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Welcome To The Soul-Patrol Newsletter

This edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter is all about bringing yall up to date on what we have been up to in the world of Southern Soul and Blues.

We have reviews of new albums from Leela James, Lou Wilson & Today's People, Taj Mahal Angel Risslof. We have a concert review

Scroll down, check it all out and thanks in advance for your consideration...

Bob Davis - Soul-Patrol
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ANNOUNCEMENT: BLUES @ (There's a New Sherrif In Town)

RadioIO Blues Station

This is quite possibly the worst kept secret on the internet.
If you go to the following link:

You will see the smiling face of a young man born in Kings County Hospital in the "People's Republic of Brooklyn." It should be no surprise to anyone who has known me for longer than 5 minutes that the RadioIO Blues Station would become a part of the "Black Music Suite" of channels there. I first became a huge fan of "da blues" during the 1980's during the period of time when I became completely turned off by the so called "R&B" then being played on the radio. Since I was living in Houston Texas at that time it became very easy for me to become a fan of "da blues" despite my NYC origins. I was "taken to school" by some older brothas who taught me everything that I needed to know about "Delta Blues", "Chicago Blues", Texas Blues", "West Coast Blues", "Acoustic Blues", "Electric Blues", etc. At the same time during the 1980's, "blues" was becoming "mainstream" as a result of the popularity of artists such as Stevie Ray, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt, Mason Ruffner, Jeff Healy and others. There was a very active blues concert/festival scene involving these artists along with many of the "masters" that I was involved with as well, during my time in Texas.

All of this "blues education" I got in Texas helped me to form not only a true love for "blues music", but also allowed me to place the culture (political & spiritual) surrounding the history of "da blues" from Africa to Slavery to Jim Crow to Northern Migration to Integration in a more accurate perspective, then I could have ever previously imagined. After all I was from Brooklyn....LOL

I actually took over the station about a month ago and haven't done much with it, except to listen to the existing 4,500 song library, solicit feedback from the existing listener base and also from some of the folks around here on Soul-Patrol who are well schooled in "da blues."

The existing 4,500 song library is quite eclectic and deep, containing lots of material from "the masters", lots of "blues-rock", lots of acoustic, lots of electric, stuff from the 1920's, lots of jump blues, lots of big band blues, lots of contemporary blues (1980's - today), lots of "classic soul/funk" (Etta James, Ray Charles, Meters, Bo Diddley, Booker T & MG's, Al Green, etc) and some current day HARDCORE SOUL (Bettye LaVette, Solomon Burke, Sharon Jones, Robert Randolph, etc).

Last night for the first time I added some new releases to the station, and I added music that kinda/sorta fits with the existing mix. Some new releases featuring covers of the "masters" (etc; Eamon Walker, Jeffrey Wright, Kim Wilson/SOUL7, Mick Hucknall, Mos Def), Some "blues rock" (ex; Lester Chambers, Marc Broussard, Gary Lee & The Catdaddys, etc), some "hardcore soul" (Ryan Shaw, Stan Mosley, Leela James, Lou Wilson & Todays People, Jill Gsharp, Larry Taylor, Pat Cooley, The Climates, etc). And finally, some Classic Soul/Funk/Rock from our boy FATS GALLON taken from the just released reissue of his classic album F.A.T. ("Funky And Tough").

That's just a start and I'm sure that it will evolve...

Check it out and let me know what cha think?

Blues @

Buddy Guy - Forty Days and Forty Nights
Denise LaSalle - Mississippi Woman
Eamon Walker - Smokestack Lightnin'
F.A.T. - How Can I Explain
Gary Lee & The Catdaddys - Freeway
Gary Lee & The Catdaddys - NiteTrain
James Hunter - 'Til the End
Jeffrey Wright - I'm a Man
Jeffrey Wright - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Jill Gsharp - My Man
Kim Wilson/SOUL7 - Juke
Kyle Jason & The Soul Power Movement - Thank You
Larry Taylor - Jody Got Your Girl and Gone, Pt. 1
Leela James - It's a Man's Man's Man's World (single edit)
Lester Chambers - Love Ya Mama
Lester Chambers - Evil & Wrong
Lou Wilson & Todays People - Heard It Thru The Grapevine
Marc Broussard - Hard Knocks
Melissa Young - Rock With Me
Mick Hucknall - Father Up the Road
Mick Hucknall - I'll Take Care of You
Mos Def - Nadine
Nas/Olu Dara - Bridging the Gap
Pat Cooley - Older Woman Younger Man
Rue Davis - The Last Time
Ryan Shaw - Do The 45
Ryan Shaw - I Found a Love
Ryan Shaw - Memphis Train
Solange Knowles - 6 O'Clock Blues
Stan Mosley - Barstool Woman
Stan Mosley - Something U Got
Sweet Angel - Sweet Angel - Women's National Anthem
The Climates - Out of Control
The Revalations (Featuring Tre Williams) - I Don't Want To Know
The Revelations Featuring Tre Williams - He's a Hustler
The Revelations Featuring Tre Williams - Heavy Metal Blues
The Soul of John Black - Black John
Walter "Wolfman" Washington - Shake Your Booty/Funky Thing, Pt. 1

Blues @

--Bob Davis

Album Review: Leela James - "Let's Do It Again"

Let's Do It Again (Black American Standard Music - Where All da Party People At?)

I'm not quite sure why I'm even bothering to write this review. I already know that some of yall aren't going to like the album, Leela James - "Let's Do It Again". That's cuz it's...


Really and truly I don't really have to say much more than this album is simply...

"One that you wait for your parents to be away for the day, roll back the carpeting in the living room & dining room, remove all of the good glasses & plates that might break, invite your friends over, fry up some chicken wings, break out the paper plates & plastic silverware, get a few bottles of Boones Farm/T-Bird and run the whole M*therF*ckin album from end to end and then run it back it again..."

Any of yall who ever lived in the projects knows exactly what kind of a party I'm talkin about. The album Leela James - "Let's Do It Again", can easily provide ALL of the music that you need for a party in the projects!!!

(Am I allowed to use the word FONK around here?)

This album exists in an "alternate universe" that's sweaty, it's funky, there's no health food, the term "dow jones industrial average" doesn't exist in our vocabulary, and political correctness is something that we aren't bothered with!!!

IT"S STANK/NASTAY.....(review continued here)

--Bob Davis

RadioIO Blues Station

Album Review: Lou Wilson and Today's People - Money Talk

Read the restIn this economic climate it is easy to recommend the newest release by Lou Wilson and Today's People "Money Talk". For an hour or so you will forget your money problems (well maybe). This is the most fun yes I said fun, I've had listening to a cd in sometime. These songs will take you back to a simpler time when people wrote from their hearts and the mantra might as well been "keep it simple stupid!" These songs are crisp and clean in arrangements , for example listen to the musicians on Money Talk, horns more crisp than corn flakes, takes you back to those funky horn sections of the late 60's and the 70's.

I do not hesitate when I say Lou Wilson is one of those talents like Al Green, Bobby Womack, B.Rush, BB King, and other great one of kind voices who with one listen will sear their sound into the recesses of you mind. His phrasing is truly a joy to hear on songs' like "Settle down", "Dog in the House", "Heard it through the Grapevine", and one of my favorites "Taking over my Baby's mind". Lou reinvents the pronunciation for the word Alien, and it brings a smile whenever he sings it. There is a velvet pebble in the throat of Lou that gives him a smooth but graveled unique and strangely comforting sound. That makes it another one of those sad examples of wonderful talent who has gone virtually unknown while artists of lesser ability get undo praise and hero worship for doing nothing of note.

The tone of this cd is straight old school and will take you were you really want to go and that is a good place. Forget the cares of the day for a few moments enjoys Lou Wilson as he sings "Roots of my Heart" and "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix". One is a Blues flavored ballad that may bring tears to your eyes like it did to mine, the other a mid tempo joint that would have made Willie Hutch and Johnnie Taylor both smile because it is their suit size also, and Lou wears the hell out of it. Look there are many more words and a few more songs. But the bottom line is this is that cd that will make you Find out who Lou Wilson is and where he has been and what he has done!


RadioIO Blues Station

Concert Review: Mel Waiters at the Reno/Tahoe Blues Festival
Photo by G. Wyndham

Read the restThis is your West Coast Soul-Patrol correspondent filing a report on the star studded 4rth Annual Reno Tahoe Blues Festival. The two day event continues to attract upwards of 10,000 patrons of the Blues to the lush landscape of Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno, Nevada.

The August 15-16, 2008 event featured the likes of Gladys Knight, The Whispers, Jonny Lang, Mavis Staples, Latimore, Bobby Rush, EC Scott, Betty Wright, Ernie Johnson and Mel Waiters.

We caught up with and interviewed Mel Waiters, Gentleman of Southern Soul after his blistering 90 minute Sunday set. A confident and generous bandleader, Mel Waiters gave props to his Righteous Sidekick Jesus Christ as well as ample leads to the other two talented vocalists in his revue Chandra Callaway and Sang'n Clarence. You heard me, Sang'n Clarence. He also showcased his great band. The name of the band? Hit It And Quit It. In our conversation, Mr. Waiters declared, "This is a business and to be successful you have to treat it as such. I make sure my organization looks good when they walk on stage." Indeed, they dispensed visual soul, spirit, class and energy.

A San Antonio native, steeped in the traditions of the church, Mr. Waiters secured his first professional gig at the ripe old age of nine. Being paid for what came naturally was a good feeling for the young Mel Waiters. He also did many successful years as a radio DJ. But the changing face of radio and the uncertainties of club DJing ultimately steered him back into performing. Right about that time, Mel purchased his first synthesizer. It was a Roland Juno I. Put it on layaway at Mid-County Music in Beaumont, Texas. Waiters said it took all of eight months to pay for the $700.00 keyboard. He jokes, "I thought I would never finish paying for it!"

He wrote a song called I Thought I Could Hit It And Quit It. Originally Mel presented it to the great Buddy Ace. Buddy wanted to record it, but his producer at the time, Leon Haywood didn't like the song and they passed on it.

Waiters decided to record it himself and when Baton Rouge radio DJ E. Rodney Jones broke the record a hit was born. Malaco records came calling and Waiters found himself recording and releasing back to back to dance records, Got My Whiskey and Hole In The Wall. In the artist's own words, I worked forever and a day and I'm still working. It's been lucrative and a lot of fun".

Mel unfailingly, at every show, gives more than just the obligatory passing reference to Jesus Christ in his performances. He states, "when you come from where I do, you pretty much keep Jesus up in there, cause you know where your solid rock is. There are so many things that are fake out in the world that I'm simply unwilling to fall for."

Very popular in the South and on the East coast, Waiters is excited by his recent performance forays out West. Having recently worked Inglewood, California, in addition to Reno, the Waiters troupe looks forward to increasing bookings on the left coast.

At the time of our interview Mel Waiters was under contract to Malaco Records, yet proud of the fact that he is fully self contained as an artistic entity. He has produced himself during his eleven year tenure at Malaco and has a solid fan base.

"I try to record music that the people that I know can relate to", says Waiters. "I don't stray from the genre that I started in. I've been pretty successful with it. I chose to reinvest the monies I've made into my career. I have a state of the art recording studio in my home. I can walk from my kitchen into my studio. Any button they push at Malaco, I can push at home and deliver them a finished product when I walk in their door. I've prepared myself to break away and stand on my own. But, I'm more humble now than I was in the beginning. It seems as though I am continually melting down. My colleagues, friends and advisors tell me I should be more firm in the business. I've helped so many people on this circuit, in this business. The standard bearers say that once you reach a certain level of professionalism, you don't do things like that. What I do on stage with my vocalists and background singers is unheard of. Generally, when one reaches this caliber of entertainment, you don't showcase other talents in your revue as much as I do. I've produced CD's on Chandra Calloway and Sang'n Clarence on my label Brittney Records that are successful. I've also helped many people outside my organization."

To those fans he has yet to acquire, Mel Waiters forewarns folks keep their eyes and ears pealed for his sounds of positivity and undercover spirituality. "I'm the new blessed legend. I'm really working incognito for Jesus."

As Soul-Patrol goes to press, we have learned that Mel Waiters lost his grandmother, Mrs. Vivian Waiters who passed on January 8, 2009. Mel Waiters unfailingly acknowledged her at every performance for making him the man he is today. Mrs. Waiters was 99 years of age.

For more information and updates on Mel Waiters and his record label Brittney Records, please visit


RadioIO Blues Station

Album Review: Taj Mahal - Maestro

Read the restSometimes there is much more than meets the eye. Most people are scared of the Blues, however they have never been scared of Taj Mahal. He has always been the type of Blues artist that was embraced by the mainstream. At the same time it always seemed to me that Taj Mahal always saw that his purpose as an entertainer was to educate Americans about both the roots and influence of their own music. In effect, Taj is almost like the ultimate subversive because he has managed to infiltrate a world where he's not supposed to be. On the album "Maestro", he easily moves from "chicago blues" to "delta blues" to "b3 organ jazz" to "world music" and even throws in some "led zep licks." He's got an all star cast including such names as Los Lobos, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, George Porter, Ivan Neville, Leo Nocentelli, Angelique Kidjo and others. As Taj flows between these musical styles you can see him smiling in his minds eye, because he knows that he's got you wondering just what's going on, but at the same time, he knows that you can't turn off the music, simply because you are enjoying the adventure. And that my friends is the very best way to educate someone, by not telling them beforehand that your purpose is to to educate them.

The album ends appropriately enough with the Willie Dixon/Bo Diddley classic "Diddy Wah Diddy". This song is a perfect exclamation point for the album because it's blues/r&b/rock/country all at the same time and what could be more American than that combination? Don't be afraid of it, just embrace it, it's just Taj Mahal, takin us to skool once again!

--Bob Davis

RadioIO Blues Station

Album Review: Angel - Nu Soul Stew

Angel - Nu Soul Stew I wanted to wait a minute before writing the review of this album. I have actually had this music in my hot little hands now for about three months. I could have written the album review a few moments after I listened to the whole thing for the first time. All it takes is one listen in order to be hooked, no need for a second or third listen. However I wanted to wait. I wanted to play the music both on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio and on Nu Soul @ and just let people hear it first. In the meanwhile I have been watching it rise up the music (internet & terrestrial) charts around the country. However those charts are meaningless. What does mean something is the smile that will appear on your face, the moment you start playing this album. That smile will remain on your face, because when you find yourself immersed in the "real thing", that's exactly what's supposed to happen.

Classic Soul is a genre that seems to be getting a whole lot of attention these days. When someone wins 5 Grammy Awards doing a style of music that has been "underground" for so many years, most people notice and some people imitate. Angel Rissoff is an artist who doesn't have to "imitate" anything, cuz he is the "real deal." He didn't start doing Classic Soul music last week or last year. He's been doing it his whole life and over the past few years he has been at the forefront of creating BRAND NEW "Black American Standard Music" in a world that thinks that term almost always means "oldies...."

(review continued here)


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Bob Davis

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James Hunter - The Hard Way James Hunter - The Hard Way
Fatback Band - Plays House Music 200
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Hil St Soul: "Black Rose" Hil St Soul: Black Rose
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