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nuGroove RecordsEverything must evolve and as we all know from recent events, "change is a comin." In jazz we realize that the thing that has been previously described as "smooth jazz" is currently undergoing a big change. nuGroove Records is one of the entities that has been on the cutting edge of the revival of "America's Classical Music", and as you all know, we have been following their efforts very closely here on Soul-Patrol as it unfolds this year. So far in 2008, we have featured new music from artists like Bob Baldwin, Gail Jhonson, Michael Manson that yall have been telling me sounds like "THE NEW CTI."

This time out on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter we present two more artists from the nuGroove label, Michael Lington & Shilts, who are going to give us a slightly different take on the evolution of "smooth jazz." Here is what nuGroove says at their website about their intentions... In January 2007, smooth jazz took a step "back to the future". The legacy label nuGroove Records was re launched after an almost 10 year hiatus. Original founder David Chackler decided to revitalize the legendary label, reacquiring the rights to the NuGroove name from his prior partners who had acquired the company in 2004 from Chackler, and two years later shuttered it.

Originally the home for smooth jazz icon Michael Lington, and format bending "Down to the Bone," Nu Groove had launched some of the biggest acts in the format, and the name had remained synonymous with "smooth jazz on the edge." It had become the benchmark label for aggressive, funky, and non traditional smooth jazz music and acts, and the image remained. So in late 2006, David Chackler, in conjunction the folks at Red\Sony Distribution, decided the industry was ripe for Nu Groove to rise again, and represent the progressive "edge" of smooth jazz, and urban adult music. In January 2007, David was joined by one his original partners, John Salstone, former owner of the legendary MS Distribution, and together have now started expanding on the base of the new company, that Chackler revitalized in 2006.

Over the past decade Chackler had stayed active developing successful acts and music for other labels he founded. During this time he launched the "Rare Requests" series, which is the most successful smooth jazz compilation series ever released, and now is in its fifth edition. Chackler also worked with the legendary Daryl Hall to release his one and only solo album, which spawned three top 10 singles, and re established the smooth jazz chill sound of "Soul Ballet", with two Top 10 singles. During this time Chackler also worked with keyboard star Bob Baldwin, and Bassist Michael Manson to create broader bases for their already burgeoning careers.

With the past ten years in the rear view mirror, Chackler, and company have re established Nu Groove's prominence with their very first release. Jay Soto's "Stay Awhile" album, and single "Slammin'" have already catapulted into the Top Ten as this is written, and new releases by Bob Baldwin, and Michael Manson are set to be released in early 2008. The label has stayed true to its history of developing new acts by signing star producer, turned saxophonist J.Dee, and released his initial CD "Tippin' On The Edge Of Funk", which is hurtling up the charts, and in conjunction with genre superstar Nick Colionne, he has signed the seminal Chicago group "Lake Effect." This group was the launching pad for Michael Manson, Steve Cole and others, and now they are stepping out on their own Nu Groove release entitled "Brighter Moments". These acts along with Machan, Dee Brown, Dave Sereny and others form the new core of nuGroove. New legends will be born here, welcome to the future of Smooth Jazz.

So check it out and let me know what cha think…

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Lington - Heat

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Lington - Heat What do Michael Lington, Fleetwood Mac, Santana and The Grateful Dead have in common? The answer is mega-Platinum producer, Keith Olsen.

Keith has produced three tracks for the new Michael Lington release, Heat, on nuGroove Records. Keith has produced over 120 albums and more than one in four are gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sellers. Sales of these smash hits exceed 110 million units at retail, equaling more than a billion dollars in revenue!

Danish born saxophonist Michael Lington has demonstrated his contemporary saxophone chops with a steady stream of chart-toppers since his debut album in 1997. Soon after relocating to the US, Lington began playing with greats Little Richard, Randy Crawford & Bobby Caldwell and eventually segued into a distinguished recording career of his own. Five albums & 10 R&R hits later, Lington is a global touring force, most recently performing as part of the sold out, coast to coast Barry Manilow tour. "Michael Lington is one hell of a sax player! He absolutely brought down the house every night on my arena tour," said Barry Manilow.

"With his ultra-sleek look, hip, edgy "now" attitude and charm and charisma to burn, Michael Lington has defined the contemporary urban jazz experience. Beyond his trademark mix of cool and explosive instrumentals, the Copenhagen native is crossing over into the mainstream pop/adult contemporary realm with two key vocal collaborations [Aaron Neville and Ace Young]." - Jonathan Widran,

Michael Lington News:

Michael and Ace Young (American Idol) recently helped the Muscular Dystrophy Association raise a record $65 million dollars on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon over Labor Day with a stellar performance of "Baker Street" from the Heat album. Shortly after the performance, Jerry Lewis said, ""Beautiful music, great talent...and we're lucky we got them tonight. Beautiful Michael!"

Click here to see a video of the MDA performance.
Michael will continue to be on a nationwide tour to support Heat into the fourth quarter.

-- Cheryl Hughey

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Michael Lington: Heat
Hosted by the "Funkoverlord"

PRESS RELEASE: Shilts - Jigsaw Life

PRESS RELEASE: Shilts - Jigsaw LifeWhat do you get when you combine unforgettable hooks and atomic energy? You get a sound that is fresh, unique and totally Shilts. The former frontman for the funk-fortified Down to the Bone and groove jazz specialist, Shilts has signed with nuGroove for the release of his new CD, Jigsaw Life.

"nuGroove was the original home for Down to the Bone. I'm excited to have Shilts back with us. When I heard cuts from this release, I was ecstatic. The songs are unbelievable. There was so much good material on this release that we had a hard time picking the first single," said David Chackler, President and Co-owner.

Paul "Shilts" Weimar originally hails from London, England and has been playing saxophone since his early teens. His career has spanned all forms of jazz, soul, rock and pop music. He has toured all over the world and performed with a host of international artists, such as The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Peter White and many more. Eventually Shilts became the most visible and identifiable member of the UK jazz group Down To the Bone. In his eleven years with the group, he remained excited creating a separate identity for himself. He did this with his highly anticipated debut, See What Happens, which earned a 2001 Smooth Jazz Award nomination, followed by his second and highly acclaimed follow up, HeadBoppin. His third and latest release, Jigsaw Life, is a powerful showcase of Shilts' multitude of performing and composing talents, focusing not only on his tenor brilliance but also his instantly infectious melodies.

"I've been lucky that I've played in so many different styles of music.soul, fusion, pop, big band, smooth jazz. I've brought all those different styles in this CD. I've tried to make each track sound different. The jigsaw to me is different styles of music," said Shilts.

A little taste of the Jigsaw Life:

Jigsaw Life opens with "Piece by Piece." One of the first songs that Shilts chose for the album, it was originally a tune he wrote for Rick Braun and Richard Elliot but never recorded. On second glance, Shilts decided to crank up the tempo and enriched the funk. Additionally, for the first time in 20 years, Shilts decided to play the soprano. Unfortunately, he no longer owned a soprano. Luckily, Yamaha was gracious enough to loan him one and "Piece by Piece" blossomed into a duet between the soprano and tenor.

Destined to be a summer hit, the upbeat dance track and first single to go to radio, "Back on The Hudson" was untitled for a long time. "I was performing in New York with Down to the Bone on the Spirit Cruises and decided I wanted to play it during the set to test out the new tune. Everyone loved it and asked me the name.I didn't have one." In celebration of the location, Shilts name the song "Back on The Hudson."

In contrast to the rowdy "Back on The Hudson," the sole ballad on Jigsaw Life is "A Promise is a Promise" with a stunning soprano ballad melody. "This one is for the ladies," said Shilts.

Keeping to the spirit of making each song unique on Jigsaw Life, Shilts enlisted the aid of a string quartet for "Broken Silence." Simple and emotionally powerful with a soprano lead, the song slowly builds with a Hammond B-3 and acoustic guitar added to the mix with a dynamic electric guitar solo at the end.

"One of my favorites is track seven, "Outside the Box," said Shilts. "It's the furthest away from any other tracks on the album. I originally was going to call it "Southern Fried Sax." It has a bluesy, southern soul sort of sound with a trio of tenor saxophones interacting with one another.a dirty, nasty, funky groove, yet very minimalist." With the exception of the guitar, Shilts plays all the instruments for this party track.

This is just a small sampling of the pieces of the music that make up Jigsaw Life.
To learn more, please visit

-- Cheryl Hughey

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Shilts: Jigsaw Life
Hosted by the "Funkoverlord"

nuGroove Celebrates Stellar 2008 with Holiday CD - Grooves of the Season

nuGroove Celebrates Stellar 2008 with Holiday CD - Grooves of the Season Santa is coming early this year and nuGroove has helped him stuff his sack with sizzling Grooves of the Season. Available exclusively at Circuit City locations, Grooves of the Season features some of the hottest rising stars and hitmakers in contemporary music today. From the sophisticated sax of "Silent Night" by Michael Lington to the funk-fortified "We Three Funky Kings" by guitarist Jay Soto, Grooves of the Season is jam-packed with enough tunes to groove the whole season long.

A second exclusive release with Circuit City by nuGroove, fans may remember the Grooves from the Edge 2008 Sampler that also highlighted the diverse and creative musings of America's hottest independent label. "We're proud to team up once again with Circuit City for a special nuGroove release. Grooves for the Season is a fun collection of holiday songs from some of the remarkably talented musicians on the nuGroove label. It's been an honor to work with each artist in 2008 and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come," said David Chackler, nuGroove President.

Featured artists/songs include:

Jay Soto - "We Three Funky Kings"
Soto signed with nuGroove in 2007 and released Stay Awhile on March 29, 2007. Unpredictably, the "Slammin'" single rose #2 on the chart by the fall of 2007 to the resounding sound of critical acclaim and remained in the Top 30 for 42 weeks. "[Stay Awhile]….glimmers of a star-in-the-making…," said Brian Soergel, Jazz Times."

Darren Rahn - "Angels We Have Heard on High"
As a producer, the list of Billboard credits to his name are many and his current credits include "Throwin' It Down" (Top 10 - Wayman Tisdale), "Life in the Fast Lane" (Top 20 - Dave Koz), "Goin' All Out" (Top 20 -Eric Darius), "Third Wind" (Top 30 - Bob Baldwin) and "Sweet Sundays" (Top 30 - Tim Bowman). In 2007, Rahn signed with nuGroove Records and released his debut CD, Once in a Lifetime, to rave reviews. Most recently, he joined the nuGroove group - De'Nate'.

Gail Jhonson - "Come All Ye Faithful"
In her third release, Pearls (2008), pianist/vocalist Gail Jhonson treats listeners to luxurious song arrangements with exceptional guest appearances by Norman Brown, Nelson Braxton, Marion Meadows and Paul Brown. Gail has toured for a number of years with Norman Brown and helped create the all woman show - Jazz in Pink.

Michael Lington - "Silent Night"
With the recent CD release of HEAT, five previous albums and 10 radio hits, Michael Lington is THE artist to watch in 2008/2009. Heat features three songs produced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac) and guest appearances by Aaron Neville and Ace Young (American Idol). "With his ultra-sleek look, hip, edgy "now" attitude and charm and charisma to burn, Michael Lington has defined the contemporary urban jazz experience…" - Jonathan Widran, Smooth Jazz Monthly

dee Brown - "Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Sleighride Medley"
The 2006 release of No Time to Waste showcased dee's skills as a guitarist, composer, producer and arranger with several rave reviews from critics. The fresh sound of the album was created with the smooth jazz listener in mind and features dee's long time friend and producer, Gerald Mitchell of Los Hermanos.

Bob Baldwin - "Oh Come All Ye Faithful/Behold Him Medley"
The Baldwin release of hit the Billboard charts with a vengeance in 2008 with featured appearances by: Jocelyn Brown, Marion Meadows, Phil Perry, Freddie Jackson, Najee, Frank McComb and Jamband legend Ike Stubblefield, as well as Atlanta, Georgia artists Joey Sommerville and Toni Redd. This unsung hero of URBAN jazz lights up this holiday release with a merry arrangement that will once again set the pace for the future of music to come.

J. Dee - "We Three Kings"
J. Dee's Tippin' on the Edge project brought to nuGroove a delightful mix of funk, jazz, R&B and good dose of Latin rhythms. "...J. dee is one cat who knows how to lay down a good groove." - Joe Montague, Jazz Police

De'Nate' - "Christmas Bells Medley"
With Deborah Connor's uniquely intricate vocal stylings, the incredibly haunting rhythms of keyboardist Nate Harasim and the sophisticated chops of the newest member, saxophonist Darren Rahn, De'Nate' is a new sound for a whole new generation of contemporary jazz, pop and urban music. Check out there debut release of Reminisce at:

Steve Oliver - "Carol of the Bells"
Performing an incredible 200 dates a year, the next superstar of adult contemporary pop and world music all but dares you not to tap your toes, sing along gleefully and smile, like a kid at Christmas. Check out his latest DVD project "One Night Live" for a taste of the unique joy that only Steve Oliver shares with the world.

Andre Delano - "My So Fine"
Andre Delano has demonstrated his amazing ability to woo a crowd with his saxophone time and time again. His live performances are energetic and dynamic with an incredible sensual undertone. His current CD, "My So Fine," is a sexy collection of songs that highlight Delano's natural appeal and passionate musicality.

Michael Manson - "Angel's Serenade"
One of the hottest solo bassists on the contemporary jazz scene, Michael Manson's latest release Up Front is a testament to his ability to intertwine jazz flavorings with R&B sensibilities, while keeping the music on the edge.

Shilts - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Paul "Shilts" Weimar's desire to produce good music without ever losing sight of the fact that it should be good fun at the same time is reflected with his arrangement of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." This English saxophonist (formerly the frontman for Down to the Bone) recently released Jigsaw Life to rave reviews of critics, featured articles and television.

Get your music fix at:

nuGroove Records
nuGroove Records

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Michael Lington: Heat
Hosted by the "Funkoverlord"

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive:
Shilts: Jigsaw Life
Hosted by the "Funkoverlord"

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