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Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

"The Best That We Have To Offer"

First & foremost, I would like to thank all of you who emailed and/or called me you're your condolences with respect to the passing of my father. Please rest assured that I have not only read each email, but I have also passed them along to my brother and will also share your thoughts with my mother. It's important to me and to my family that those of you who took the time to do so, did so. As many of you who have been around us for a while have known since the beginning, Soul-Patrol isn't really about music at all. It represents my own personal vision for how a real community of caring people can use culture as a mechanism to get and stay connected to others who share similar values. Those values are based around a particular style of music that was once popular, but in recent history has fallen into disfavor among the general public and become "underground." The culture that formed around that music is what ultimately led to the American Civil Rights Movement, which ultimately came to be the greatest movement for social change that ever happened in the history of the United States.

Much of the reasons why my brother and I felt strongly enough to create such a vehicle in the first place are based on the values that were taught to us by our father. Over the next few months I will write quite a bit about him. One of the things that you already know about my father is that he was a NYC police officer. However one of the things that you don't know about him is that he was a part of the security detail for Martin Luther King in Washington DC in 1963 for the "I Have a Dream" speech.

Over the past few years however we have witnessed a resurgence of some of the type of commitment of individuals that is in many ways reminiscent of the spirit/passion of the Civil Rights Movement. We can all see this politically in the excitement created by the campaign of Senator Obama, but we can also see it in what is a clear resurgence of the styles of music (Blues, Soul, Jazz, Rap & Rock n' Roll) that were the background music for the American Civil Rights Movement.

There are many artists today within the realm of Black music (Blues, Soul, Jazz, Rap & Rock n' Roll) who have picked up the ball and are running with it. They are creating music that is certainly in synch with the music of the 1960's and 1970's. And that is really what this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter is all about. It's all about new releases in 2008 by many different artists. These artists may be disconnected, by geography, musical style, etc. However what they all have in common is that they are applying the "groove" of the 1960's & 1970's to their music in such a manner that would suggest that we are on the verge of something truly great.

Over the past couple of days I have gotten several hundred emails from people of condolence to me and my family with regard to the loss of my father. If he were here, my father would be very thankful; however he would also say that "talk is cheap."

One member of my family made a suggestion to me today. He said; "you have a huge email list, with a huge number of people, why don't you start a scholarship fund in your fathers name and ask your audience to make small contributions. You could then take whatever you collect and award it to a needy student each year to help them with college."

I think that this is a great idea, however I have no idea if the people here would support it with their dollars? In theory, if each person who wrote me a letter of condolence sent in $5.00, we could give a needy student $1500.00. That is something my father would truly dig.

I would like all of you reading this to scroll down and read our selections for the “Best Albums & Singles of 2008 (so far)” as well as the “Top Soul-Patrol.Net Internet Radio Shows For July 2008.” I would like you to pay attention to the huge number of artists who are truly making a positive contribution to our society, here in 2008. They are going against the grain of recent musical history and producing NEW MUSIC of substance. These artists are making a tangible difference in moving our culture forward.

We are going to have the details soon on how you can participate in this scolarship fund by contributing a minimum of $5.00 so that we can be of tangible assistance in helping someone to go to college. Stay tuned, this is something that we would like to do to change the life of a deserving young person in the name of someone who was into being pro-active about the future.

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

2008's Best Black Music Albums & Tracks (Midterm Report Card/Buying Guide)

(The Best of 2008 (so far))

Click Here to get more info about 2008's Best Black Music Albums & Tracks (Midterm Report Card/Buying Guide) These rankings are also posted on and as well as other places around the internet. Feel free to repost them wherever you hang out at online.

I really do hate making lists. That's because they have a beginning, a middle and an end. Which means that something is going to get left off, and no doubt I have left something out.

At any rate I have compiled a list of what I think are the very best ALBUMS (listed in rank order) and SONGS (listed in alphabetical order) released thus far in 2008.

While I realize that these types of lists are usually compiled at the end of the year, I figured, why wait.
Yall need some fresh new music to listen to during this "summer of our discontent." If you are thinking about buying any of these, rest assured that you can buy them "sight unheard", they are ALL wicked, jazzy, funky, soulful, rockin joints that it is my extreme pleasure to turn you on to. This is a great year so far for Black music (Soul, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rap & Rock n' Roll), so even though it's a "summer of discontent". We as music lovers have quite a bit to smile about, thus far in 2008.

So read em and weep, you will agree with some of these selections and you may disagree with others, the main point of this list is for you to now seek out these artsists/songs/albums. It's all great music and easily available to you right here online for you to sample and make the ultimate judgement for yourself. With that in mind, I urge you to take a visit to the websites of these artists and let them know what cha think:


This has been an amazing year for Black music, or as Buffalo Springfield might say; "there's something happening here." However unlike the old Buffalo Springfield Quote, what's happening here is not only EXTREMELY CLEAR, but what's happening here is a VERY good thing in my opinion. Perhaps it is the impact of Amy Winehouse winning 5 Grammy Awards last year, employing what some critics might refer to as the "dated musical style of 1960's R&B?" Or perhaps as a result of the overall mood of the country, facing a multiple series of seeming insurmountable national/international crisis, looking backwards in order to achieve comfort? Or maybe we just have more artists who are simply tired of farting around, trying to create a "new sound", have come to the stunning realization that there isn't anything wrong with the "old sound?"

Of the 25 new releases on this list (IN RANK ORDER), 16 of them could be described as being "retro" or even "dated" by some people. As you can see from the list, this trend crosses all Black music genres from Jazz, to Blues, to Rap, to Rock n' Roll, to Soul, to Funk and even Doo Wop, as well as demographic sectors, such as age & race.

And if you think that this is all just the conjecture of a "nostalgic old fart sitting behind a computer in New Jersey", you would be quite wrong in that assessment. The songs from these albums are getting major airplay on internet/satellite radio channels and in some cases have even crossed over to terrestrial radio.

So it's really more than even a "trend", dare I say, it has evolved past that point and become a "movement."

1. Global Noize - "Global Noize "
2. Renaissance - "Meet Me On The Corner"
3. James Hunter - "The Hard Way"
4. Denise LaSalle - "Pay Before You Pump"
5. Victor Wooten - "Palmystery"
6. Chante Moore - "Love the Woman"
7. Stan Mosley - "Man Up"
8. Chuck D & the Banned (Featuring Kyle Jason) - "Tribb To JB"
9. Gerald Alston - "Sings Sam Cooke (Featuring Gerald Albright)"
10. Conya Doss - "Still"
11. Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes
12. Angel - "Nu Soul Stew"
13. Chip Shelton - "Imbued With Memories"
14. Marcus Miller - "Marcus"
15. Teeny Tucker - "Two Big M's"
16. Lockboxx - Drop Shop
17. Eric Daniel and Friends - "Old Sax Nu Soul"
18. Vince Seneri - On the Prince's Groove
19. Norman Kelsey - "A Talent For Loving"
20. Hill St Soul - "Black Rose"
21. April Hill - "Love 360"
22. Rose Stone - "Already Motivated"
23. Cracked Ice - "Soul Noir"
24. Bob Baldwin - ""
25. Maceo Parker - Roots and Grooves

2008 TOP SONGS (A Playlist For You):

I know that some of you out there are looking at this list and thinking; "that's all well and good, but many people don't really buy or listen to albums anymore, some people don't even own CD players anymore, they buy/listen to individual songs." Well that may or may not be true, however it's an idea that's well worth exploring. With that notion in mind here is a playlist for your consideration (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER). This list also includes a few reissues. Go to your favorite mp3 download site and "obtain by any means necessary" these new releases for a great summer of compelling Black music listening. Or if the economy's got you down and your broke, slide on over to Nu Soul @, where you can listen to most of these songs in the mix (or will soon be):

1. Angel - "One More Heartache"
2. April Hill - "Manipulation"
3. Barbara Cole - "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean"
4. Bob Baldwin - " Zawinul"
5. Candy Dulfer - "Candy"
6. Candy Dulfer - "Summertime"
7. Chante Moore - "Do For You"
8. Chante Moore - "Guess Who I Saw Today"
9. Chip Shelton - "MLK"
10. Chuck D & the Banned (Featuring Kyle Jason) - "Funky President"
11. Conya Doss - "Message"
12. Cracked Ice - "Sweet Feeling"
13. Dells - "Walk On By"
14. Denise LaSalle - "Mississippi Woman"
15. Desi - "Takin It As It Comes"
16. Diplomats Of Solid Sound featuring The Diplomettes - "Budget Fro"
17. Donnie C - "You Got a Friend"
18. Eric Daniel and Friends - "Old Sax Nu Soul"
19. Eric Roberson - "Let Me Know"
20. Fatback Band - "Sumertime Funk"
21. Gail Jhonson - "Runnin Around"
22. Gerald Alston - "A Change is Gonna Come"
23. Global Noize - "A Jam 4 Joe "
24. Global Noize - "Spin Cycle "
25. Hill St Soul - "The Sweetest Days"
26. James Hunter - "She's Got a Way"
27. James Hunter - "Till the End"
28. Jewels - "Sugar Woman Mama"
29. Lenny Kravitz - "Dancin' Til Dawn"
30. Lockboxx - "Rollerglow"
31. Maceo Parker - "Hit The Road Jack"
32. Marcus Miller - "Ooh (w/Lelah Hathaway"
33. Marcus Miller - "What Is Hip"
34. Marvin Gaye - "Anger (alternate extended mix by Marcus Miller)"
35. Matte - "Big Tall Black Man"
36. Mike Calhoun and the Holy Ghost Band - "God's Got My Back"
37. Miles Davis - "Black Satin "
38. Norman Kelsey - "Everything My Heart Desires"
39. Norman Kelsey - "Fall Out"
40. Rahsaan Patterson - "Dream Flight"
41. Rebel Diaz - "Which Side Are You On"
42. Renaissance - "Feeling The Blow/Sincerely"
43. Rose Stone - "Already Motivated"
44. Rose Stone - "Press On"
45. Soul Children - "Long Ride"
46. Stan Mosely - "Something U Got"
47. Teeny Tucker - "Two Big M's"
48. Tony Cook's Trunk of Funk - "Superstar"
49. Victor Wooten - "Miss U"
50. Vince Seneri - "The Stinger"
51. Yvonne Fair - "Love Aint No Toy "


1. Miles Davis - "The Complete On The Corner Sessions"
2. Dells - "The Dells Sing Dionne Warwicke's Greatest Hits"
3. Marvin Gaye - "Here, My Dear" [Extra Tracks]
4. Otis Blue - "Otis Redding Sings Soul- The Collectors Edition"
5. Various Artists - "Soulsville Sings Hitsville"
6. Yvonne Fair "The Bitch Is Black"

--Bob Davis

Soul-Patrol. Net Radio June/07 Top 20

(The Top 20 Internet Radio Broadcasts on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio (Jume/07))

Click Here to get more info about 2008's Best Black Music Albums & Tracks (Midterm Report Card/Buying Guide) I haven't presented this data in quite a while. However I have decided to do so at this time, because we now have a critical mass of NEW MUSIC being played on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio ( New albums from artists such as Gail Jhonson, Marcus Miller, Global Noize, Renaissance, Lalah Hathaway, Bob Baldwin, The Velons, Michael Manson, Munkeez Strikin Matchiz (feat: Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free), Chip Shelton, Will Downing, Chante Moore and others have been added to the mix in recent months and the audience is responding with big listenership and positive feedback. As usual these rankings are presented with a description and links to the shows so that you can take a listen. Feel free to share these results with anyone who cares about the past, present and future of Black music. Also please note the presence of Shows #5 & #6 (Brand New Slow Jams & Brand New Funk respectively), this type of long from presentation of a mix of new songs is really the "prototype" for what we are currently hearing on the Nu Soul @ ( channel.

Check these listings out and enjoy the music. Stay tuned for new broadcasts on Soul-Patrol.Net from; Hil St. Soul, Shiltz, James Hunter, Calvin Richardson, Eddie Floyd, Gerald Alston, Steve Cropper/Felix Cavalarie, Malia Franklin, Donnie C, plus some new interviews and more...

1. Sam Cooke - Live at the Harlem Square

2. The Velons and their Divas (Clickettes, Baby Washington & the Jewels), Hosted by Earl Gregory

3. Bo Diddley Tribute

4. Munkeez Strikin Matchiz - Wreck It (feat: Bo Diddley, Chuck D, Bernie Worrell, Scott Free)

5. Slow Jams - 3 HOURS OF BRAND NEW SLOW JAMS: Featuring New Releases From: Melissa Young, Ms Monique, Michael Cooper, Jay Proctor, Denise King, Clarence Burke Jr, Ledisi, Jerry Lawson, Phil Hurt, Ted Mills, Barbara Mason, Billy Jones, Gary Taylor, Linda Jones, Rick James, Ryan Shaw, Onyx1, Mike Calzone, Rhonda Benin, Evelyn "Champange" King, Maysa, Cocco Hues, Denise Williams, Najuma, Mena, Phil Perry

6. 360 Degrees of FUNK: HOSTED BY NIGHTRAIN AND DR BROOKENSTIEN - FEATURING MUSIC FROM: Family Stone, Marva Whitney, Lockboxx, Billy Preston/King Curtis, Little Sister, Wilson Pickett, Weapon of Choice, Raphael Sadiq, Bohannon, Dazz Band, P-Funk All Stars, Prince, Mothers Finest, Calvin Simon, OutKast, Grosskopf, Ray Parker Jr, Rob/the Soul Brother, Mike Tyler, The Rebirth, Citron, TM Stephens, Freekbass, Slapbak, 24-7 Spyz, All Mighty Senators, Tower of Power, Seven Eleven, Mike Theiss

7. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Marcus Miller - Marcus (Featuring: Corine Bailey Rae, Lelah Hathaway, David Sanborn, Tom Scott)

8. LISTEN TO SOUL-PATROL'S 90 MIN. BROADCAST OF 'SOUL COMES HOME (Celebration of Stax Records and Memphis Soul Music ): Eddie Floyd, Jean Knight, William Bell, BookerT. & the MG's, Little Milton, Isaac Hayes, The Bar-Kays w/Chuck D, Michael McDonald, Carla Thomas/Michael McDonald, Al Green Solomon Burke, Sir Mack Rice, Rance Allen, Mavis Staples

9. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Renaissance - Meet Me on The Corner - an album of primarily "covers" of 1950's R&B hit songs and it's nothing short of pure magic. It's done 100 percent a cappela. Take a listen and let us know what cha think?

10. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Gail Jhonson - Pearls - Featuring the songs: My Soldier, Sisters, Solah, Silky Slide and Pearls. Hosted by Kevin Amos (Tha FunkOverlord)

11. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Lalah Hathaway - Self Portrait

12. Tribute to the Late Tyrone Davis: Music & Commentary. Hosted by Tyrone's longtime friend, the legendary Richmond DJ Kirby Carmichael.

13. Jackson Five Live From Tokyo Japan (1973)

14. Billy Griffin - Like Water + Miracles 1970's

15. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Global Noize: Jason Miller/DJ Logic (w/Meshell Ndegeocello, Billy Martin, Vernon Reid, John Popper, Cyro Baptista, Bernie Worrell, Karl Denson, Christian Scott)

16. Original P (Parliament Funkadelic) Live from the Roxy in Boston

17. James Brown Wake @ the Appollo Theatre (2006). On the Street Interviews, Remarks from Rev. Al Sharpton, Interviews with Kenny Webb & Kirby Carmichael. Plus James Brown Live at the Apollo in it's entirity

18. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Chip Shelton's Peacetime - Imbued With Memories (Music + Interview) Check out this EXCLUSIVE broadcast featuring the new album Imbued With Memories in it's entirety along with an interview with multi instrumentalist/vocalist CHIP SHELTON

19. Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: Chante Moore - Love The Woman

20. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive: SOUL-PATROL/NU SOUL/CAMPAIGN 2008 (You Can Make It If You Try) The use of classic Sly & the Family Stone lyrics during the speech by Senator Obama inspired us to create a broadcast of some NEW releases (Chuck D, Gerald Alston, Chip Shelton, Nadir & Rose Stone) that we are featuring both here on Soul-Patrol and on Nu Soul @ (

--Bob Davis

If you have a news item, update, review, commentary, etc that you would like to submit to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, please send them via email for consideration to:

Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back soon with the next edition, with email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.
Bob Davis

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Mike Calhoun & the Holly Ghost Band - God's Got My Back" Mike Calhoun & the Holly Ghost Band
Hil St Soul: "Black Rose" Hil St Soul: Black Rose
Calvin Richardson - "When Love Comes" Calvin Richardson - When Love Comes
Global Noize - Jason Miller/DJ Logic (Feat: Meshell Ndegeocello, Billy Martin, Vernon Reid, John Popper, Cyro Baptista, Bernie Worrell, Karl Denson, Christian Scott & Others) Global Noize - Jason Miller/DJ Logic (Feat:  Meshell Ndegeocello, Billy Martin, Vernon Reid, John Popper, Cyro Baptista, Bernie Worrell, Karl Denson, Christian Scott & Others)
Chip Shelton's Peacetime - Imbuded With Memories Chip Shelton - Have Flute Will Travel, Stop 2, Cape May Jazz Festival Live!
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Sound Of Urban Life Soldiers - "Jazz-Funk-Hip-HoPoetry - Phase 2 "
Sound Of Urban Life Soldiers - Jazz-Funk-Hip-HoPoetry - Phase 2
Norman Kelsey (& his SMASH album): A Talent For Loving" Norman Kelsey:
Cracked Ice: "Soul Noir" Cracked Ice: Soul Noir
Will Wheaton
Soul Summit, Featuring: Bob Babbit, Karl Denson, Richard Elliott, Steve Ferrone, Mike Mattison, Maysa, Jason Miles, Susan Tedeschi, Reggie Young Soul Summit, Featuring: Bob Babbit, Karl Denson, Richard Elliott, Steve Ferrone, Mike Mattison, Maysa, Jason Miles, Susan Tedeschi, Reggie Young
Angie Stone - "The Art of Love and War"
Angie Stone - The Art of Love and War
Walter Christopher - "Can't Wait"
Can't Wait
"All the Way from Philadelphia: Three Tenors of Soul - Russell Thompkins, William Hart, Ted Mills" (Featuring the legendary leads from the Stylistics, Delfonics and Blue Magic)
All the Way from Philadelphia: Three Tenors of Soul - Russell Thompkins, William Hart, Ted Mills
Mandrill: Live At Montreax DVD
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