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Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines:

* Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Announcement

* Donna Summer AND Chic were Snubbed!

* Donna Summer - She Said it Really Loud, She Said it on the Air On the Radio

* The Case For Chic & The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

The bulk of this issue is devoted to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions and their disrespecting of the legacy of Rock n' Roll, with their highly flawed" induction process. However we have a few other items that we would like to remind you of:

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--Bob Davis

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Announcement at the RRHOF InductionsThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its Inductees for 2008 December 13, 2007-New York-The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation today announced its inductees for 2008. The inductees will be honored at a ceremony on March 10, 2008, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

"The 2008 inductees are trailblazers - all unique and influential in their genres," said Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation President and CEO Joel Peresman. "From poetry to pop, these five acts demonstrate the rich diversity of rock and roll itself. We are proud to honor these artists and celebrate their contribution to rock and roll's place in our culture."

The performer inductees are:

- Leonard Cohen
- The Dave Clark Five (Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson, Rick Huxley, Denny Payton and Mike Smith)
- Madonna
- John Mellencamp
- The Ventures (Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, Gerry McGee, Mel Taylor, Don Wilson)

- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also announced the induction of Little Walter in its sideman category.
- And the newly named "Ahmet Ertegun Award" (formerly the non-performer category) will be presented to legendary producers, Gamble & Huff.

The 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performer inductees were chosen by the 600 voters of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. Artists are eligible for inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twenty-five years after their first recording is released.

In addition to being honored at the March ceremony, each inducted artist is commemorated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland Ohio, which serves as a monument to rock and roll's impact on our culture. There, this year's inductees will be honored - along with previous year's inductees and hundreds of other artists - with exhibits, video and interactive presentations and programs that serve to tell the story of modern music. The Hall of Fame itself will include artifacts from this year's inductees, a multi-media presentation with highlights from each artist's career and their signatures permanently engraved in the glass walls of the Hall of Fame.

Presenters and performers at the induction will be announced at a later date. The induction ceremony will again air live on VH1 Classic on March 10, 2008.

Donna Summer AND Chic were Snubbed!

disco sucksI was saddened yesterday as well when I read the announcement. I'm *not* surprised that Madonna got inducted - I mean, c'mon. You know that the industry as it stands today couldn't wait to get Madonna inducted into the R&RHOF. Based on the long established rules, an artist has to have put out music at least 25 years ago to qualify. Madonna debuted in 1982 with "Everybody" (which, I'll admit, I have featured on my site - it is a fun dance song to be fair) so she only JUST qualifies since we're at the end of 2007.

Again, to be fair, she has had some fun dance music in her career ("Everybody", "Burning Up", "Material Girl"). However, she is not of the caliber of Donna Summer (or Chic who, if you'll remember, were also nominated for induction along with Donna Summer). I thought for sure that either Donna Summer or Chic had a shot of being inducted. I mean, and I also mentioned this on my site's blog area, Donna Summer helped define the face of disco from 1975 forward beginning with "Love To Love You Baby" (I know she actually debuted in 1974 with a German release but in the U.S. her 1975 classic is widely regarded as her "debut"). Her evolving disco and dance music throughout the seventies, eighties, and nineties into the 2000s should have made her a shoo-in for induction. Unfortunately, today's generation of listeners are more in tune to Madonna than to Donna Summer.

As for Chic, another prime example of today's generation not appreciating past legends. Nile Rodgers and the late Bernard Edwards crafted sophisticated disco and funk not only for their own band ("Le Freak", "Dance, Dance, Dance", "Good Times", "I Want Your Love", "Chic Mystique") but for others including Sister Sledge ("We Are Family", "He's The Greatest Dancer"), Diana Ross (the entire 1980 album "Diana" featuring "Upside Down" and "I'm Coming Out"), and others. If I'm not mistaken, Nile Rodgers even did music for Madonna herself!

Speaking of "Good Times", that song alone by Chic has served as the template for many other genres - rap (The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight"), rock (Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust"). Another group that should have been a shoo-in for induction.

By rushing to put Madonna (who, again, only JUST BARELY qualifies for induction based on the 25-year rule) into the R&RHOF and again passing over Donna Summer (who, based on the 25-year rule, became eligible in 2000) and Chic (who became eligible around 2002), the music industry once again shows its current disdain for the true classics and its favoritism for cookie cutter pop fluff.

At least Gamble/Huff & Little Walter are getting in.

--Tony Madison

Donna Summer - She Said it Really Loud, She Said it on the Air On the Radio

Donna Summer GoldI just want to go on record as saying that IMHO this is a tremendous SLAP IN THE FACE.

As a music fan I am very disappointed. But I'm not sure that it matters anymore.

The reason it doesn't matter is because I have grown immune from corporate politics. In the year 2007, my sensitivities lie elsewhere.

I really do understand just why it is of the utmost importance for LiveNation (Madonna) to break bread and get into bed with Viacom (RRHOF Induction Committee). From a corporate perspective, it makes sense and I'm quite certain that the shareholders of these corporations are very happy.

As a music fan I am very disappointed. But I'm not sure that it matters anymore.

In my minds eye, filtered thru the prism of 50 years of hard living and fun times, I can remember back to the times of being a "disco kid" back in the ultimate "disco city". That place was then known as "fun city". Today "fun city" is hardly that anymore, it being the first casualty in a war that seems to have no boundaries. NYC has hardly been a "fun place" to be, since 9/11/2001. But for a five year period back in the mid 70's to the early 1980's, it really was "fun city", if you were a kid. To be a "kid" in NYC during that period of time was to see a time where "fun" was defined by hanging out with your peers and being a part of your own subculture that while it was exclusive was very different than what had come before it. It was different because it had no boundaries within it. This culture was the ultimate in the expression of the "freedom" provided by the vision set forth by the entity known as "rock n' roll."

The vision of "rock n' roll" became fully realized during the disco period. It was perfectly aligned with the vision of the framers of the US Constitution. Under disco, "all men (and women) were created equal (on the dance floor)" and what was an "urban sub culture" for "disco kids" like me, became the fulfillment of the promise of the vision of rock n' roll, the US Constitution and the Civil Rights Movement, all rolled into one.

And the key person who was the icon for all of this was Donna Summer. How ironic that the iconic symbol of a movement that brought all Americans together, fulfilling the promise of the vision of rock n' roll, born out of the objectives of the 1950's integration movement, be a POWERHOUSE BLACK WOMAN. It's ironic, but it was totally keeping in synch with the course of human events, that a POWERHOUSE BLACK WOMAN should be the icon for the bringing together of of all of God's children under the same roof, even if that roof was a nightclub for young adults. It became the America, only hinted at by the INTEGRATED visual imagery of artists like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sly & the Family Stone, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers and others. It was in fact the next logical step for a nation which had been torn apart during the 1960's by racial strife.

And how ironic that Donna Summer herself is shut out of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame by a woman who is but a "pale imitation" of her. All Donna Summer did was change American society and make the vision of BOTH the US Constitution and Rock n' Roll itself into a reality. She did that with an unprecedented string of hit songs, that she wrote which formed the core of a culture that finally made it possible to break down the doors of segregation in America, and do so in a manner that all parties involved were actually happy about the result. The music of Donna Summer is what changed Rock n Roll from an environment where the Blacks sat in the balcony and Whites sat on the ground floor, to an environment where EVERYONE was on a level playing field called a DANCE FLOOR.

All of what I have said is the truth. You can go and look it up. Or better yet, you can do what the RRHOF Induction Committee seemingly refuses to do and simply ask someone who was there.

How ironic that this announcement of the exclusion of Donna Summer should come in the aftermath of the death of Ike Turner (although he is in the RRHOF), yet another pioneer whose musical accomplishments have become diminished, by exclusion. Yes it is true that as we moved from the Carter Administration to the Reagan Administration, Madonna succeeded Donna Summer as the next queen of dance music and therefore deserves to be recognized for her accomplishments. But why can't the originator gain her recognition first?

Or why not make a statement about just how that timeframe changed the country and induct both women together?

As a music fan I am very disappointed. But I'm not sure that it matters anymore.

Because I have come to realize that this process, has....


So it really is ok, I'm fine with it.

And much like Groucho Marx.
I can only say to Donna Summer...

"I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member..."

In the meanwhile, I guess I'll just continue to keep JAMMIN with Donna Summer's music:

And think back to a time when all things AMERICAN, truly seemed possible

--Bob Davis

The Case For Chic & The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

CHIC - The Definitive Groove CollectionChic, more so than Donna Summer meets the *surface requirements* of RRHOF inclusion. I would like to expand upon their accomplishments on the ROCK and ROLL side of things.

The single "Good Times" was credited with generating enough income to help Atlantic Records thru a very financially perilous time. Remember the various formats we had then? Cassette. LP. 7 inch single. 12 inch single. Chic sold thru on ALL of them at well over a million units.

CHIC should be in the RRHOF based on their INFLUENCE on ROCK and POP MUSIC. The basic ingredients of the Rock Anchor "Power Trio" were in place: Bernard Edwards: BASS, Nile Rodgers: GUITAR, Tony Thompson: Drums. Time after time we have been reminded these 3 instruments are representative of what ROCK is all about. The SOUND that CHIC made was indeed identified as a TEMPLATE for the following ROCK acts: The POLICE, BLONDIE, DURAN DURAN and later and more importantly INCLUSIVE OF CHIC MEMBERS: POWER STATION. They performed BEYOND their own industry imposed borders. Those borders (for any to need to be reminded) are: Soul and Disco.

As a PRODUCTION ENTITY CHIC produced the following POP and ROCK acts either TOGETHER or SEPARATELY (I purposely left off the Soul/Disco performers Grace Jones, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Al Jarreau, Jody Watley, etc. to concentrate on the "Rock and Roll" of the RRHOF):

Koo Koo, Debbie Harry (1981)
Carly Simon, "Why" from the motion picture soundtrack "Soup for One" (1982)
Power Station, Power Station (1985)
"A View To A Kill" (single), Duran Duran (1985)
Heat, Nona Hendryx (1985)
Riptide, Robert Palmer (1985)
Cocker, Joe Cocker (1986)
Color In Your Life, Missing Persons (1986)
Hearts In Motion, Air Supply (1986)
Alphabet City, ABC (1987)
If, Hollywood Beyond (1987)
Contact, Platinum Blond (1987)
Out of Order, Rod Stewart (1988)
Under The One Sky, Distance (1989)
YUI Orta, Ian Hunter/The Hunter Ronson Band (1990)
Break The Silence, The Triplets (1990)
Vagabond Heart, Rod Stewart (1991)
Living in Fear, Power Station (1996)
Let's Dance, David Bowie (1983)
Situation X, Michael Gregory (1983)
"Invitation To Dance", Kim Carnes (1983)
Trash It Up, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes (1983)
"Original Sin", INXS (1984)
Like a Virgin, Madonna (1984)
"The Reflex", "The Wild Boys", Duran Duran (1984)
Flash, Jeff Beck (1985)
She's The Boss, Mick Jagger (1985)
Here's to Future Days, Thompson Twins, (1985)
Do You, Sheena Easton (1985)
Home of the Brave, Laurie Anderson (1986)
"Route 66" [Nile Rogers Mix], Depeche Mode (1987)
Cosmic Thing, The B-52's (1989)
Slam, Dan Reed Network (1989)
Family Style, Vaughan Brothers (1990)
Move To This, Cathy Dennis (1990)
The Heat, Dan Reed Network (1991)
"Real Cool World", David Bowie (1992)
Good Stuff, The B-52's (1992)
Black Tie White Noise, David Bowie (1993)
Your Filthy Little Mouth, David Lee Roth (1994)
Azabache, Marta Sánchez (1997)
Us, Taja Sevelle (1997)
Little Wonder, David Bowie (1997)
Samantha Cole, Samantha Cole (1997)
On And On, All-4-One (1998)

The thought process that allows an act like THIS to go un rewarded can ONLY be identified by TWO TERMS and TWO TERMS only: STUPIDITY and RACISM. Leonard Cohen's influence may indeed be deep, but who did HE ever produce? Did Leonard Cohen rescue a record company from financial straits? There can be no thought process of any consequence if anyone who VOTES at the RRHOF ever paid attention to what is-on the face of it-the accomplishments within the ROCK world of an act like CHIC.

An act like CHIC was responsible for influencing musical SUBSTANCE.

Madonna's lasting accomplishments were of STYLE over substance.
EXAMPLE: "The Material Girl"...And who produced THAT track........?

Written by Peter Brown and Robert Rans
Produced by Nile Rodgers
Bass by Bernard Edwards
Guitar, Synclavier II, Juno 60 by Nile Rodgers
Drums by Tony Thompson
Background vocals by Madonna, Curtis King, Frank Simms and George Simms
Even the girl who needed the "Material" knew where to get it.

If only the committee of the Rock and Roll Foundation were as wise....

--Donald Cleveland

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