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I'm On The Hunt For Some Compelling Music, For Example...."96 Tears" (no analysis required)

Some songs just plain old make me smile, there is no logical explanation for it, and they just do. It isn't even worth the time to try to figure out why, no analysis is required. They just make me smile whenever I hear this song. I guess that is the magic of listening to so called "oldies."

Perhaps it was a time in my life that made me happy? Perhaps it was a situation in my life that today I can't even remember? Perhaps it is a simple as hearing the song, playing thru the static of my father's AM car radio on WMCA, while sitting in the back seat?

I dunno what it is, but anytime that I hear the song "96 Tears", it just makes me smile. The song was originally done in the mid - late 1960's by a wild azz Chicano group, led by Rudy Martinez called "? Mark & the Mysterions". However I assumed (along with everyone else), that it was the Rolling Stones.

The song features a hypnotic 1950's R&B/Rock n' Roll groove, driven by an ultra funky organ that just won't quit. Lyrically it's not much different than any standard Motown/Pop song of the era. It's all about a lost teenage love that anyone can instantly relate to. "96 Tears" is one of those songs that Black people secretly love, but never discuss, because it wasn't played on Black radio stations at the time. You always found it by accident on AM stations like WMCA or WABC and when you did, you always jacked up the volume. Turning up the volume on an AM radio back in those days of course meant that in addition to getting more sound, you also got more static playing thru those "powerful" 2 1/2 inch speaker cones. In fact back in those days most people who had either car or transistor AM radio, also had cracked speakers in their radio's. It was songs like "96 Tears' that was the cause of those cracked speaker cones."96 Tears' is one of those songs that deserves to be placed inside of a time capsule, because it provides for us a definition of something that actually defies definition.

Over time I forgot all about the song "96 Tears", then at some point during the 1980's, I rediscovered the song. I rediscovered the song thanks to a "cover" version of it, that was done by our friend from Brooklyn, Garland Jeffries. His version of the song, while true to the original, is for some inexplicable reason, better. Perhaps because Garland brings just a "little mo'soul" to the table? Who knows why, but his version of the song is just better. It's one of my all-time favorites. It's one of those types of songs that you knew so well, that you knew exactly when it was going to end, and seconds before that would happen, you would rush over to the turntable, lift the tone arm, and start it all over again.

The environment we live in today is pretty damn discouraging. High taxes, high gas prices, crime, drugs, violence, no medical insurance, the home mortgage crisis. If you want to make yourself smile, just take a listen to 3 minutes of "96 Tears" by Garland Jeffries for and watch that 3 minutes turn into 6 minutes, then turn into 9 minutes and more. Then go out and fact the challenges of the day and you fill find yourself able to face them with a smile, because I guarantee you that for the rest of that day, the song will be "on replay" inside of your mind...

I would like you to scroll down and check out, the reviews below, the music of these artists make me feel the same way as "96 Tears". Some of the music is old and some of it's new, but it all makes me feel the same way. And if you feel so inclined, tell him what cha think...

Check it all out and let us know what cha think?
Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

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R&B FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES 2008 PIONEER AWAED WINNERSThis gala celebration will bring together the royalty of Rhythm & Blues, including past Pioneer Award Honorees along with a veritable "who's who" of the entertainment industry. More importantly, the event provides an opportunity to support a compelling cause, as its proceeds will ensure the continuation of the Foundation's community outreach, education programs and emergency grants to Rhythm & Blues artists during their time of need. You don't want to miss this historic celebration!

The 2008 Pioneer Awards Honorees are:

Lifetime Achievement - CHAKA KHAN
Leadership Award - AL BELL of STAX RECORDS

The evening's hosts include:


In addtion to performances by this year's honorees and hosts, the 2008 Pioneer Awards will feature appearances by:


General tickets begin at $55 and are available through the Kimmel Center Box Office or by calling 215.893.1999. Don't delay... purchase your tickets today!

I know that quite a few of you have already purchased your tickets to this event, because you have already told me so.

However, for the rest of you, I just want to let you in on a little secret...
(for $55 you aren't going to ever see a better show in your life)


For additional information, please contact the Rhythm & Blues Foundation at or 215.568.1080.

--Bob Davis

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Hil St Soul: Black Rose + SOULdified
Hosted by Kevin Amos (Tha Funkoverlord)

8/19 - SMV: Stanley Clarke/Marcus Miller/Victor Wooten Show, LIVE @ 8pm
8/20 - Keb Mo/Robert Cray Show, LIVE @ 8pm
8/21 - Rick Braun/Richard Elliot Show, LIVE @ 8pm

Stanley Clarke/Marcus Miller/Victor Wooten Show, Keb Mo/Robert Cray Show, Rick Braun/Richard Elliot Show This 3 day Black Music Extravaganza in Philadelphia @ beautiful/historic Keswick Theatre was a SMASHING SUCESS!!!

Both the FUNK show (featuring SMV: STANLEY CLARKE/MARCUS MILLER/VICTOR WOOTEN), and the BLUES show (featuring KEB MO/ROBERT CRAY) were S-E-L-L-O-U-T-S. And the JAZZ show (featuring R&R: RICK BRAUN/RICHARD ELLIOT) was close.

I was in the house and along with David Brooks (Dr. Brookenstien) and Kevin Amos (The Funkoverlord), been manning the Soul-Patrol Booth, where we distributed information about,, signing folks up to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, distributing FREE copies of our (out of print) award winning compilation album "The Soul-Patrol Digital/Virtual Album 1.0" and most importantly engaging folks in a conversation about music/culture.

It's always fun for me to meet some of the people who have been reading my commentaries for years in person and a lot of folks that have come up to the booth have told me how much they have enjoyed reading the Soul-Patrol Newsletter over the years. It has been a pleasure for me to meet these people and their families.

One of the things that has made me smile over the past couple of days at the Keswick is that these crowds have been INTEGRATED (although I would like to see a few more of "mah people" at the Blues show.) And certainly that has been one aspect of the conversations that we have been having with folks. Certainly we will do more events like this at the Keswick and around the United States so stay tuned....

Thanks to the staff & management of the Keswick Theatre for allowing Soul-Patrol to be a part of their family.

Click here to read the reviews of all 3 shows by our own Funkoverlord, Mr. Kevin Amos...

--Bob Davis

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Hil St Soul: Black Rose + SOULdified
Hosted by Kevin Amos (Tha Funkoverlord)

Mandrill - Live in NYC @ The Blender

Mandrill - Live in NYC @ The Blender Well, I wasn't planning on trying to "review" the Mandrill show, instead just soaking up their powerful, funky vibe. Sure, call it lazy. I assumed list-meister Davis would be up to task but since he was clearly too busy getting his impassioned air-guitar swerve on throughout the night (impressively, too) he asked me, for what it's worth, to chime in. I wasn't taking notes (on Bob's air-guitar, yes; the show, no) so I apologize for my lack of details, including on the cast supporting the mighty Wilson Brothers.

The first thought that comes to mind when witnessing Mandrill live is why are they not performing at the major US music festivals that permeate the summer across this country? Shows like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Coachella, Mountain Jam, Vegoose etc., many of which that revolve around what used to be a grass roots "jam band" scene and have mushroomed into serious hosts of musical culture, showcasing a multitude of acts across many a musical genre. Mandrill would certainly get over at any of these festivals. I ask this, for if there is any band that is the ultimate "jam band" it's Mandrill. The Grateful Dead may've been credited with embodying the term, but Mandrill wears the crown. Any Mandrill fan knows that the band can do it all, and a Mandrill concert is literally a history lesson in the scope of 20th century Black music. Blues, gospel, jazz, doo wop, rock (n' roll, psychedelic, hard), classical, calypso, mambo, soul, funk, are all on display, not just throughout the set but often within the same song. Now this could sound like a disjointed nightmare in the hands of lesser musicians but Mandrill fluidly pulls it off with force, touch and power. Many of the hits they performed during their 90-minute set are classic examples of this and never cease to amaze me.

Mandrill - Live in NYC @ The Blender And these hits did not disappoint the several hundred (mostly Black) Mandrillites that congregated Sunday night for the show at the Blender Theater on 23rd St in Manhattan. It's a relatively newly renovated space (I believe it used to be a movie theater) with excellent sightlines. The two disappointments of the night was the lack of turnout (compared to the 25,000 folk that apparently checked Mandrill out in Philly the night before this must've seemed stark) and the sound system. A 600-capacity (I believe) room, a few hundred more folk could have squeezed in there, which in turn would've helped with the sound. Though it got better throughout the show, the room was quite "boomy", heavy on the low-end that made it difficult often to hear all the instruments on stage, particularly the keyboards and vibes, which was a pity as there was plenty of instrumentation going on amongst the 10-piece band which, due to the four Wilson brothers'-Lou, Ric, Carlos, Wolf--ability to shine on a multitude of instruments (particularly Carlos'), often sounded much bigger. In addition, their strong vocal harmonies managed to overcome the sporadic distortion of some of the vocal microphones. But nothing could hold back those Mandrill horns coming at you like a freight train, strong and thick as if they were birthed from the Big Easy's belly itself.
Mandrill's diverse and dynamic set was comprised entirely of original work and included many of their hits:

SETLIST (more or less)


Another of the many highlights was seeing longtime Mandrill drummer Neftali Santiago substitute behind the kit for a blistering rendition of "Hang Loose." Another was Lou Wilson's son, the One Sun Lion Ra rapping and singing his song "Black Woman" backed by a phenomenal twelve year-old drummer. Also, legendary pianist Randy Weston was spotted in the house. The band spent much time after the show meeting and greeting their fans. Rumor also has it Mandrill will be embarking on a much larger tour next year.

In short, a Mandrill show is nothing if not high energy, which they brought again and again. It's a shame there weren't more folk there to absorb it.

--Matt Rogers

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Concert Review: Richard Nader's Doo Wop Spectacular @ Medowlands/IZOD Arena (6/14/2008). Featuring; Nu Millennium, Twin Gold, Eugene Pitt & the Jive Five, Sonny Geraci, Chiffons, Mel Carter, Duprees, Lou Christie, Kenny Vance & the Planetones, BJ Thomas
(Top 40 Lives...)

Click Here for Richard Nader Dot Com Dealing with the world that we live in today has become an exceedingly complex. That's because not only do all of our problems seem to be more and more difficult to solve, they are also increasingly inter-connected with each other.

One of the reasons we enjoy attending "oldies shows", isn't just for the music. It's also because they transport us back in time, even if only for a few hours to a time in our lives when every problem didn't seem to be insurmountable and could actually be fixed (often within the constraints of a 30 minute sitcom.)

Earlier this summer I had a chance to suspend my own reality for a couple of hours at a great "oldies show" here in New Jersey at the Meadowlands Arena, the very same basketball arena where the New Jersey Nets play.

This was a fantastic show; however, it's not really a "doo wop show", despite the presence of Eugene Pitt & the Jive Five, Kenny Vance & the Planetones and Soul-Patrol's own Nu Millennium. If you look at the lineup it's really a 60's/70's "Top 40" (remember that term???) show. I was cool with that, because although I was familiar with all of the hit songs by these artists I had only seen two of them perform live before. So I knew that I was going to be in for a treat, it was going to be like having my old am radio performing live right in front of me.

Here are the performers (and the songs that I can remember)

--Nu Millennium
--Twin Gold (Star Spangled Banner)
--Eugene Pitt & the Jive Five (My True Story, What Time Is It, I'm a Happy Man)
--Sonny Geraci (Time Won't Let Me, Precious & Few, Rock n' Roll Heaven)
--Chiffons (One Fine Day, Sweet Talking Guy, He's So Fine)
--Mel Carter (Hold me, Thrill Me Kiss Me)
--Duprees (My Own True Love, You Belong To me)
--Lou Christie (Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Rhapsody In The Rain, Lightning Strikes)
--Kenny Vance & the Planetones (Come on and Go With Me, Angel Baby, Cara mia, Looking For an Echo)
--BJ Thomas (Hooked on a Feeling, I Just Can't Help Believing, Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head)

Those of you out there who lived thru the era of "AM Top 40 Radio" will easily be able to understand my excitement, but for those of you who never experienced it, a quick history lesson is in order...(click here to continue the review)

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Hil St Soul: Black Rose + SOULdified
Hosted by Kevin Amos (Tha Funkoverlord)

I'm NOW ready To Cast My Vote For........(Most Relevant Album of 2008)
(Nadir - "Workin' for the Man" (The Phuture of Phunk)

Nadir - Workin' for the Man Album Review - Nadir - "Workin' for the Man" (The Phuture of Phunk)

Available only at:

At this point I haven't written an album review in about 3 months. It might not seem that way to you, but I haven't. The reason I haven't isn't because I haven't heard any good music. it's because I simply haven't felt like it. With everything that has been going on in my personal life combined with everything that has been going on in the world at large, spending even 5 minutes writing an album review has been pretty low on my list of priorities. Although I have been listening to a whole lotta good music during the "summer of my discontent", none of it has been:


(till now)

Last night Nadir sent me his new album via email. For those of you who have been following the story, I have previously described Nadir as "Malcolm X With a Guitar." He was named as's BEST FUNK ARTIST OF 2005. At the date of this writing, Nadir is headed to the most unlikely location of St. Paul Mn. to cover the 2008 Republikkkan National Convention for his "side gig" @ MTV News. He is an artist for whom there is truly no musical genre that applies, except for FUNK. I have also described his music as "out of touch with the reality of today." That's because his music combines:


I am a fan of Nadir's music because it is un-yielding, un-compromising in it's "groove" and it's "politics." The listener is forced to confront their own personal comfort zone and simply put, you are....




(at the same time)


Right now we are at a special point in Amerikkkan history.
It's the morning of August 30, 2008...

--The Democratic Convention has just ended on a note of hopefulness and optimism about the possibilities of an Amerikkka (without the "kkk's")
--The presumptive Republikkkan presidential nominee has just announced that his selection for a vice presidential running mate is a gun toting, moose meat eating, anti abortion housewife from Alaska
--A killer hurricane is headed for New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina

(did I just hear someone out there utter the words "historical convergence?")

And as I sit here at this desk I am listening to an album of mp3's by Nadir called "Workin' for the Man."

And yes Virginia, I find myself: C-O-M-P-E-L-L-E-D
(to write an album review of an album that is right on time)

Imagine if you could listen to an album that sounded like it was James Brown + Gil Scott-Heron + Public Enemy? You might just think that you had entered a time machine and were now living in a different century? However you would be wrong. (o so wrong)

The political implication of an album with song titles like; "Guantanamo", "impeach the president", "no more war", "Running Rebel", "Workin' for the Man" and more are obvious. This is an album that could just as easily be titles "Black To The Future", it's fun to listen to and it also makes you THINK at the same time. The rap songs remind me of Public Enemy, the Funk joints remind me of the JB's, the political songs sound like the speeches of a political rally.

1. Life In the Fast Lane (Live at The Buzz Bar)
2. impeach the president
3. Is That What You Wanted?! (DJ Butterface Casio Funk Radio Edit)
4. Workin' for the Man (Live at Memphis Smoke)
5. Sign Your Name
6. Running Rebel (Featuring WAE & Ron Rutherford)
7. no more war
8. Guantanamo
9. Just One Journey (Featuring Just-One)
10. Traffic Jam (Live at The Buzz Bar)
11. Is That What You Wanted?! (Rev & Nadir s Explicitly Pissed Off Mix)
12. Workin For The Man (Badmitten s Workin Overtime Mix)

- Nadir is a revolutionary artist
- Nadir has a revolutionary agenda
- Nadir thinks that it is ok to HAVE FUN and THINK
- Nadir's new album "Workin' for the Man" makes you do both

I give it my strongest recommendation possible, as we close in on the end of "my summer of discontent." This is clearly one of the best new releases of 2008 and something that is truly worthy of your attention at this time.

And it's available online only at:

That is unless you will be attending the 2008 Republikkkan National Convention. If you are then you can buy an autographed hard copy Compact Disk from Nadir himself. He should be easy to spot in the crowd...

--Bob Davis

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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back soon with the next edition, with email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.
Bob Davis

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