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SPN: H*A*P*P*Y F*A*T*H*E*R*S D*A*Y - NEW RELEASE - Munkeez Strikin Matchiz - Wreck It (Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free), Black Men in America: Christian Scott , Ray Parker Jr, Billy Griffin, Jazzhole/Marlon Saunders, Charles Wright, Frank McComb, Crusaders
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Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Happy Fathers Day/2008

Pictured above is my brother Mike (left) and myself (right). Together you all know us as the owners of and But more importantly we are the sons of the same man and his name is Robert Davis. So we would like to with him a Happy Fathers Day. At our age we know that there are many of our peers who aren't able to pick up the phone and call their fathers. We would like to suggest that for those of you who can pick up the phone and call your father that you do so. Don't wait till next year, it may be too late... Mike and I are also fathers ourselves, so we will also be celebrating Fathers Day.

Recently I have been doing some thinking about fathers in general and Black men in particular. If you believe in the modern science says, Black men were probably the first human beings to walk the face of the earth in Africa.

Despite that accomplishment, it seems that the mass media has turned us into the most hated and despised creatures that have ever lived. We are Pimps, Slaves, Thugs, we are illiterate savages that must be contained and incarcerated at all costs. If we are driving in the wrong neighborhood we should expect to be stopped and asked to prove who we are by the police. If Black men go shopping, we are followed around the store by security personnel, etc. It seems to me that we have gotten a bad reputation, worldwide.

Today we also live in a world, where a Black man just might become the "leader" of the free world in just a few short months. The stakes for us are being raised right in front of our eyes. And while I think that this is a good thing, I just hope and pray that we as Black men will be up to the challenge of the future.

In this issue, I'd like you to check out a new song by several Black men, who are members of Soul-Patrol that all of you know quite well. Take a listen and let us know what cha think....

--Bob Davis

H*A*P*P*Y F*A*T*H*E*R*S D*A*Y - NEW RELEASE - Munkeez Strikin Matchiz - Wreck It (Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free)

H*A*P*P*Y  F*A*T*H*E*R*S  D*A*Y - NEW RELEASE - Munkeez Strikin Matchiz - Wreck It (Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free)I love this song. I think that we will make this the

Munkeez Strikin Matchiz - "Wreck It"
(Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free)

Check it out, it's one stone cold, sho nuff:


Soon to be released on:

--Bob Davis

Christian Scott: So What, Ray Parker Jr.: Glass of Wine, Middle Aged Crisis, Billy Griffin: Like Water, Forgive Me If You Can, Jazzhole/Marlon Saunders: All The Ways, Lowdown, Charles Wright: Unseen Dirt, Follow Your Spirit, Frank McComb: Passionate Love, Crusaders: Stomp and Buck Dance

(Fathers Day Special simulcast on Soul-Patrol.Net &

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Bob Davis

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