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Chat live with Jimmy Castor in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room on Feb 3 2005 @ 10 pm est. The "E-Man" will help us to kick off Black History Month 2005 and drop some serious knowledge on us about his career, which spans the last 45 years of Black Music History, from Doo Wop To Hip Hop…

Soul-Patrol Newsletter Headlines (02/1/2005)

1. January/05: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Top 40 Broadcasts
2. New Soul-Patrol Sponsor: Introducing Skip Martin
3. Johnny Funches, (lead/Dells/Vee Jay Rec) d. 1998-0123, Harvey, Il 62
4. Mandrill DVD/CD Package Feedback
5. NAACP Image Award Nominee: Soul-Patroller Karen E. Quinones Miller

  Welcome to Soul-Patrol Newsletter:Yall already know about Jimmy Castor coming to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room on 2/3/2005 @ 10pm est, however there is more we have lined up for ya...

1. Candi Staton is coming to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room on February 10th @ 10pm est
2. The Chi-Lites are coming to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room in February
3. Bo Diddley is coming to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room in February
4. We will be using the Soul-Patrol Chat Room to cover the Michael Jackson trial.
5. We will be hosting some trivia chats with prizes
6. & more….

The purpose of these sessions will be to talk about music, history, culture and more. Be sure to attend and to bring your children with you. These folks have a ton of information to share with us...

As you can tell we are really gearing up our activities as far as making good use of our chat room. Our two most recent sessions (Mandrill & Cooly's Hot Box) took full advantage of the audio capabilities of the new chat software that my brother Mike has developed for us to use. This custom developed chat software allows us to broadcast Soul-Patrol.Net Radio directly into chat room for the duration of any chat session. With the new software, Soul-Patrol.Net Radio automatically starts broadcasting as soon as you enter the chat room.

So for example, during the MANDRILL session we got a three-hour conversation with Ric & Lou Wilson along with a 3-HOUR MANDRILL INTERNET RADIO AUDIO BROADCAST INSIDE OF THE CHAT ROOM. The next week we had the COOLY'S HOT BOX ONLINE LISTENING PARTY, where we were able to listen to the complete album and discuss it at the same time (sorta like sitting at home, turning a friend on to some new music and discussing it together while the music was playing). Large numbers of folks came out to participate in both of these events and for that we thank you.

We were able to bring a more direct focus to the conversation and enjoy/analyze the music along with a pretty cool bunch of folks. This week we will do the same thing during our JIMMY CASTOR CHAT SESSION in the Soul-Patrol Chat room, along with Jimmy Castor and all of you this thursday evening at 10 pm est. Next week again with Candi Staton etc. Same thing with the Chi-Lites, Bo Diddley and more. Imagine how cool it will be to have a conversation with an artist while listening to an Internet Radio Broadcast about them?

We plan to expand this technology and use it to the benefit of the artists and to educate Soul-Patrollers around the world, by enabling more long form discussion, long form Internet radio and more.

Remember that in order to get the full Soul-Patrol Chat Experience you will need to have the following two items installed on your machine...
1. Macromedia Flash Player (so you can enter the chat room)

2. Real Audio Player (so you can listen to the broadcast inside of the chat room)

(both are free downloads and won't take up much space)

Stay tuned
(The experiment continues....)

Let us know what YOU think???
--Bob Davis

1. January/05: Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Top 40 Broadcasts 



A few thoughts on this month's "relative rankings" collected from our server...

1. Mandrill has 3 shows in the Top 40, Cooly's Hot Box is sitting at #5, Rio Soul is sitting at #14, Dean Francis is sitting at #21...all a direct result of our specific promotional activities during January (interestingly all 4 are Funk artists). All good news for these artists, even better news for true fans of the music who are being exposed to music they otherwise would not hear!! (Look for us to do more of these kind of activities coming soon for artists like Will Wheaton, Mighty Sam McClain, Krush, Skip Martin, Kashif, Like So and others)

2. Louise Perryman, Sonny Boy & Victor Wooten seem to be acquiring "cult status" with a significant segment of Soul-Patrol.Net's audience. You know what I'm talking about (Hey man, listen to this great album that you have been sleeping on...).

3. Soul music fans are very interested in NEW MUSIC from the classic artists. (Coming soon new music from the Unifics, Chi-Lites and more)

4. Soul music fans are interested in "reissues from the vaults" the success of the Capsoul and Jackson 5 Live CD's on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio are evidence of this. (Coming soon Eclectic Soul: The Bandit Label, Candi Staton and more)

5. And of course they are looking for "old stuff" (Look for new installments of Lost Treasures w/E. Norman Harris and Will Chill' Rare Slow Jams and some special tributes to some of OUR legendary artists coming up soon)

1. Mandrill Live @ Montreaux 2002

2. Jackson Five Live In Japan

3. Ruffin/Kendricks Interview/Temptations Music

4. New Music From Classic Artists: Clarence Burke Jr, Eddie Holman, Soul Generation, Manhattans, Persuaders, Vernon Reid, Buddy Miles, Martha Reeves, Otis Blackwell, Donny Hathaway, Voices of East Harlem, New Birth, Bar-Kay's, Chuck D, Jimmie Castor

5. Cooly's Hot Box: Don't Be Afraid Get It On

6. Soul-Patrol Jazz #3: Queen Latifah, Marlon Saunders, D-Erania, Eloise Laws, Bobbi Humphrey, Kne-O'Chaw Hampton, Booker T and The MG's, Brian Auger, Ronnie Laws

7. Rick James Live @ Santa Monica (1981)

8. Soul-Patrol Jackson 5 Sampler

9. Legendary Escorts R&B Menagirie

10. 60's Supremes Anthology

11. Will Hart/Delphonics Live In Nashville (1999)

12. Mr C On Da Funk: Rare Funk Slow Jams

13. Soul-Patrol Tribute To The Mighty Dells

14. Rio Soul: The Cure

15. Will Chill #4: Rare Slow Jams

16. Ray, Goodman & Brown: A Moment With Friends

17. Soul-Patrol's 5 Stairsteps Tribute

18. Mary Wilson Interview

19. 70's Supremes Anthology

20. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles: Going To A Go Go/Away We A Go Go

21. Dean Francis: Old School Flava

22. Marvin Gaye: Let s Get It On (CD Deluxe)

23. Victor Wooten: Live In America

24. Soul-Patrol's Barry White Tribute

25. Mike and Baron's Jet Magazine Top 20 (part 2)

26. Louise Perryman: Whisper My Name

27. Soul-Patrol's Jimi Hendrix Tribute

28. Black Rock Coalition: Stevie Wonder Tribute

29. Black Rock Coalition #14:

30. Original P-Funk: Live @ the Roxy (2001)

31. Sonny Boy: Urban Misfit

32. Mike and Baron's: Soul Oddities

33. Soul-Patrol's Isaac Hayes Tribute

34. Mr C On Da Funk: Rare Funk

35. Brooklyn Story: Interview/Music

36. Mandrill: Peace and Love

37. Mandrill: Sunshine

38. Black Rock Coalition: Ray Charles Tribute

39. Lost Treasures #2 (w/E. Norman Harris): Quincy Jones, Ron Holloway, Etta James, O'Jays, Solomon Burke, Gil Scott-Heron, Maceo Parker, Side Effect, Ray Charles

40. Eclectic Soul: The Capsoul Label

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

2. New Soul-Patrol Sponsor: Introducing Skip Martin

Skip Martin Just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce yall to our newest sponsor here on Soul-Patrol: The multi talented/multi dimensional lead singer of BOTH the Dazz Band & Kool and the Gang

**SKIP MARTIN - FROM THE HEART - Pick up this CD and when you do, don't forget to also stop off and get the wine, candles, whipped cream and to send the kids away for the weekend...
Feels kinda funny to have to "introduce" brotha Skip Martin to you, but I have to. That's because of the way that artists who are members of groups are usually portrayed by the mass media.Skip of course is/has been the lead singer for two of the most famous entities (Kool & the Gang/Dazz Band) in the history of Black music for over two decades. His face and voice are familiar to millions of people.

However his name isn't really commonly known.

Often members of musical groups (especially Black ones) are presented as merely being interchangeable parts. This is not unlike the phenomena that Richard Wright wrote about in the book "Invisible Man". Now to be certain this has some advantages, most notably in the promotion of "intra group unity". However when you have a brand new slamin album like Skip does it can certainly be a liability, and thus my need to provide a formal introduction to all of you here on Soul-Patrol to Skip.

Soon you will see his name, music and image plastered all over the Soul-Patrol website, internet radio station, newsletter, etc. Go to his site and drop him an email to say hello when you get a chance.

I would also encourage all of you out there who are DJ's, music writers, etc to contact Skip directly from his site regarding an interview. Stay tuned for more, in the meantime, check out Skip's official bio and discography

**SKIP MARTIN - FROM THE HEART - Pick up this CD and when you do, don't forget to also stop off and get the wine, candles, whipped cream and to send the kids away for the weekend...



Positive and passionate about life, is the best way of describing Grammy Award winner Skip Martin "lead vocalist, trumpet player, songwriter, artist and producer".

Originally from the Bay Area, California and now based in Las Vegas, Skip has a string of impressive professional achievements and performances to his name.

To date Skip has entertained millions of people around the world as Lead vocalists for both The Dazz Band, (which won them a Grammy Award for the song "Let It Whip") and Kool & the Gang.

Other achievements include Platinum & Gold Records recipient with two major recording groups, a total of twenty-six albums (seven with Kool & the Gang and fifteen with The Dazz Band), music publisher, producer of both pop and jazz albums to name a few.

His tenor voice has a warm eclectic style developed through the years under the guise of maestro Stevie Wonder. Skip lists Miles Davis, Sammy Davis and Donny Hathaway as major influences on his musical development.

Skip's most recent highlights include:

* MOBO Award winner 2003 Outstanding Achievement Award Kool & the Gang
* AIDS Benefit Concert for 500,000 in Nairobi, Kenya
* European Jazz festivals playing to 1.5 million people in 20 days

When he isn't performing on a big stage in some distant part of the world, Skip volunteers his time talking to students at the Clark County Library and School districts in Las Vegas. He is a member of the Recording Academy as well as a member of the Las Vegas Advisory Committee for the Recording Academy Las Vegas Chapter. Skip has recently released his new solo CD titled "From The Heart".

Skip Martin's Discography:
2004 The Hits: Reloaded Kool & the Gang
2003 From The Heart Skip Martin
2003 Original Artist Hit List Dazz Band
2001 Time Traveler Dazz Band
2000 United We Funk All Stars Live United We Funk
1999 United We Funk (Dazz Band) United We Funk
1998 Here We Go Again Dazz Band
1997 George Clinton with The Dazz Band Dazz Band
1997 Double Exposure, Dazz Band Live Dazz Band
1995 For Women Only Skip Martin
1994 Dazz Band Funkology Dazz Band
1994 Motown Legends Dazz Band
1994 Greatest Hits Live Kool & The Gang
1993 Live in London Kool & The Gang
1992 Unite Kool & The Gang
1990 Kool Love Kool & The Gang
1989 Sweat Kool & The Gang
1988 Everything s Kool & The Gang Kool & The Gang
1986 Just a Heartbeat Away Skip Martin
1985 Hot Spot Dazz Band
1984 Jukebox Dazz Band
1983 Joystick Dazz Band
1983 On The One Dazz Band
1982 Keep It Live Dazz Band
1981 Let The Music Play Dazz Band
1980 Invitation to Love Dazz Band

**SKIP MARTIN - FROM THE HEART - Pick up this CD and when you do, don't forget to also stop off and get the wine, candles, whipped cream and to send the kids away for the weekend...

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

3. Johnny Funches, (lead/Dells/Vee Jay Rec) d. 1998-0123, Harvey, Il 62

Johnny Funches Daughters Just wanted to make note here of Johnny Funches, the original lead singer of the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS. Of course as you all know, Johnny Funches is the co-writer of OH WHAT A NIGHT and it is his soaring voice that you hear on lead in the original 1955 version of the song.

In the late 1950's Johnny Funches left the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS in order to focus on his family life in what surely must have been a difficult decision to make for him at that time. I'm quite certain that there were many people around him who told him that he was being foolish and shortsighted. After all he was the songwriter and lead singer of one of the top singing groups around and surely there was a future in that???

Well I am here to tell you all that Johnny Funches made the correct decision. Last year I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and spending some quality time with Johnny
Funches daughters. They are about the same age as me and we got along as if we were old friends. They know all about Soul-Patrol and what everyone here has done for the Dells and visa versa.

As I spoke with them the thought crossed my mind...
"Johnny Funches gave up a life in show business in order to insure that these two wonderful ladies got raised right.... This was a man who had his priorities in order and the proof is right here before my eyes..."

Johnny Funches wasn't just a great singer/songwriter. Johnny Funches was also more importantly a brotha who stands as a ROLE MODEL for the rest of us.

Of course the reason why I met them was because they were in NYC in order to stand tall on the stage with Marvin, Chuck, Mickey, Vern and Johnnie at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and accept induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame on behalf of their late father.

I can tell you for a fact that those "15 minutes of fame" on behalf of their father, stands as the highlight of their lives.

Of course the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS made this possible. They INSISTED that it go down that way.

The people who run the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions COULD CARE LESS ABOUT JOHNNY FUNCHES OR HIS CHILDREN. After all to them Johnny Funches was just another "obscure Black singer from the 1950's who never was a star" and there were thousands of them, so who cares about him?

The MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS could have easily chumped off Johnny Funches, and let him just remain as a "footnote in history". Instead of being an obscure footnote, the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS have insured that the great grandchildren and beyond of JOHNNY FUNCHES will be able to visit the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland 50 years from now and see something that is simply fantastic...

Long after everyone reading this message is dead and cold in the ground the great grandchildren and beyond of JOHNNY FUNCHES will be able to see that their FAMILY MEMBER is recognized as ONE OF THE GREATEST OF THE GREAT.



So today I write this message on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Johnny Funches, "an obscure Black singer from the 1950's". He was a man that I never met. I never got to shake the hand of Johnny Funches and tell him how great I thought his music was.

More importantly I never got a chance to tell Johnny Funches what I thought of him as a person and what a role model he was on many other people that he has never even met. However I don't feel too bad, because I know that tens of thousands of visitors to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame each year will get to learn about Johnny Funches, "an obscure Black singer from the 1950's".

MORE IMPORTANTLY, those tens of thousands of yearly visitors will also know because of the inclusion of Johnny Funches, EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE MARVIN JUNIOR, CHUCK BARKSDALE, VERN ALLISON, MICKEY MCGILL & JOHNNIE CARTER ARE.

And that my friends, is called creating a LEGACY that NOBODY, can take away or destroy. Few Black people are able to achieve such a legacy. Few Black people even take the time to consider it.

We will be celebrating Black History Month 2005 here on Soul-Patrol. And as usual I will get many complaints from White site visitors about our focus. And as usual I will tell these people (very politely) to go take a hike. Creating a legacy for us is something that Black folks just aren't used to doing. Soul-Patrol recognizes and is PROUD to share the good news about those who do.

The MIGHTY DELLS (and others) have done EXACTLY the opposite of the way we as Black Men are expected to behave and have created such a legacy. It is because of these types of legacy's that we celebrate Black History Month 2005on Soul-Patrol so that others will also know and acknowledge this.

I am PROUD to know these people...(and you should be as well)

NP: "Family Reunion"

(PS: Soul-Patrol will be covering the 2005 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductions once again for the 5th consecutive year and honor the O'Jays, Percy Sledge and Buddy Guy on their induction, stay tuned....)

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

4. Mandrill DVD/CD Package Feedback

Mandrill LiveI wanted to share this feedback with the rest of you from our friend "Mike Dee" from Atlanta. Mike has been a Soul-Patrol member for years and is a long time Mandrill fan. He sent me this note a few days ago and I asked him if I could share his feedback with the rest of you.


Mike Dee here. I haven't posted in a while I continue to lurk and enjoy SP. I recently purchased the Mandrill DVD/CD package from the Wilson Brothers (Mandrill).

First I noticed that they gave you and Mike props on the liner notes. What you all are doing is so cool and necessary.

Secondly, this is some Baddd stuff!!!! While, I have been known to be subject to hyperbola, I have always said that there is no better band to be at an outdoor concert listening to than Mandrill. I've seen them many times back in the day growing up in DC. The horn arrangements where just made for every marching band to play. Fence Walk, Git It All, Hang Loose are standard fare for every cookout 30 years after there release. I'm a big fan of the initial album, Mandrill and I'm glad to hear that they played 3 songs from that album.

However, I took great issue with the fact that "Ape is High" was omitted from the CD. Mandrill should not be permitted to leave a stage without playing that. My anguish was somewhat relieved when I played the DVD and it was included in the Philly concert.

Being the "B side" type of guy that I am I have never been able to buy any of the Best of Mandrill CD's because they didn't include some of my favorites like "Lord of the Golden Baboon", " Here Today Gone Tomorrow", "Yucca Jump" " The Wind On Horseback" OK, OK basically everything so I have to go back and buy the originals. Maybe that's the plan. LOL !!

No one can change up a groove in a record like Mandrill, moving from jazz to salsa to rock to funk and tying it all back together like no one else.... honorable mention to early Chicago recordings.

Lastly, I turned 50 on January 19th. When I received the Mandrill package I also got something very unexpected! it included a handwritten letter from Dr. Wilson, dated Jan 19th thanking me for purchasing the package.

I'm not often star struck but I was walking around like a starry eyed teenager showing the letter everyone as I held a viewing of the DVD at my home. I hope I generated some more sales for the Wilson Brothers.

-- Mike Dee (Atlanta)

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

5. NAACP Image Award Nominee: Soul-Patroller Karen E. Quinones Miller

Karen E. Quinones MillerI realize that this may not be as important to some of you as "Usher" being nominated, but I just wanted to let you all know about a longtime member of Soul-Patrol that has also been nominated for an NAACP Image Award...

Karen E. Quinones Miller has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work - Fiction for her fourth novel "Ida B." (Simon & Schuster, August 2004). Also up for the award in this category are folks such as… Alice Walker, Eric Jerome Dickey, T.D. Jakes and Aaron McGruder

I for one am really proud of her. She's come a LONG way since the days when we used to sit around and chat ("Ibeji ") in the chat rooms on the now defunct Prodigy Online Service!! Since then she has authored several award winning books and is certainly worthy of this and many more honors for having done so...

Feel free to go to her site and drop her a
A pretty nice way for us to kick off Black History Month 2005 , eh??

Karen was one of the participants in last week's COOLY'S HOT BOX ONLINE LISTENING PARTY in the Soul-Patrol Chat Room. After the official listening party ended a few folks lingered and as it turned out there was some of them were former Prodigy (Nubian Room, Damali & Urban Sounds) chatters and they talked about having a reunion. If any of you out there are former Prodigy chatters (or know someone who was) that is something we can make happen, just contact me via email and we will schedule it. "HALF " (Greer Gibboney Brooks Muldoon, whom some of you met at last year's Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention) will be the host of that chat session and I will "use my influence" to make sure that we have an appropriate Soul-Patrol.Net Radio broadcast for the reunion…

--Bob Davis

Click on the image above to listen to this seminar, as Kevin Amos, Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Mighty Sam McClain, Darrell McNeil (BRC) take us to school on just why Black Radio stations WON'T play the music we love and what WE can do to change that...

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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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