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Table of Contents

1. Introduction/Overview:
2. Movie Review: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown
3. Concert Review: Gil Scott-Heron Hits The Road On "The Breakout Tour" At S.O.B.'S
4. Now Playing: On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio
5. Concert Review - Everyanything 10/19/2002 Izzy Bar NYC
6. A Message of Thanks From Legendary NYC Radio Personality Ken "Spider" Webb
7. Floetry's "Floetic" (Hype or the Real Deal?)
8. November Soul-Patrol Magazine Update
9. What Value Does Soul-Patrol Provide (Skin In The Game?)
10. Sam Cooke and Otis Redding Memories (12/10 - 12/11)
11. Soul-Patrollers In The News

1. Introduction/Overview:

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All of the music that you can access from this publication is being streamed via RealAudio with the consent of the artist/copywrite holder with the hope that you will take a listen and decide to give them a chance to earn a place in your music collection. Soul-Patrol partners with these entities and others to fulfil it's mission to help to facilitate the extention of "Great Black Music into the Future", so that it's historical legacy will be available to our children.

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--Bob Davis

2. Movie Review: Standing In The Shadows Of Motown

Standing In The Shadows Of Motown Well , it finally opened in Montreal Friday. I took my wife and daughter and invited along a friend. Everybody loved it!
I was blown away.
I haven't been moved by a movie in this way since "Life is Beautiful". I knew the story and had bought the book not long after it came out in 1989. It is part bio and part Bass method but I urge all Soul Patrollers to seek it out for the way
it complements the film.
The most amazing part are the 2 CD's where many famous bass players pay tribute to James Jamerson by speaking about his impact on them and then playing his line on a Motown song. The bass part is isolated on 1 channel so you can dial in more bass or band and really hear what his bass parts meant to the song.

Participants include:
Paul McCartney , Anthony Jackson , James Jamerson Jr. , Pino Palladino, Bob Babbit , Marcus Miller , Chuck Rainey, Will Lee , John Pattitucci , John Entwhistle , Geddy Lee, Francis Rocco Prestia , Nathan Watts , Jack Bruce and many others.

I was there the second night ( A Saturday) and the crowd was disappointingly sparse.

Please go see this if you haven't already while it is still in the theatres!
I will buy the soundtrack and the DVD when it eventually comes out.

--Phil Peters, Montreal, Canada

3. Concert Review: Gil Scott-Heron Hits The Road On "The Breakout Tour" At S.O.B.'S

Gil Scott Heron Soul-Patrol went to see Gil Scott Heron last Thursday night. I would like to thank Greg V., Tobias, Darren & Funkafize for coming out to the show!!

Gil Scott was great. He was a late coming up to the stage (8:40 p.m. as opposed to 8 p.m.) but was very warm and interacted extremely well with the audience. He looks good, he had on a cap with that big, all gray, afro underneath (made me realize how old I am - lol!).
He made jokes about being locked up and said he dressed because the parole officer might be around. When he spoke he sounded like your granddad with the missing teeth, but surprisingly, when he sang, he sounded very good!! The first song he sang was "Your Daddy Loves You" a personal favorite of mine. In the intro to this song he said his daughter is in her last year of college and the audience applauded. He's a very proud Dad. He also sang "Winter in America", and 3 other songs, which I can't remember the names of.

The band was tight, Brian Jackson was excellent and it was good to see him on stage with Gil again.
The problem was they only played for 40 minutes and then took a break. They said they would come back out but I had to leave and I don't know if they played again or not. But it was worth it to see Gil again, looking clean and sounding great.

--Cheryl Y. Page, New York City

4. What's Now Playing: On Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

  • Listen to an overview of the BRAND NEW Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine!

  • Ray,Goodman and Brown (aka the MOMENTS) THEIR NEW CD: A MOMENT WITH FRIENDS: La la Means I Love You, Break Your Promise, Didn't I Blow Your Mind, Side Show, 3 Ring Circus, Spinning Around, I'm So Proud, Ooo Baby Baby

  • RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #8 Black Rock Coalition - Critical wax, Seminal acts and Crucial facts from: Earl Douglas, Darrell McNeil, Laronda Davis of the BRC. Featuring music from The Negro Problem, Cody ChesnuTT, Spearhead, Chango Mango, Michelle N, Terrence Trent Darby, and others...

  • Brand New Jazz on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio: Monnette Sudler, Phillip Bailey,Dale Fieldler, Jonathan Butler, D-Erania, Leroy K. Wofford, Digable Planets

  • SAGE ALI: NOT FROM AROUND HERE - A NEW artist who sounds a little bit like, EARTH, WIND AND FIRE, PETER GABRIEL, THE SYLVERS writes lyrics a little bit like,SMOKEY ROBINSON? all coming straight at cha on a 'Year 2002, Black Hippie, Egyptology, Anti War type of tip...'

  • Will's Place: Show #4 - Featuring music/commentary from Will Chill (aka Master of the Slow Jams). Featuring the classic RARE SLOW JAMS of: Temprees, Ocapellos, Sweet Thunder, Bunny Sigler, Alicia Myers, Teena Marie,Confunkshun, Janita, Aretha Franklin, Bloodstone, Carl Carlton, Contours...

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    5. Concert Review - Everyanything 10/19/2002 Izzy Bar NYC

    Everyanything This is a super talented group of individuals from NYC, in a nutshell, here is how I would describe their sound..

    * "Santana, Graham Central Station eque, Hard Driving Latin, Funk, Rock, Soul"
    * "Tower of Power Without Horns"
    * "Fronted by two ladies (reminding me of Minnie Riperton/Jessica Cleaves), singing positive music, with SERIOUS DOO WOP STYLE HARMONIES". Folks, this is a group that in my opinion should have a BIG FUTURE. Very talented, very personable on stage and off.

    All original Songs Including:

    * Envy
    * Joga
    * To Love and Be Loved
    * Pretty
    * Good to You
    * Devour Me
    * Saved Up

    Stay tuned for more on this group, right here on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

    6. A Message of Thanks From Legendary NYC Radio Personality Ken "Spider" Webb

    Ken Webb Thank you All! Thank you all for your concern. Some of you may not have known, but I just spent 3 days in the hospital. Happy to say no real damage however the doctors said: "You dogged a bullet." What they meant was, I have been neglecting my blood pressure problem for some time. Although there is no damage in the brain, they feel I suffered 1 'micro stroke'. After having test for a couple of days on my heart, head, neck arteries and cholesterol, everything is ok. But the blood pressure remains high. So, you all know what that means, I got to slow it down. The show will go on, but only slower. Thanks for the phone calls and visits.

    --Ken 'Spider' Webb PO 548 Wheatley Heights, NY. 11798

    7. Floetry's "Floetic" (Hype or the Real Deal?)

    What kinda hype? If there's any hype surrounding Floetry's "Floetic", I haven't been paying much (if any) attention to it. And, if the "hype" YOU mention comes from, say, airings of music videos on cable, then forget it, since I don't DO cable, man... "Floetic" came to my attention, via word-of-mouth from some other, independent sources whom I trust. But, as always, and in the end, I form my OWN opinions about the music I like, as well as other things in this life. *I* am MY OWN leader (within), with the Lord (Goddess) as CEO (outside of myself)... That's just how it goes, for me. Moving on... What's my opinion? I like this CD, overall :)... As I listen to a lot of the cuts, I find myself wantin' to dance! There IS a groove there that *I* (at least) can feel. Plus, I have been gettin' into the lyrics, as well as the interplay between the spoken word and singing on many of the selections. AND, I don't get offended and/or depressed by the lyrics, either (a BIG thumbs UP!...). IMHO, these sisters have got somethin' goin' on, have a few thangs to say, and *I*, at least, feel it, and see more potential. As far as I can tell, the "floetist" can FLOW, and the "songstress" can SANG, in this duo. "Floetic" (title cut), "Fun", "If I Was A Bird", and "Butterflies" are some of my favorites on that CD, and at the moment. And, I'm sure that you know that Floetry wrote "Butterflies", and Michael Jackson recorded it on his OWN joint, right? Well, *I* like Floetry's version of THEIR own song much better :)... So, that's my opinion. Remember, YOU asked for it, and you GOT it...LOL! What say YOU??

    --Debra Walker, Chicago

    8. Soul-Patrol Magazine Update
    Those of you who have signed up to get the Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine for the Next 12 months have the following kinds of articles and audio programming to look forward to... Remember that when you open up your Magazine that you can go directly to any one of the features by clicking on that item in the Table of Contents!
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    If you subscribe, you will not only be treated to the very best coverage of Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock n' Roll, Jazz and Culture on the earth, but you will also automaticly become a member of the DAILY Soul-Patrol Digest.!
    Belonging to the Soul-Patrol Digest enables you to interact with some of the most knowlegeable people around on the subject of Soul Music, including the ORIGINAL ARTISTS who created this music as well as many up and coming stars! Enjoy...

    Soul-Patrol Nov Mag

    9. What Value Does Soul-Patrol Provide (Skin In The Game?)

    > Another round table of inspired discussion and input. To all you
    > outstanding Soul Patroller's, thank you for your thoughts that
    > continue to drive me to stand up and be counted. We are so blessed to
    > have this forum, Bob and Mike have provided , and we are blessed to live
    > in this country. However, I believe we have to be proactive in expressing
    > our feelings and at times our outrage at what is happening in the music
    > biz, corporate america, and the alarming enfoldment of the
    > administrations foreign and domestic policies.

    You just said it in a nutshell
    The whole intent is to be quite a bit different.
    And the moves we are in the process of making are a means to that end.

    Some people understand the value of that and others don't.

    Just yesterday I was talking to a brotha in New York City who is also about to launch a unique type of business. One of the things he asked me was to consider different ways that Soul-Patrol might be able to help him to launch his business.

    Of course I said that I would help him as much as I could. In fact I told him that I would be willing to POUND the Internet with his message. And to do it simply on "GP".

    Of course this led to a discussion of...
    "why do Black people refuse to support Black owned businesses"

    This brotha's business hasn't even launched yet, but his fiercest opposition has been coming from Black people.

    · He hasn't had any problems getting money from banks
    · He hasn't had any problems with any insurance companies.
    · He hasn't even had to bribe any building inspectors :)

    However he said that it has been "regular black people" who have given him the most negative feedback and in some cases displayed outright hatred towards what he is doing, with some people stating in no uncertain terms that they WILL NOT PATRONIZE HIS BUSINESS.

    And of course as you might have guessed by now, this brotha's business is one that is focused on preserving BLACK CULTURE.

    What a shame that we are infused with so much HATRED OF OURSELVES that we treat each other in this manner?
    As I have stated before, it seems to me that while people like MLK, Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson and others might have won the battle...
    Governor George Wallace, Senator Bilbo and Sheriff Bull Connor have won the war!

    Chris, as you have stated are indeed terrible times we are living in and this is just the beginning....
    The battle lines are being drawn. The "Bush Empire" won a major victory this past November, and is now on a roll.  And there is already talk of...
    "Jeb in 2008"

    We had better learn to start supporting each other, because in the end, it's really all we have.

    We need to find ways to create value beyond the few crumbs that mainstream society allows to fall off of the table and into our hands.  And we need to support to the "Nth DEGREE" those who are in our corner.

    Remember the old cliché'...
    "last hired, first fired..."

    As the economy worsens, we had better take that old cliché' to heart, because that is exactly what is happening!

  • Some of us realize it.  Some of us don't.  All of us are going to be impacted.
    Those of us who realize it, are preparing for it.  Many are being caught by surprise.
    One of the ways to prepare is by taking care of "home" first.  And that lesson is going to be a hard one for some of us to swallow...

    So of course, I will be supporting this brotha in his business venture and he will be supporting Soul-Patrol.  He brings "value" to the table.  And of course he's got some "skin in the game".

    And of course he will reciprocate and I will introduce him to others and he will allow me into his network.  These are the things we need to not only learn, but also to teach our children.

    We hope that you are enjoying this FREE publication, from . If you do, and you wish to continue to get it every two weeks for FREE , click here or go to the website and register to get it.
    Forward it to your friends on the internet who love good music and ask them to subscribe as well!

    Some people ask why I am so big on INDEPENDENT ARTISTS?
    Well if you think about it, each one of these INDEPENDENT ARTISTS constitutes a "Black owned business".

    That's right..

    · Rio Soul is a "Black owned business".
    · The MIGHTY Dells are a a "Black owned business".
    · Lisa Gay and Thrill is a "Black owned business".
    · Ray, Goodman and Brown is a "Black owned business".
    · Sonny Boy is a "Black owned business".
    · Mandrill is a "Black owned business".
    · Will Wheaton is a "Black owned business".
    · Billy Paul is a "Black owned business".
    · Original P is a "Black owned business".
    · Will Hart and the Delphonics is a "Black owned business".
    · Soul Generation is a "Black owned business".
    · Slapbak is a "Black owned business".
    · Dawn Silva is a "Black owned business".
    · Mighty Sam McClain is a "Black owned business".
    · Sage Ali is a "Black owned business".
    · Sly, Slick and Wicked is a "Black owned business".
    · Sarah Dash is a "Black owned business".
    · Bettye LaVette is a "Black owned business".
    · Robert Baldwin is a "Black owned business".
    · The Main Ingredient is a "Black owned business".
    · etc...


    And those businesses help to support other businesses. They put "skin into the game".
    And they build an infrastructure that helps our culture to be extended.  And help individuals to empower themselves so that their own creativity can blossom in the increasingly hostile environment known as..."TWO THOUSAND AND TWO"

    I kinda like that...

    NP: "Haters Gon Be Haters"
    --Sonny Boy

    Thanks Chris, you are someone who has put some "skin in the game"

    --Bob Davis, New Jersey

    11. Sam Cooke and Otis Redding Memories (12/10 - 12/11)

    This is the time of year that I pull out all my old Sam Cooke and Otis Redding albums and display them in my house. It was in the early morning of December 11, 1964 that Sam Cooke was shot dead by a motel clerk in Hollywood, CA. It was on the snowy afternoon of December 10, 1967 that Otis Redding perished in a plane that crashed into Lake Menona in Madison, Wisconsin. Both men were soul giants, and both were making the best music of their illustrious careers when they died.

    For me, the annual observance is a bit like a New Orleans funeral parade--sad and mournful when I think about what might have been; and joyful when I listen to their musical legacy.
    Both men not just amazing performers, but also as businessmen who took control of their careers. (the model often discussed here on S-P).

    I was privileged and fortunate to see Sam Cooke and Otis Redding perform live several times, and those shows are among my most precious musical memories. To younger Soul-Patrollers interested in their legacy, let me suggest starting with Sam Cooke's "Night Beat" album and any compilation of his hits, and Otis's "Otis Blue" and "Dictionary of Soul." You won't be sorry.

    --Stu Green

    11. Soul-Patrollers In The News

  • Jerome Hawk Freeman will be performing/lecuring about the history of Black music at Devraux Jr. High in Toledo, Ohio Dec 18th.  He will be there from 8:15-2:15 and will get to perform in front of and talk at least 5 seperate classes. Big Props to HAWK for extending "Great Black Music Into The Future" to a new generation.
  • Rio Soul's SLAMMIN new FUNK CD (Rhythm of the Soul") is now being stocked at the following retail locations in Los Angeles: AMOEBA MUSIC on Sunset / Hollywood, TOWER RECORDS on Ventura Blvd / Sherman Oaks, TOWER RECORDS on Sunset / Hollywood, PUGS Records in Westwood.
  • Look for BRAND NEW Christmas songs coming soon to the website from the following Soul-Patrollers: Groove Doctors, Lisa Gay and Thrill, Candi Staton, Russell Thomkins Jr and the Dells.
  • Congratulations to the following Soul-Patrollers on their new/updated websites: Fats Gallon, Lisa Gay and Thrill, Original P, Cookie Holley (Bump N' Grind Records), Bill Carpenter (Capital Entertainment), Genna Sapia-Ruffin ("A Memoir: David Ruffin--My Temptation")
  • Be on the lookout for a new music from Micheal Henderson,  Bettye Lavette,  "Mighty" Sam McClain and  Mandrill coming soon...
  • Wish Billy Paul sucess on his upcoming tour of Brazil, drop him a line at his website.
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    Hopefully you enjoyed this first edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
    We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition.

    If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

    Bob Davis

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