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MR. AL BELL (Former Owner of the STAX Record Company) will join us LIVE in the Soul-Patrol Chat room 2/3/2006 @ 10 pm est, to help us to kick off Black History Month. Al Bell played a big part in the creation of much of our musical history. He not only ran the STAX Record company, but he also gave us the legendary WATTSTAX Concert and Movie. In addition to his musical accomplishments, AL BELL also gave to us such revolutionary artists as RICHARD PRYOR, MELVIN VAN PEEBLES and others, during a period of time when the mainstream wouldn't touch them!
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* Soul-Patrol Times Version 2.0 - LAUNCH
* Al Bell Comes To The Soul-Patrol Chat Room
* Gene McFadden - (1948- 2006)
* Fayard Nicholas - (1914-2001)
* Terry Johnson's Flamingos 50th Anniversay
* "After Grammy Jammy": Featuring the LEGENDARY Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club (in Los Angeles)

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Soul-Patrol Times Version 2.0 - LAUNCH

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Soul-Patrol Times Version 2.0

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Gene McFadden - (1948- 2006)

Gene McFadden "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now???" Unfortunately, the "Big Boss In The Sky" has called the other half of Philly's great McFadden and Whitehead writing team. With one shot on the street, and Gene dying of cancer last night, an unmatchable dynamic duo who had love for life, and enjoyed entertaining others, will now write and sing Heavenly Melodies together once again.

We've lost a lot of old school in the recent past..(Lou Rawls and Wilson Pickett), and my question is one I asked on our "History Of Disco" series: What songs do you think the "Class Of 2006" will dance to at THEIR Proms in 2031?? Will ANY of those we knew and loved be remembered? I hope so. I'd hate to think that all the people 18 today would not remember how the music we loved turned into a drummer and an angry young man spouting off something about why his "bitches" and "ho's" always want more "bling" and there never seems to enough room to fit them all in their Hummers at one time. John and Gene knew the answer..."For the Love of Money"!

Rest in Peace together, John and Gene. We'll do our best to keep your music and spirit alive on our "Sounds Of Philly" programs, and never let you be forgotten.

Love to you all..
Giant Gene Arnold and Terry Arnold
"Giant Gene's Sounds Of Philly" Updated Radio Shows..Hear Them Now at
Visit for "Soul" and our latest "Giant Gene" programs.

Fayard Nicholas - (1914-2001)

Soul-Patrol.Net RadioDancer Fayard Nicholas Dies at 91
By BOB THOMAS, Associated Press Writer
Wed Jan 25, 6:11 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - Fayard Nicholas, who with his brother Harold wowed the tap dancing world with their astonishing athleticism and inspired generations of dancers, from Fred Astaire to Savion Glover, has died. He was 91.

Nicholas died Tuesday at his home from pneumonia and other complications of a stroke, his son Tony Nicholas said.

"My dad put heaven on hold and now they can begin the show," the younger Nicholas said Wednesday.

The Nicholas brothers were still boys when they were featured at New York's Cotton Club in 1932. Though young, they were billed as "The Show Stoppers!" And despite the racial hurdles facing black performers, they went on to Broadway, then Hollywood.

Astaire once told the brothers that the acrobatic elegance and synchronicity of their "Jumpin' Jive" dance sequence in "Stormy Weather" (1943) made it the greatest movie musical number he had ever seen. In the number, the brothers tap across music stands in an orchestra with the fearless exuberance of children stone-hopping across a pond. In the finale, they
leap-frog seamlessly down a sweeping staircase.

Tap dancer Rusty Frank, who set up an emergency fund to help pay some of Nicholas' hospital bills after his stroke, said Nicholas had a unique style that changed the face of tap dance.

"He and his brother, they didn't just use their feet to dance, they used their whole bodies. And it had an electrifying quality," she said. "They used ballet, they used jazz, they used acrobatics. ... They combined it all."

The two were vaudeville brats who toured with their musician parents, Fayard stealing dance steps as they went along and teaching them to his brother, who was seven years younger.

"We were tap-dancers, but we put more style into it, more bodywork, instead of just footwork," Harold Nicholas recalled in a 1987 interview.

Harold, who died in 2000, once said of his older brother's dancing, "He was like a poet ... talking to you with his hands and feet."

Their dancing betrayed not only creative genius but the athletic marvel of what no one else would dare attempt.

Their trademark no-hands splits - in which they not only went down but sprang back up again without using their hands for balance - left film audiences wide-eyed. The legendary choreographer George Balanchine called it ballet, despite their lack of formal training.

"My brother and I used our whole bodies, our hands, our personalities and everything," Fayard Nicholas said in an interview last year. "We tried to make it classic. We called our type of dancing classical tap and we just hoped the audience liked it."

The great dancer and actor Gregory Hines, who died in 2003 at age 57, once said that if a film were ever made about their lives, the dance numbers would have to be computer-generated because nobody could duplicate them.

Fayard, born in 1914, and Harold, born in 1921, learned to dance watching vaudeville shows while their parents played in the pit orchestra.

"One day at the Standard Theater in Philadelphia, I looked onstage and I thought, 'They're having fun up there; I'd like to do something like that'," Fayard recalled in a 1999 interview.

"We worked up an act called 'The Nicholas Kids,' and did it in the living room. Our father said: 'When you're dancing, don't look at your feet, look at the audience. You're not entertaining yourself, you're entertaining the audience.'"

The brothers were good enough by 1928 to debut in vaudeville. In 1932 they made their film debut in the short "Pie Pie Blackbird," and were booked at the Cotton Club, which became their base. They were allowed to mingle with the white celebrity patrons before going home to bed at 5 or 6 a.m. They would sleep until 3 p.m., when their daily tutoring began, then return to the club by chauffeur-driven limousine for the first show at midnight. Fayard was 18, Harold 11.

Movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn spotted them at the club and cast them in the Eddie Cantor musical "Kid Millions" (1934).

Their polished urbanity and classic good looks made them film stars despite the celluloid segregation that relegated them to non-speaking parts and dance sequences that could be easily cut for racially squeamish audiences in the South. They finally danced with a white star, Gene Kelly, in their last film together, "The Pirate" in 1948.

"If you were black, you experienced (prejudice)," Harold Nicholas once said. "It wasn't a real horrible thing for us; we went through it."

In later years, Harold did solo work in Europe, then returned to Broadway in "The Tap Dance Kid" and "Sophisticated Ladies" and to film in "Uptown Saturday Night" (1974). Fayard won a Tony award in 1989 for his choreography of "Black and Blue," and the brothers were awarded Kennedy Center Honors in 1991.

The two remained close throughout their lives, despite their different personalities. Fayard was known as the more outgoing of the two, the one whose optimism kept the act afloat. Harold was more withdrawn and introspective.

Both brothers had tumultuous personal lives. Harold admitted that his first marriage, to famed actress Dorothy Dandridge, collapsed because of his relentless womanizing. Dandridge, the first black woman nominated for a best-actress Oscar, died of a drug overdose in 1965 at 42.

In an interview for A & E's Biography in 1999, Fayard said wistfully, "I tried to be a good husband and father. ... I don't know what happened."

But he remained on good terms with his first wife, Geraldine, and by all accounts, had a long and happy marriage to his second wife, the late Barbara January. He married dancer Katherine Hopkins in 2000.

This was forwarded by our own Ron Brewington....
Assistance for Ailing Film/Dance Legend

After legendary tap dancer, Fayard Nicholas, suffered a stroke on November 22, 2005, an emergency relief fund was established by Rusty Frank for dancers and dance fans to send donations to offset the cost of medical bills.

Since 1930, Fayard - along with his younger brother Harold as the famed Nicholas Brothers - worked as one of the most successful, popular, ground breaking, and dazzling dance acts in world history. Since the death of his younger brother several years ago, Fayard has been receiving fewer and fewer work invitations to appear at festivals and dance events, and thus his income has suffered a severe decline. Fayard's Social Security and Pension benefits cover the rent of a one-bedroom apartment, but is not enough to offset the cost of his medical care.

Donations and well wishes may be sent to:
Fayard Nicholas
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, Suite 219
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

For more information and other donation options visit:

Hello everybody --Just a personal note-- when we were working on "Dorothy Dandridge-An American Beauty" we asked Fayard to come and sit for the camera to talk about Dorothy, the film business and what he and others had to endure AND enjoy back in the day. He showed up looking dapper, full of stores and full of life--and he was born in 1914!. I interviewed him for several hours because he one fascinating memory led to another. When he is gone it will be another legend lost and his impact will never be duplicated.

Most of the people i've sent this to already know the magic of those two brothers, but to refresh your memory, go look at anything they did as "speciality acts" in a whole lot of films.

Obba Babatunde, who played Harold Nicholas in "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" has sometime appeared with Fayard to do that classic "Chattanooga Choo Choo" number the Brothers did with Dorothy D in "Sun Valley Serenade" in 1941. That's something to see. Fayard shrugs off any signs of age and becomes that dance superstar of old. He is a glorious human being.

. When you think of the film stars who earned fortunes and never ever lit up the screen the way the Nicholas Brothers did-- it's shameful that he and his wife have to struggle in their one bedroom apartment. Being ill is difficult and worrying about how to pay the bills is all too stressful and unfair for a man in his 90s..

Pray for his healing and send a lot of money!

love and holiday
happiness --Ruth

MR. AL BELL (Former Owner of the STAX Record Company) will join us LIVE in the Soul-Patrol Chat room 2/3/2006 @ 10 pm est, to help us to kick off Black History Month. Al Bell played a big part in the creation of much of our musical history. He not only ran the STAX Record company, but he also gave us the legendary WATTSTAX Concert and Movie. In addition to his musical accomplishments, AL BELL also gave to us such revolutionary artists as RICHARD PRYOR, MELVIN VAN PEEBLES and others, during a period of time when the mainstream wouldn't touch them!
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Terry Johnson's Flamingos 50th Anniversay


February 12th Valentine's Celebration and 50th Anniversay Dinner for Terry Johnson Chateau de Ville, Lighthouse Point, Florida.

More Upcoming Dates For Terry Johnson's Flamingos
February 4th
(matinee) River Park Community Center
(evening) Cambier Park Bandshell

February 11th
Hollybrook Country Club
Pembroke Pines, Florida

February 12th
Valentine's Celebration and 50th Anniversay Dinner for Terry Johnson
Chateau de Ville, Lighthouse Point, Florida

March 11th
Punta Gorda, Florida

March 17th
Bonaventure Town Center Country Club

March 31st
Wynmoor Villiage

June 3rd
Westbury Music Fair

November 11th
Hauppaugh 2 day concert

January 5th 2007
Kings Point Tamarac
Tamarac, Florida


"After Grammy Jammy": Featuring the LEGENDARY Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club (in Los Angeles)


I dunno how many folks here might be in Los Angeles, but for those who are you might be interested in checking out this special show, featuring one of my heroes from my wayward youth (back in the "stone ages"). If you aren't in LA, please let your people out there know about it...

Jimmy Castor will be performing all of hois great hits, past present and future: I Got Something For Ya, It's Just Begun, Potential, Super Sound, Space Age, Maximum Stimulation, Whiter Shade of Pale, Hey Leroy, Bertha Butt, Troglodyte, King Kong and more...

Jimmy Castor may not be in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (yet), but he is in Soul-Patrol's Hall of Fame!!!

LA: Jimmy Castor Bunch @ Key Club
"After Grammy Jammy" Starring the Legendary Jimmy Castor Bunch

Come join the Legendary Jimmy Castor Bunch for a Live Performance at The Key Club in LA
Located on the Sunset Strip (9039 Sunset Blvd.)
Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Doors Open at 9:00 p.m.
Soul-Patrol will be in the house, come on out and join us...

More info at:


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