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SPN: Black History Month - R&B/Southern Soul - Introducing Deep Soul by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams (Bobby Womack, D'Angelo, Curtis Mayfield, Anthony Hamilton, Al Green, Jahiem, Latimore, Johnnie Taylor, BB King)
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"DEEP SOUL" - The Revelations feat. Tre Williams

Can I get REAL with yall for a moment?

Every now and then we get a hold of an artist that truly represents what we are all about here on the Soul-Patrol website. And when that happens it is almost always someone that "yall never heard of." And that is something that I have grown to hate, simply because everyone that you do like is someone that at one point in time, "you never heard of." Well the Revelations feat. Tre Williams is an artist that we feel stronly enough about that we have selected them to help us kick off our celebration of Black History Month!!

In this issue of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter we would like to focus your attention on a new artist that we feel is worthy of you taking a few moments from your busy schedule to check out:

--We have an album review of the new EP by the Revelations feat. Tre Williams, entitled DEEP SOUL

--We have a concert review of Revelations feat. Tre Williams from the Key Club in Newark a few months ago

--We have an internet radio program, featuring "DEEP SOUL", by Revelations feat. Tre Williams that we would llike you to take a listen to

--We even have reviews from the Music Promoters, Disc Jockey's, Artists and just plain folks about Revelations feat. Tre Williams, as a result of distributing mp3 singles and people emailing us back raving about the music ....and we feel that if after checking all of this out in full or in part, that if you aren't convinced, that there simply is no hope for you and that you need to surrender whatever Soul Music credentials that you may have previously thought that you were entitled to. If however after taking a listen, which you can do right here, that you consider sharing this email with at least one person and reccomending that they also take a listen.

Check it all out and thanks in advance for your consideration...

Bob Davis - Soul-Patrol
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Suite 10264
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive - Deep Soul by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams: 1. Stay Free, 2. Sorry's Not Enough, 3. Everybody Knows, 4. I Don't Want To Know, 5. Because Of You, 6. Heavy Metal Blues, 7. He's A Hustler, Hosted by "nightrain"

Album Review: Tre Williams & the Revalations - Deep Soul

Album Review: Tre Williams & the Revalations - Deep SoulI'm ecstatic about this opportunity to review the new EP by Tre Williams and the Revelations: Deep Soul.

As a bit of an introduction to this amazing artist I'd like to let you know that this is one of few artists that I've encountered that actually sounds a little bit like every one of those whom he cites as influences (and as it turns out a couple more but more about that later).

Looking like some unholy cross between a young sort of Sam Jackson and D'Angelo and bringing all of the soul of the likes of Jahiem or Anthony Hamilton, Tre Williams leaves em all in the dust. We'll never know what's gonna happen with D'Angelo and it seems we may have gotten Raheim's best already. In some ways the jury is still out on Anthony Hamilton.

The reality is in spite of the hierarchy of hip-hop (both young and old, gangster and square, male and female, neo soul or rap) Tre Williams is peerless at this point in his career. Only Ledisi and Leela James stand in his path. There's Raphael Saadiq, Amy Winehouse, Usher, Ne Yo,Beyonce, Alicia Keys, John Legend and all the rest but none of em bring the gut bucket sensibility that Mr. Williams has re-discovered and then regurgitated back to us for consumption.

I mention regurgitation because this stuff comes from deep down inside. Y'all know that place as soul. I KNOW Tre Williams got SOUL (to paraphrase Arlester Christian aka Dyke of the Blazers).

Borne of Hip-Hop in the Deep South (Florida?), Tre Williams was steeped in late 60's and 70's Soul. His skills were so good that the inevitable use of his talents as vocalist on various hip-hop projects began. Isn't it deep that some of the best voices of the future have appeared on so many rap tunes as the incidental, BACKGROUND vocal? Used to be the other way around as fading classic soul and funk artists used to use rappers for a bridge or a verse.

I'm tellin you right now you're going to dig this because we're always asking for that 'blast from the past, never realizing that the past is dead. Tre Williams IS the future!

I'll review this EP by tune...although I may have this stuff out of 'order'

Heavy Metal Blues - 1st of all none of these tunes except one is longer than 4 minutes but the grooves are so deep and hypnotic that they seem to last much longer. This tune is got that 'herd-of-buffalo' loosed sound of Sly's Higher or Al Green's Love and Happiness. It positively throbs. This cat sounds like Johnnie Taylor all up and through this one! But just when you think it IS Johnnie it becomes clear that Tre Williams done gone and fooled ya agin.

He's A Hustler - this is a 1971 or 72 mid-tempo funk shuffle workout (i.e. mid-tempo funk is Sing A Simple Song; Joyful Process funk). When I was a kid in Philly and there were as many bands as there were gangs, this was the kind of stuff that we cut our teeth on. Straight ahead-I'm-a-b-a-a-a-d-maryland-farmer-funk. You strut and often there's a little message to go with it all. This one is a funny sort of nod to Curtis and Superfly. We've forgotten that we made music like this. When you hear it today it's usually the Tower Power or somebody. There aint nothin wrong with that because at least they're keeping it all alive. And now, thankfully Tre Williams is on post holdin it down for the funk.

Stay Free - Did I tell y'all this boah is versatile as he wanna be? Well this tune is pure Lenny Kravitz and Outkast except it is more Living Color and Edwin Birdsong than either of those. The intro has the nerve to sound like this Doors tune called I'm Going to Love You. Driving hard core black rock. Mother's Finest would be proud.Mosh Pit anthem for post Obama America.

Everybody Knows - Tre breaks out the Solomon Burke/Bobby Womack story teller gear for this one. Earnest in his declaration that 'everybody knows what's goin on, what we're doin everybody knows, it's a small town, there are no secrets here'. He's captured the best of it here.

Because of You- Motown-y 'Soul' label sort of Jr. Walker stuff here. Nice sing-songy melody and chorus line. Tre can sound like anybody and then just as abruptly cut it off and let self shine through. This one got the Raheim/Anthony Hamilton thing goin on only to start pleading like Al and Otis towards the end. Amazing!

Sorry's Not Enough - I'm supposed to be impartial and objective on these things but this is clearly my favorite tune on this EP. It is too, too much. Right up there with The Mystery Man's I Want To Make Love To You, this is a nasty ass slow drag. Almost Syl Johnson but then comes the bridge and these absolutely gorgeous chord changes happen. During which my man launches into the most delicious Levi Stubbs/Michael Cooper impersonation you never heard. The background vocals have that almost snickering yet persistent presence that was in Bootsy's I'd Rather Be With You or Telephone Bill or Munchie's For Your Love. It's like their doin a parody but of course they're just updating and maintaining yet another of our lost musical voices. This man can't do it all alone but he's damned sure giving it his all.

I Don't Want To Know - The last tune of this EP. This one has more of that Syl Johnson preachy style of vocalizing. It's bluesy southern soul tale of a man that actually doesn't want to know about the misdeeds of his erstwhile woman. The guitar shrieks the pain of the singer on the why-I-sing-the-blues-style breaks. Whether she's hookin,freakin,drinkin or druggin, Tre wants to know why ya'll keep sweatin him with the dumb stuff? Mind your damned bidness. He'd rather not know because 'this is where I choose to be'. You do your thing and I'll do mine.And by the way, yo shit aint too cool either. Cocky Stevie Ray Vaughn kind of mood. I think Betty LaVette would be right in the pocket with all of this by thay.

Mostly a brown liquor sort of album, whatever your pleasure, get a tall glass,maybe some ice and get ready because you're gonna be in there for awhile. Kick your shoes off, there will be dancing! Turn on a fan cause it's gonna get hot and funky. And make sure your man or woman are with you cause there's
gonna be some grindin too.
Can't wait till y'all
Hire THIS Band

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive - Deep Soul by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams: 1. Stay Free, 2. Sorry's Not Enough, 3. Everybody Knows, 4. I Don't Want To Know, 5. Because Of You, 6. Heavy Metal Blues, 7. He's A Hustler, Hosted by "nightrain"

Concert Review: Tre Williams & the Revalations @ the Key Club in Newark, NJ

Click here to downloadI haven't attended as many concerts this year as I might have liked to. However damn near all that I have attended have been tremendously uplifting, and this one is yet another example of that.

As I have been saying for the past few months, we are truly at a tipping point for our culture going forward and a new culture is going to evolve out of what once was. I am far from being alone in making that prediction. The results of the past Presidential election are something that many people have pointed to as the start of a new culture going forward. While that is true in some ways, what this really is just a matter that it's time for a new generation to take over and it's time to begin the new century in earnest. What we are seeing is that the people who are going to be the leaders of that inevitable shift in time, beginning to emerge. Clearly people like Barack Obama and not people like John McCain represent the future leaders. And in time others we will watch as others emerge in government, business, sports and other arenas. It's all merely a function of time...

In music and in Black music specifically we see artists like Ledisi, Conya Doss, Krunk Movement, Nadir, James Hunter, Global Noize, Homemade Jamz Blues Band, Nikka Costra, and others emerging as the leadership of moving Black music forward in the future. As much as I like artists like George Clinton, Mavis Staples, Sly Stone, Smokey Robinson and others, these individuals do not represent the future leaders of Black music, they represent the past...

Please do me a favor and add the name of Tre Williams & the Revelations to the list of artists who are going to provide leadership in Black music going forward. Tre Williams & the Revalations is an artist that you are going to be hearing a lot about here on and elsewhere going forward, just remember that you read about them here first. I realize that cha neva heard of them before, but just trust me on this one.

Last night at the Key Club in downtown Newark, I was fortunate enough to watch this group perform live for a Thursday night crowd of about 100 "buppies." "Buppies" (ie: Black Urban Professionals) are always a tough crowd simply because they are like "Mikey" (they don't like ANYTHING that they don't already know about).

Tre Williams & the Revelations had this crowd of well dressed and uptight "buppies" hooting and hollering like they were at a "low down/dirty blues ghetto juke joint on a hot summer night in 1955 in segregated Alabama".

They did a short 1/2 hour set where the lead singer Tre Williams "channeled" BB King, Latimore, Brook Benton, Bobby Womack, the Impressions, Might Sam McClain, Al Green, Prince and more. At the same time the integrated horn driven band (the Revelations) "channeled" Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn/Double Trouble.

In other words, put quite simply, Tre Williams & the Revelations provide for you that often spoke of but quite elusive thing that we like to reference as "great black music from the ancient to the future" or what might otherwise be called "the real thang."

They opened with a cover version of "Let's Straighten It Out", featuring this blazing band fronted with the six foot, thirtysomething year old Tre Williams holding the microphone like a rapper, but moving around the stage like Jackie Wilson, stopping occasionally to bend down on his knee, give a piercing look and sing directly to the woman in the first row, who thinks that he is singing only to her!

For the uninitiated, if you are ever looking for the "real thang", it's actually pretty easy thing to spot. Just arrive early to a nightclub where you know that there are going to be a whole bunch of well dressed and perfectly manicured black women. You have to get there early so that you can observe them in their pristine state of "well dressedness and perfectly manicuredness." If by the end of the evening these women are no longer "well dressed and perfectly manicured", then you will know that these women have experienced "the real thang."

What I observed last night were several groups of "well dressed and perfectly manicured" Black women who during the 1/2 hour performance were moving their arms and shaking their be-hinds in such a manner that would lead them to look "UN well dressed and UN perfectly manicured", by the end of the evening. They move "slow & hard" at the same time in a manner that will clearly "kink up some straight hair". And if you know anything about Black women, you know the last thing that Black women who purposely straighten their hair want is for that hair to become "re-kinked."

I am all but certain that once "mainstream critics" get a hold of Tre Williams & the Revelations they will attempt to use terminology such as "retro soul", "neo soul", "blues revival", "southern soul", "post hip hop soul", etc to describe their music.

Since I am not (and never will be) a "mainstream critic", I won't use any of their terms. I will simply let you use your own judgment as a person who loves great music and let you figure out how or if you think they should be "classified."

In my opinion their music renders attempts at classification to be an exercise in futility, so I'll just leave the classification exercise to the mainstream to determine for us...

Sometimes (not all of the time) the music has to be about honesty, after all isn't that the reason why we all became music fans in the first place, because the artist made us belive that he/she was giving us their honest emotions and they were emotions that resonated with us, from the inside out?

I interviewed the "thirtysomething" Tre Williams prior to the show, but at my advanced age he looks like a teenager. When he told me that one of the things that he was enjoying most was having an integrated band and that in their appearances thus far both white & black audiences seemed to enjoy that. Quite naturally when he said this I drew a historical parallel to Sly & the Family Stone. When I mentioned that Sly & the Family Stone had done much the same thing back in the late 1960's, Tre Williams eyes glazed over. You see his eyes glazed over and he told me; "Bob I have no idea who Sly & the Family Stone is." I suddenly felt VERY old at that moment, however I realized that it actually wasn't important for Tre Williams to know Sly & the Family Stone was. What was important is that for the next 50 years Tre Williams is going to be carrying on the tradition of artists like Sly & the Family Stone and he will be doing so not because someone like me or someone like a record label told him that it was important that he do so. Tre Williams will carry on the tradition of artists like Sly & the Family Stone doing it because simply because Tre Williams is...


And they are destined to become one of the leaders of the new culture that is emerging...

Tre Williams & the Revelations have released their first EP called "Deep Soul", as an all digital release (how interesting, eh?). Later the EP will be released as a hardcopy CD and then in late winter/early spring Tre Williams & the Revelations will be releasing a full album of songs.

In the meanwhile, take a visit to their MySpace page at the following link and take a listen for yourselves:

& let me know what cha think...

--Bob Davis

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive - Deep Soul by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams: 1. Stay Free, 2. Sorry's Not Enough, 3. Everybody Knows, 4. I Don't Want To Know, 5. Because Of You, 6. Heavy Metal Blues, 7. He's A Hustler, Hosted by "nightrain"

Reviews: Tre Williams & the Revalations "I Don't Want to Know"

Click here to downloadAs you can tell from the concert review, I REALLY like this artist. But at the end of the day, who actually gives a sh*t about what I think? just so yall know, the song "I Don't Want to Know" is the first single from Revelations featuring Tre Williams recently released EP. It is currently in the rotation in at least 20 "Urban AC" radio stations across the country (mostly in the south so far) and is currently and it's #3 at KMEZ in New Orleans, LA. Get the song now, next week we will be making different song from Revelations featuring Tre Williams available for download and if you want this one, you will have to buy it. Here is some of the initial feedback I have gotten thus far on "I Don't Want to Know".
--Bob Davis ( &

Great stuff! Do you think we can stop worrying about who someone reminds us of and focus on the person whose work we are hearing? Whereas it may be true that voices have "similar" sounds; each is unique unless one is attempting to "cover" someone else's style or version of a song. Tre Williams is UNIQUE; he should be appreciated for whom he is. HE IS GOOD! --Milton

I like "I Don't Want to Know"! The music, the lyrics, the voice is appropriate . . . it's COOL!!! Tell the Brother, and the Group "thumbs up!!" --Habibah,

Definitely old school Soul. Wish the radio stations played more of it. --Thomas Dorsey

Thanks for the download. I like the artist and the band. The only thing is, when it first came on, my first thought was "oh this is Anthony Hamilton." If I didn't know it was someone else, that is who I would have thought it was. I like to hear originality. Overall, it was good. I would have to hear more of this artist to tell the difference between him and Hamilton. --Wanda

With regard to the Tre Williams song, I love it! I have been an fan of his work for about four years now. I received a demo from an associate of his here in the Bronx that far back. I looked for this guy for a long time, and one day found some hint of him on Youtube or of those social sites. I always thought that this cat was ready. When I heard his other works like: Grandma, I95, Tell me who he thinks he is, and quite a few songs on that demo CD. I am not sure if the titles I listed are the actual names of the songs, because the demo did not list the title, so I named for my own purposes. I play that CD all the time, and have shared it with many of my friends. When you speak to him again, please let him know that he has a big Fan here in NYC, that is happy to hear a young brother that is bringing back grass roots R&B Soul! --Charles Leake

I'm don't know much about this genre, but it reminds me of Chocolate Genius with funky horn arrangement and Steve Lukather (heavens!) fade- out solo. Sounds great: minimal sounding yet lush. --Matt

WOW! That was nice! Now I'll be looking for the downloads every week. It's so sad that this song wouldn't get radio play (aside from Soul Patrol, of course) today. I can hear it back in the 60's/70's when Motown ruled, but today the chances would be very slim for spin. --Michelle Bateman

hmmm.. tre's got a great voice, though doesn't conjure anyone in particular. Maybe a bit of d'angelo's phrasing n background vocs mixed with something older, like Latimore's "Let's Straighten it out" or Luther Ingram's version of "If loving you is wrong.." a minor key slow burner. --Greg Humphries

I just listened to "I don't want to know" by the Revelations feat Tre Williams or something like that. It was not the first time I've heard it and it won't be the last. It is what soul music should be and once was on the regular. This group along with Leelah James , Ant Hamilton, Jill Scott, D'angelo, Maxwell and others get it. No formulas , Soul you either got it or your extremely unlucky. Revelations Lead singer has it in Bunches! --Enorman

Ok, I heard it. After 1 listen, I think it's good. Not smokin', but good. I need to hear what else they can do. --T.Watts

Great Song Too real for UAC and R&B Could make it in Southern Soul
--Boogie (The Boogie Report)

Thank you for this - this is a genuine soul man -- can't wait to hear the rest --Carole Ware

In answser to your question "Did you download? ... " Oh yeah. Yep. Sho did. Soulful sho nuff. Put his foot all up in it and did the piece the way it should be did. Especially refreshing to listen to with no mid song rap. Reminiscent of early Anthony Hamilton in spots. Upwardly mobile. An artist blazing his own trail and on fire. Thanks for the heads up. --Ms Jeanne (from Columbus, Ohio)

Bob, Tre and the Revelations are at home in soulsville!! When the song started to play, he reminded me of Anthony Hamilton who had a spot in "American Gangster". Anyway, the Tre is ON. "Mighty" Sam McClain

--Bob Davis

Listen To a Soul-Patrol.Net Radio Exclusive - Deep Soul by The Revelations feat. Tre Williams: 1. Stay Free, 2. Sorry's Not Enough, 3. Everybody Knows, 4. I Don't Want To Know, 5. Because Of You, 6. Heavy Metal Blues, 7. He's A Hustler, Hosted by "nightrain"


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