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Angel: Where Have you Been - I Want a Love I Can See, Where Have You Been?, Why Me?, It's Better to Have and Don't Need, Jitterbop, Break Out the Tears, I Wanna Be (Your Everything), I Want a Love I Can See

Soul-Patrol Newsletter

* CD Review: Angel - "Where Have You Been?"

from ANGEL

Click here to check out the AWESOME NEW CD from ANGEL "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to introduce Soul-Patrollers, near and far, around the corner and around the world to....


Angel: Where Have You Been?I am fully aware that most of you have not heard of ANGEL before today, but I am also quite certain that won't make a damn bit of difference to you, since being famous is NOT a criteria for you in your search for GREAT music, here in the year 2006!

Today, I would like you to take advantage of our good fortune in having an artist like ANGEL around in the year 2006, because artists like him are truly rare in the current state of music we are in today. You see in today's world there is no place for an artist like Angel, except for a place like Soul-Patrol. That's because Angel is a soul singer in the tradition of the great artists from the 1950's and 1960's like the Temptations, Rascals, Pookie Hudson, Arthur Prysock, and Billy Eckstine. However Angel isn't an "oldies artist", so he wouldn't get heard on an "oldies station". He is carrying that tradition forward in a masterful way that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Others have begun to recognize that as well and there are many DJ's at indy stations who have begun to pick up on this great music and expose it to their listeners. My hope is that all of you out there will be willing to take a few moments out of your busy schedule to do the same. I've seen him perform live twice and each time I was blown away. He had the ladies eating right out of his hands.

So today, I would like you to give yourself the chance to see just what all of this fuss is for yourself and check out ANGEL.

We have two ways for you to do that in this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter:

1. Listen to our special Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Streaming broadcast, featuring Angel's new CD called Where Have You Been?
2. Go to Angel's website and check out what he's got to offer there

After you do those two things, please let me know what cha think?

--Bob Davis

Angel: Where Have you Been - I Want a Love I Can See, Where Have You Been?, Why Me?, It's Better to Have and Don't Need, Jitterbop, Break Out the Tears, I Wanna Be (Your Everything), I Want a Love I Can See

BIO: Angel

Angel: Where Have You Been? Influenced by Little Richard, Hank Ballard, Howard Tate and BB King, Angel started singing rhythm and blues on street corners when he was twelve. It would take forever to list all of his favorite singers, but a few standouts are Sonny Til, Nolan Strong, Pookie Hudson, Arthur Prysock, and Billy Eckstine.

When Angel was 15, he joined his first band as a bass player and eventually played with the legendary "Grandfather of Rock 'n Roll" Chuck Berry. He was the lead singer for the South Florida group The Kollektion and had his own group called GC Dangerous with Gene Cornish of the Rascals. Angel was the lead singer for the critically acclaimed group Diamond, Angel and Crooks. He has worked with such notable people as Dion, Matt (Guitar) Murphy, Bobby Byrd, Robbin Ford, Darlene Love, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Jackson, Paul Schaffer, The Blues Image, Harvey Fuqua and The New Rascals.

Angel has also recorded and played at Carnegie Hall with Cyndi Lauper and was an original member of Little Isidore and The Inquisitors. He sang lead on the #1 hit single "Harlem Hit Parade," and "Jitterbop" from his album "Little Leopold" made it to #3 on the charts. Recently he has appeared on the Ratso CD "Water Rising" and "Tails of the city" a CD written and produced by Murray Weinstock. Angel can be seen all around the country as a member of Kenny Vance and the Planotones.

Angel: Where Have you Been - I Want a Love I Can See, Where Have You Been?, Why Me?, It's Better to Have and Don't Need, Jitterbop, Break Out the Tears, I Wanna Be (Your Everything), I Want a Love I Can See

CD REVIEW: Angel - Where Have You Been?
(Great Black Music From The Ancient To The Future)

Angel: Where Have You Been?

Back in 1968 I was 11 years old, I walked into the neighborhood record shop in NY and for the first time in my life, I purchased a piece of recorded music with my own money. I had been inside of that record store many times, but never before had I been so bold as to actually take some of my own money, hard earned by scavenging the neighborhood for empty soda bottles to ca$h in and actually make a purchase. Well on this particular day I brought two 45 rpm records, paid 49 cents for each one and since that day I haven't looked back. It was the start of a lifelong addiction.

The two records that I brought that day were:

- Sly & the Family Stone: "Everyday People/Sing a Simple Song"
- Rascals: "People Got To Be Free"

Looking back I always thought that it was significant that one was a "funk" record and the other was a "soul" record. In some ways my tastes haven't really changed that much since I was 11 years old. On the other hand it's also somewhat significant that one of the first two records that I ever brought was by a white artist.

Of course the Rascals (also from NYC) aren't just "white artists" they were actually revolutionaries who did one hell of a job of teaching youngbloods like me that the face of SOUL MUSIC doesn't always have to look like the face in the mirror. Hence one of the very first pages to go up on the Classic Soul website, was a page dedicated to and the Rascals and their magical lead singer Felix Cavaliere. Back in those days we all listened to low powered WWRL-1600 AM (all the way over on the right hand side of the dial). And when legendary NYC disc jockey Enoch Hawthorne Gregory would yell "GET UP", then start playing the song "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL MORNING" and you could hear the majestic beauty of Felix's voice coming out of the tiny am radio, you knew that it was time to get up from school.

However I digress...

Angel reminds me a lot of what I perceived way back then that Felix was like. No his voice doesn't sound exactly like Felix, Angel has got his own style. But ya know, even that statement doesn't really say enough. Folks I have been living with this album for the past few months, savoring it in many different places and situations. If I were a "mainstream music critic" I might say something like "Retro Motownish/Staxish Roots Driven Up Tempo R&B". However I would never say such blow hard drivel....

What I will say is that Angel's music blew me away the very first time I heard it and it has blown away EVERYONE that I have played it for.

Here's an example: I was in the car listening to the CD "Where Have You Been?" and I got a call on my cell phone from our good friend "Enorman" of WVKO in Columbus, Ohio and I turn down the volume, so we can have our conversation. At some point during the conversation "Enorman" says to me, what the hell is that you are listening to?" I said, "oh it's a new CD that was recently submitted to me, let me turn up the volume so you can hear it better". So I turned up the volume, took off my headset and put it close to the car speaker. The song "I Want a Love I Can See" (yes a cover version of the Temptations classic) was playing. I left the headset near the speaker for about a minute and then put it back on. Enorman" said: "Who tha f*uck was that"? Never mind, I don't care who it is I NEED to have that CD so that I can put it into the rotation at the station. Since I first started listening to Angel's music late last year, reactions like that one have occurred time and time again.

On the CD Where Have You Been? Angel doesn't offer up any social commentary in particular. He doesn't have to. His existence and the existence of the CD is social commentary enough. What you are getting with this album is quite simply the best album that I have heard so far this year. It's all about the music, pure and simple.

Could I write more about Angela and his music?
Of course I could, and there is quite a bit to tell and I'll save that for another time. My feeling right now is that you should take a few moments and actually go and listen to some of this music over on his web site at:

I have always believed that there is a kind of "circular symmetry", about life and that "what goes around truly does come around". So therefore it makes me smile more than just a little bit to know that Angel's album "Where Have You Been?" is now playing in the regular rotation" at a small Black station, playing Soul music "located on the far right hand side of the dial" today in Columbus, Ohio. That way small Black boys in Columbus, Ohio might just have the chance to buy Angel's music with their own money, just as I did back in 1968, after hearing the Rascals being played on a similar station in New York City. Because if they do, they will be better people for having had the chance to do so when they do.

Track Listing for: Where Have You Been

1. Where You At?
2. I Want a Love I Can See
3. Where Have You Been?
4. Why Me?
5. It's Better to Have and Don't Need
6. Your Promise to Be Mine
7. Break Out the Tears
8. Back in Love Again
9. I Wanna Be (Your Everything)
10. Oh Rockin' Daddy

--Bob Davis

Angel: Where Have you Been - I Want a Love I Can See, Where Have You Been?, Why Me?, It's Better to Have and Don't Need, Jitterbop, Break Out the Tears, I Wanna Be (Your Everything), I Want a Love I Can See

from ANGEL

Click here to check out the AWESOME NEW CD from ANGEL "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"

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