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I just wanted to share some reviews of a few OUTSTANDING albums that we have been listening to over the summer. As you already know from my last mailing these three albums reviewed here are also getting airplay on the Nu Soul @ channel. Our objective is to present you with some strong recommendations of some artists that you may not be familiar with. Especially with everyone being so "connected" these days, via social media, there is a tone of music online. Despite the vast quantities of Black music available online, we know for a fact that most of that music is B.S. and isn't worth your time to take a listen to. I know that to be the case, because I have listened to most of crap that is out there, and I wouldn't reccoment it to anyone :)

Therefore we know it's often difficult to separate the weak from the strong, so we figured that we would give you a little help.

I fully realize that in some cases, you may have never heard of some of these three artists (Global Noize, Cynthia Jones and Guitar Sallye & Tamah (aka Bootsy Girls),) however I don't think that should deter you from checking out what we consider to be some VERY high quality music, and then you will know who these very cool artists are.

So read the reviews below, and if the album sounds like the kind of thing that might be up your ally, then click on the associated links and check out the music.

If you like what you hear, hit me back via email and let me know your thoughts. I you don't like what you hear, let me know that as well.

I mean, we are all friends here, and isn't that what the internet is supposed to be all about?

(we will be back soon with some more recommendations.....stay tuned!!!)

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

ALBUM REVIEW: Global Noize - A Prayer For The Planet

Global Noize - A Prayer For The PlanetEDITOR'S NOTE: This latest release from Global Noize called "Prayer For The Planet," is an innovative and timely album. It is also an album that will move you towards taking some type of action. That much I can tell you. However I can't write a review of it, because (as you will see when you buy it) I wrote the liner notes for the album. So for me to write a review would be something of a "conflict of interest." Now one could argue that my playing it on the Nu Soul @ channel (where it has been in rotation for the past month or so) also is a "conflict of interest." I am hardly "Alan Freed," however I do draw the line at reviewing an album that I have been a part of since it's inception :) So while you won't see a written review from me, I am happy that someone from Soul-Patrol took it upon themselves to not only purchase the album and thought that it was worthy of writing a few words about it....(Bob Davis)

Preface...I just love the 21st Century!!! No more getting on my 'bike' and riding down to the record store for the latest '45'. No more shuffling down to the mall and hosing around trying to 'find' some music, wading through a bunch of teenagers and having to listen to whatever 'Pop' tune they are trying to push. I don't have to go any further than my desktop.

I have many music sources for purchase and play. I have software that affords me to not even 'buy' any music. I have been around a while and I have pretty much made up my mind on what kind of music I like and what I want to listen to. I am rarely excited about some 'new' projects and if I am, I 'steal it'!

'The Juice' posted the release of this album this week and the Amazon location. I was taken a back somewhat when I saw I could 'hear it' for FREE!!! 'Hell! I can scarf this sucker up!" But as I was setting up my system to do so....I 'listened'.

"Hell!!! Where is my Check Card?!? I'm going to BUY this sucker!!!"

With all of that in mind, that is the first statement of what "I" thought of the album, "A PRAYER FOR THE PLANET". I was willing to pluck down my cash for it. Anyone that knows me can rest on that alone. Creativity like this needs to be encouraged and the best way to do it, and let the artist know that his work is appreciated and desired is to 'buy it'.

With all of that behind, let me give you some idea of where this album is coming from. As the title describes the 'eternal Utopian dream', an eternal in and of itself, it seems to be the very definition of "The Universal Language of Music". While it has much of the basic flavor of R&B, Funk and Jazz, it is seasoned with international flavors tastily. Middle Eastern and even some Far Eastern connotations flow through some of the tracks on a bed of flowing rhythms.

Track List.....
1 A Prayer For The Planet
2 21st Century Preacherman
3 Tokyo Sunrise
4 Charismalove
5 Viva La Femme
6 Walking On Air
7 Rios (A Riot In Outer Space)
8 Wanna B With U
9 Natuerza E Paz (Nature And Peace)
10 Cosmic Hug

(One of these days they will figure out what Soul-Patrol figured out, and include the download of the album cover and liner notes that come with the CD. My desire to give more detail of the personal sent me on an Internet hunt.)

Keyboards, Programmer, Producer, Arranger, Composer ( a lot of 'hats') JASON MILES and DJ LOGIC are the drivers of the musical machine they call, "GLOBAL NOIZE" and they have included some other outstanding musicians in this album; Karl Denson, Mocean Worker, Jeff Coffin, Oz Noy, Jay Rodriguez, Mailka Zarra, Lica and the sultry voicing of Falu Shah.

After listening to this album a couple of times before I wrote this review, I went 'Internet hunting' for more details. Subsequently, I ran into 'other' reviews. Some wanted to call this, 'Smooth Jazz'. That has become the path of least resistance when someone wants to 'call' an album something, but don't know what. For many, it is an acceptable qualifier. I think this album offers just a little bit more than the simplicity of the 'Smooth Jazz' labeling. This isn't a 'dancing album' per sa. But we all know that music works on the body as well as the ear. You 'will' move!

In parts, such as '21st Century Preacherman', there is a drive. There is a kind of a lilt, as in, 'Tokyo Sunrise'. A raunchiness, as in, 'Charismalove', tempered by the sultry sound of Falu. The Middle Eastern flavor in, 'Viva La Femme'. A Brazilian feel to,' Natuerza E Paz (Nature And Peace)'. A straight up '80's sensation (reminiscent of 'The Crusaders') in, 'Cosmic Hug'. No, my friends. This isn't, to 'me' just 'Smooth Jazz'. If you want to take it that way, cool. Doing so puts a limit on the range that this albums covers as it includes sounds, feels and sensations from different parts of the world music spectrum, meeting in a bed of R&B, Funk and Jazz.

A line to compliment the Mix! Excellent!!! I could 'listen' to each tune and 'hear' everything.

From the plea in the title tune, "A Prayer For the Planet" through to "Cosmic Hug" You just might feel as I did, 'WHAT!!?? It's OVER!!??? Let me run that back again!!"

This album passes the 'Fresh Test'.

--Earl Gregory

Even though I can't write a review, I suppose that it might make some sense to re-post the link that inspired Earl Gregory to write the review that you just read... I can re-post the two links that inspired Earl Gregory to take action

Huffington Post Interview + Video (w/DJ Logic)

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

ALBUM REVIEW: Cynthia Jones - "Journey of Soul" (oops....make that a compelling artist review)

Cynthia Jones - Journey of SoultSometimes it is difficult for me to keep things in perspective when it comes to music, therefore some of yall may need to set me straight before I hurt myself.

You see....after witnessing the fabulous live performances of female artists such as Julie Dexter, Stephanie McKay, Melanie Charles and others at the 2011 Soul-Patrol Convention, it caused me to ponder once again the sheer volume of mediocre music that gets submitted to me. Much of this music is submitted by people who do in fact have musical talent, however their music is mediocre. There is something that is missing. I've never quite been sure just what is missing, however I think that listening to the music of Cynthia Jones probably gives me a starting point towards discovering what the answer is.

A few of you may recall that back in 2008 I thought that the album "Gotta Soul" by Cynthia Jones was one of the very best releases of that year. In fact I thought that it was one of the very best "neo soul" albums that I had ever heard. It was truly an intense/compelling piece of artistry, that I quite literally couldn't stop listening to.

Fast forward to June/2011 and I get a phone call from a telephone number that I didn't recognize. The voice on the other end of the line identified herself as none other than Cynthia Jones. I was surprised to hear from her, but in hindsight I shouldn't have been.

Cynthia told me that she had a new release coming and that she wanted me to be one of the first to hear it. She told me that it was a concept album and that if I liked her other album that I would like this one even better. Of course I usually quite skeptical when someone tells me something like that. However in this case I wasn't, after all this was coming from an artist that I had previously gone on record as saying had created one of the best neo soul albums, in the history of neo soul.

In addition, Cynthia spoke to me with a level of excitement and enthusiasm that was equal to that of a child on Christmas morning. She spent the next 1/2 hour or so telling me about the album's concept, how the tracks were connected together (a' la Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On,") describing the lyrics, telling me about the music, the vibe, etc, etc, etc....It was in fact the very first conversation that I had ever had with Cyhthia Jones....

I wished that all artists who contacted me were capable of this kind of conversation :(

She told me that she would send me the entire album via mp3, which she did. Alas I didn't get around to it till yesterday, over 1 month after she sent it to me, as I was updating the playlist of the Nu Soul @ RadioIO channel. I took a good listen to the album and I wanted to add every single track on the album to the playlist. She was correct, I like "Journey of Soul," even better than I liked "Gotta Soul." I restrained myself :) and only added 4 songs from the album to the playlist of the Nu Soul @ station...

-Cynthia Jones - Unconditional
-Cynthia Jones - Journey Of Soul
-Cynthia Jones - Got To Be There
-Cynthia Jones - Lord I Need You Now

I could have easily added 10 more songs (but I have to leave space for some of good songs from the mediocre artists to get some airplay......LOL) Clearly this is likely to be one of the best releases of 2011. My hope is that as many folks as possible will take a chance and take a listen, even if you have never heard the name "Cynthia Jones" previously! It might just change your perspective on music in 2011.

You see part of the answer to my question about what separates the GREAT artists from the MEDIOCRE artists is that the GREAT ARTISTS KNOW THAT THEY ARE GREAT. They refuse to settle for anything less than greatness and they somehow mange to do this in the must humble way possible and that is by creating music that you simply can not stop listening to. Artists such as Julie Dexter, Stephanie McKay, and Melanie Charles know this. So does Cynthia Jones!

Folks do you think that you would like to hear a mix of soul/jazz that sounds like it could have been made in any decade between 1940 & now? Do you dig Sarah Vaughn, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and Erykah Badu? Are you the kind of person who would like gospel music, but that darn message keeps getting in the way? Are you ready to once again allow into your life the forgotten pleasure of having your mind absolutely blown by the artistry of music once again? Did you ever think that you would ever encounter any artist at any time that somehow could embody all of the above right here, right now in the year of 2011?

If you are such a person who ponders the above, then let me advise you to buckle up your seat belts and get ready for an adventure...




Ms Cynhina Jones
Gonna rock the mike
On the Journey of Soul

--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director

ALBUM REVIEW: Guitar Sallye & Tamah (aka Bootsy Girls)- "Adventures In La La Land"

Guitar Sallye & Tamah - Adventures In La La LandCheck out this review from ELP on the new album from Guitar Sallye & Tamah - "Adventures In La La Land." Also pls note, two songs from this new album are making their debut this month on NuSoul @

--Guitar Sallye and Tamah - Some Body Watching U
--Guitar Sallye and Tamah - Stand Tall

(it's always nice to add some brand new FUNK to that playlist)

That is the title of the new CD by the dynamite journeywomen of funk: The Bootsy Girls.

Guitar Guitar Sallye Dorsey and her sister Tamah Dorsey and her sister Tamah are well known to a sparse yet still thriving network of dedicated funkateers. You've seen these people. You want to say : grow up and get dat shit out yo hair or sum.

Then you wish you had the heart to let yo TRUE freak flag fly but you've now become too slick and too tight-in-the-ass to make a difference anymore.

This is the land of funk. Not Lakeside's version but the real raw lowdown dirty funk. Kinda like hippies but decidedly black. There's a certain bohemianess here. Everything funk is and ever was exists here. And here we find Guitar Sallye Dorsey and her sister Tamah. You never if hardly ever see them. They're like guys like Hersey Hawkins or Artis Gilmore or Junior Bridgeman in the NBA. They're damned good but never quite get past the blur-collar-lunch-pail-daily-grind people.

Drugs, drunks,not gettin paid, gettin paid wrong or less than promised,starving and barely eatin,eatin your ass off etc. are added attractions here. They are the underbelly of what you DONT see that actually keeps things propped up and rolling. Emerging from the streets of Chicago these sisters-Tamah on bass and the aptly named Guitar Sallye-have busted their collective asses almost anonymously laboring in the vineyards.

Well now is their time and I'm glad to see it.

Known only to the nameless faceless hustling/gigging musicians that frequent dives and auditorioum alike The Bootsy Girls have developed and produced for your general consumption something unique and virtually in these days and times. On behalf of Bootsy abd their own they toured worldwide to bring a message "to lift the self-esteem of all women and girls by providing musical inspiration and motivation throughout the Universe". Seemingly a tall order but just 'say the word and you shall be healed'. The fact they are using FUNK as the vehicle for this message is audacious!

All the tunes on this album are played with only a minimum of electronic/digital accompaniment. This is mid-seventies/early-eighties latter Bootsy/Sly/Graham inspired funk. Nothing remakabke but ALL good. But again this is one of few times other than conscious rappers that you really want to listen to the lyric. Words of abstinence,teeny-bopper-tension/peer pressure,self-empowerment-anti-drug-up-off-yo-ass n exercise/jam/dance/move!!! The perfect stuff for Michelle Obama and her country wide campaign for fitness and a return to family values of moral decency and improved self empowerment.

If you hear ANYTHING about the Bootsy Girls in yo town show em some love,respect and support! If you 'Face' em (FB) you'll find em there. Make your connection because they're message really needs to be out there.

As a bonus they're music is funky as hell! The title tune Adventures in La La Land is the first recording I've ever heard to cleverly overlay a certain carnivalesque simplicity with what is basic pulse is calypso/reggae all at the same time. It's much like Life from Sly except Life is just straight in your chest slam-funk (feelin my head gettin POUNDED by Gregg Errico' drums). THIS WAS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Hopefully the public will appreciate and support the service(s) of The Bootsy Girls!

Hire A Band
--Bob Davis

Blues, Hip Hop and Soul Music Director


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Bob Davis

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