by celebrated artist Pedro Bell, Boogie, in his 35th year with the group lays claim as one of it's true senior members.

First appearing on the sprawling Funkadelic double LP set of 1972, "America Eats its Young" it became quickly evident that no one on this earth handled the bass duties quite like Boogie. The way he seamlessly stretches the notes in a pocket without ever losing the power and bottom stroke of the downbeat on the one is just insane. You simply cannot duplicate it. For a brief intro into this Plainfield NJ style of thump, check the oozing, lather-like grooves of these preposterous P-Funk classics; "Loose Booty", "Sexy Ways", "You Cant Miss What You Can't Measure" and "Nappy Dugout", the latter of which he takes a simple lick of 3 or 4 notes and just turns it into a clinic on playing in front of and behind the beat.

That style made him the ideal candidate when George Clinton got set to blast Parliament off into a stratosphere of platinum dreams with "Mothership Connection" in 1976 with the P-Funk Earth Tour. Between Jerome Brailey's bigfoot on bass drum, Bernie Worrell's genius rhythm and synth arrangement and Boogie's 'intricate simplicity' (check "Undisco Kidd" from the "Parliament Live" set)on the instrument, the band would build this immense tidal wave of groove night after night that simply Tore the Roof Off The Sucker!

As the band reached for its zenith the next year Boogie remained one of its brightest stars, moving and grooving audiences worldwide on the FlashLight Tour. In 1979, he appeared on-stage as "Rumpofsteelskin" as Parliament took the funk underwater for the Aqua Boogie Tour. After years of several side studio projects (including a brief stint with Brailey's Mutiny) Boogie returned to the fold in the mid-80s as part of the P-Funk All-Stars Atomic Dog touring unit and has been with the band on and off ever since. Give the man his Heartbeat Props.

Essay By
"Bustin" Bob Mitchell.. ....
Funk Journalist & Atlanta-GA-USA Radio Personality
Funk Journalist & Head Writer

--Bob Davis


RIP: Richie Havens

RIP: Richie Havens While sitting here watching the news a few minutes ago I just learned that Richie died of a heart attack this evening. About a week and a half ago I was going to contact him just to say hi and to see how he was doing. I feel bad I should have called him but just plain got involved in something else. Remember to always follow your instincts.

About three years ago I had the honor and privilege to do a phone interview with him. Our conversation was nearly two hours. It was indeed a journey through great black music. We talked about him singing Gospel as a youth. We talked about him singing Doo Wop on the streets of Brooklyn. We talked about the Village, the folk scene and how he met Jimi Hendrix. We talked about the Civil rights marches of the 60's and all the folks who took part in it and of course he told me about Woodstock and how the song "Freedom" was created. He also talked about how he ran his own independent record label, and the environment along with the challenges to the youth and our generation. wow...

Richie's gone...and it'd Earth Day. Rest in Peace my Brother. You can read the review I wrote bellow...

--Kevin Amos
Richie Havens has quietly influenced several generations through his music and community activism. The music of Havens, along with that of others, became the soundtrack for a revolution and many times that revolution was implemented by direct community action. Since the early sixties, Richie has used his music to bring forth
messages of unity and personal freedom.

Haven's music and stories of his journey were recently shared at the Carnegie Lecture Hall in a presentation sponsored by Calliope House. Havens reflected on wisdom his grandmother passed down, the folk-rock scene in Greenwich Village, playing stickball in Brooklyn and individual freedom.

Havens agrees that there is a great change in the air. He is overwhelmed by the amount of positive influence previous generation have passed on to our younger folks.
"I believe that what we are about to go through is a marvelous variety of support where it gets fed from one and goes out to others. To see the difference is really far out for me." "My recent experience witnessing a young man in New Orleans performing a Miles Davis piece absolutely blew me away!"

Richie has devoted his energies to educating young people about ecological issues. In the mid-1970s, he co-founded the Northwind Undersea Institute, an oceanographic children's museum on City Island in The Bronx. That, led to the creation of The Natural Guard, an organization Richie describes as "a way of helping kids learn that they can have a hands-on role in affecting the environment."

Born 1941 in Brooklyn, Richie Havens began organizing his neighborhood friends into doo-wop groups and was performing with The McCrea Gospel Singers at age 16. He gave the example in our interview of how songs like "Get a Job" and "I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent" were actually the protest and statement songs of the time. Havens also reflected in our conversation about his work with Dr. King, Odetta, Nina Simone and others.
Richie is also featured in the documentary "Soundtrack for a Revolution" This film tells the story of the American civil rights movement through its powerful music: freedom songs sung on picket lines, in mass meetings, in paddy wagons, and in jail cells by black and white Americans all over the country. Featuring performances by John Legend, Joss Stone, Wyclef Jean, The Roots, Ritchie Havens, and others, along with riveting archival footage, and interviews with civil rights foot soldiers and leaders, including Congressman John Lewis, Harry Belafonte, Julian Bond, and Ambassador Andrew Young,

At the age of 20, Richie left Brooklyn to seek out the artistic stimulation of Greenwich Village. "I saw the Village as a place to escape to in order to express your self," he recalls. "I had first gone there during the beatnik days of the 1950s to perform poetry, and then I drew portraits for 2 years and stayed up all night listening to folk music in the clubs. It took a while before I thought of picking up a guitar."

The hour and fifteen minute set included "All Along the Watchtower", a tune written by his close friend Jimi Hendrix, "Here Comes the Sun" and his world wide anthem, "Freedom". Havens' current CD is "Nobody Left to Crown" on Verve Forecast and his website is

More Info Here

--Bob Davis


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If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.
Bob Davis

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