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Table of Contents

1. Concert Review: Living Colour In Columbus Ohio
2. Coming Up On 6/15/03: The Central Ohio Third Annual Jazz Festival

3. Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers: The Crests Are Back
4. New Music From: Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band (AWB), Soul Generation, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Bettye LaVette, Dells, Wilson Pickett, Ann Peebles, Hubert Laws, Vince Montana
5. Credited by Essence Magazine

6. Coming Up On 6/7/03: AWB and Original P in Plainfield NJ
7. Obituary: RIP Sandman Sims

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2002 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
July 19 2003, Burlington, NJ

SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins),
Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and
Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens
(so far)

JUST ADDED: Harptones and Jazzhole

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2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins), Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens (so far)

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Last year Soul-Patrollers from 8 different states converged in Burlington NJ to not only meet and greet some of the top artists from the world of soul music, but also to have a FUNKY good time, with each other.

At the same time we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Open Up Your Heart Foundation, which was founded by our very own Mighty, Mighty Dells, to provide support for the 'forgotten victims' of the 9/11terrorist attacks on the United States.
Go to the link and check out what we did last year (in audio, text and pictures), order tickets, find out more about the foundation and more.

This year we will have bus transportation from NYC, Washington/Baltimore and Cleveland. If you live in one of these areas, go to the page to contact your local Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator for more information. Can't make it to the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention? Buy a ticket anyhow and your purchase goes to the Open Up Your Heart Foundation.

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 1. Concert Review: Living Colour In Columbus Ohio     

Concert Review: Living Colour In Columbus Ohio' Sorry for the late reply Bradley, but yes, 3 friends and myself saw Living Colour on Friday night here in Columbus, OH. Now, I have to confess, we saw it for free because they were giving out free tickets everywhere we went! I think we had 8 or so that went unused, but oh well. Anyway, they're definitely doing a good show these days. I was about 10 when they were popular, so the only song I'm really familiar with is "Cult of Personality." So of course, I was quite surprised/impressed when all these 30-something white guys in the audience were singing along with a lot of their songs. The band was in fine form, with Vernon ripping up the guitar all night, Doug Wimbish laying down those funky basslines and crazy effects, William Calhoun rockin the drum set, and Corey Glover going crazy on the vocals, though he did noticeably mess up a couple times.

They announced that they're coming out with another album in September (I think), so they did a handful of new songs, which seemed to rock just as much as the old ones. They even had one of the better 9-11 songs I've heard, poignant without being too sappy or cheesy. And they finished their 90-minute set with an awesome version of "Cult of Personality," complete with the vocal samples of famous speeches. The main disappointment of the night was that Living Colour had no merchandise for sale after the show, because I really wanted to pick something up and support them after seeing a fine rock show for free. So yeah, Bradley and anyone else who has a chance to see Living Colour on tour right now, they're definitely putting on a show worth seeing.

--Funky D

2. Coming Up On 6/15/03: The Central Ohio Third Annual Jazz Festival

The Central Ohio Third Annual Jazz Festival  Master of Ceremonies - Tom Pope

* Gerald Albright
* Jazz Crusaders featuring:
   Wayne Henderson, Everette Harp & Bobby Lyle
* Tom Scott w/ Karina Nuvo
* Urban Jazz Coalition
* Pharez Whitted

Produced by the Soul-Patrollers at MLH Enterprises! , Come out and enjoy a great Father's Day of jazz at Cooper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio Sunday June 15th, 2003 - 5pm - Gates open at 4pm - *Rain or Shine

MLH Enterprises is a member of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and has been successfully active in the concert promotional field since 1974.

To date, MLH has been responsible for the facilitation of such Internationally known Artists as: Pearl Bailey, Dionne Warwick, Charles Earland, Natalie Cole, Lola Falana, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Grover Washington, Jr., Joe Sample, David Sanborn, Najee, Gato Barbieri and The Jazz Crusaders to name a few.

While Columbus, Ohio has primarily been the focus of concerts at such fine facilities as: The Ohio Theater, The Palace Theater, The Ohio Center, Veterans Memorial Auditorium and Cooper Stadium, MLH has also sponsored events at the Louisville Gardens in Kentucky as well as The Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia.

3. Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers: The Crests Are Back     

The Crests ' In a New York minute ... The Crests are back! Honored by Rock n' Roll historians as a major force playing a major role in the history of American Music. The Crests featuring the electrifying voice of Tommy Mara are once again gracing stages worldwide with a sound simply described as "Remarkable!" Just how remarkable? Here's the quote of all times

" Tommy is one of my favorite singers. The songs come straight from his heart and the only thing that surpasses his vocal ability is his stage performance. I can listen to him day in an day out."
--Johnny Maestro [ Former Crests Lead singer ]

In 1955 on the lower east side of Manhattan the music scene was alive with an exciting new sound. "Rock-&-Roll" derived from rhythm & blues, capturing the nations youth and guys joining vocal groups instead of gangs set the mood. They had to make all the sounds they wanted to hear with their voices. The bass voice started the song & put the group in key. The second tenor kept the harmony strong, and the tenors would move to forecast the changes. The lead singer told the story, and every word was understood! This was when a youthful J.T. Carter decided to take advantage of what was then thought to be little more than another fad. He started experimenting with group harmony parts that always supported the lead lyrics. Putting them together was the trick! He developed a sound with such a strong foundation that now 40 years later Rock & Roll Historians agree the creation of "The Crests" played a major role in the history of American Music.

One fateful day in 1956, while singing on a New York subway, "The Crests" were discovered. The original Crests consisted of J.T. Carter, Talmoudge Gough, Harold Torres & Patricia Van dross, the sister of today's celebrated singer/composer Luther Van dross. They later drafted a singer named Johnny Maestro. The group recorded "My Juanita", which hit the local charts. Things were starting to take off, but Patricia had to leave the group because her mother wanted her to finish school. This left the four Crests. In 1958 they recorded a song called 'Beside You', and on the B side was "Sixteen Candles" It wasn't long before the disk jockeys started playing the B side and "The rest is History!" A song your sure to hear or have heard when every young lady reaches sixteen.

Their meteoric rise in popularity was spurred on by repeated requests to appear on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Hit followed hit for "The Crests" with songs like "Step by Step" - "The Angels Listened In" & "Trouble In Paradise" but they only made it into the top 20. In 1962 the Record Co. decided to separate the group for financial gain. Johnny Maestro went on to be "The Brooklyn Bridge", Harold & Talmoudge, after some time retired. J.T. decided to continue on as "The Crests".

"The Crests" hits have become sought after collectibles all over the world. "Sixteen Candles", one of the most memorable ballads of all time, was heard in such classic films as "American Graffiti", "Sixteen Candles", & "Elvis & Me". "The Crests" are represented in The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in Sharon, PA.

Today the group strongly carries on the tradition of the original sound of "The Crests". The act is noted for their high level of energy and their shows consist of blissful harmonies and outstanding musical arrangements that surely captivate every audience.

Energized by the amazing talents of it's new lead singer Service Mark owner Tommy Mara. The Crests recreate the blissful harmonies and outstanding musical arrangements responsible for many million-dollar hits. Today's Crests are true to the groups original sound. Tight, snappy harmonies powered by Tommy Mara, one the worlds most incredible leads, finds this edition of the Crests captivating audiences with each and every song they perform.

Few groups are fortunate to be remembered 40 years after their rise to fame. The Crests featuring Tommy Mara will continue to bring joy to generations of new fans world over.

Watch for their new album due out late May "The Crests, Then and Now."

--Joe Vincent

4.New Music From: Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band (AWB), Soul Generation, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Bettye LaVette, Dells, Wilson Pickett, Ann Peebles, Hubert Laws, Vince Montana 

New Music From: Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power, Average White Band (AWB), Soul Generation, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, Bettye LaVette, Dells, Wilson Pickett, Ann Peebles, Hubert Laws, Vince Montana

* Some Live Stuff
* Some studio stuff
* Most of the artists are Soul-Patrol members
Please support em...
Take a listen and let us know what cha think?

All of it new material, most of it is available online from the artists websites.
Go there and make the purchase DIRECTLY from them if you like what you hear.
In fact, why not make a...


And if you can't commit to that, at least commit to going to their site and sending them an email to let them know what you thought of their music?

Do your part.
Keep these artists working!!!
(support them, so they can continue to support YOU)


* Tower of Power

* Average White Band (AWB)

* Jerry Butler/Gene Chandler (4 Kings of R&B)

* Bettye LaVette

* Dells

* Wilson Pickett/Ann Peebles/Jerry Butler/Chi-lites (Only The Strong Survive Soundtrack)

* Hubert Laws

* Vince Montana

* Edwin Starr

Except for the Earth, Wind and Fire material to my knowledge commercial (ie KNEE-GRO) radio stations don't think that you deserve to hear any of this new material from some of our LEGENDS.

Soul-Patrol thinks that you do...
Take a listen to the music at the following link
let us know what you think?

--Bob Davis Credited by Essence Magazine Credited by Essence Magazine  Just wanted to give out some props for one of OUR own!
As you are all aware, the MEGA TRAVEL WEBSITE:
Is one of the sponsors of:

* The Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine
* The Soul-Patrol Newsletter
* The Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention is yet another part of the ever expanding universe of 100% INDEPENDENT BLACK OWNED websites that are actually ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING POSITIVE, against all of the odds.
We salute them not only for the accomplishments to this point in time, but also for the potential of what they can do in the future.
--------------------------------------------------- is nicely credited by Essence magazine for helping them select sites in a travel article (June 2003 edition, p196-200). The Essence article excerpt now graces the top of the Magazine & Newspaper Articles page within our online Media Kit

The Essence credits, as well as credits by Ebony magazine (Jan 2003) and others in the last 2 years, highlight the achievement of a major milestone for our company. is now recognized as either "a" or "the" leading African American travel resource by the:

* Largest Black-oriented magazines
* Largest Black-oriented websites
* Black newspapers, USA Today, New York Times and many other major newspapers

I thank my team for our collective work and overcoming challenges to make these achievements possible. And we look forward to future work with our friends in the media community.


Thomas Dorsey
Founder & Executive Producer
Soul Of America Travel
Soulful Travel Begins Here

6. Coming Up On 6/7/03: AWB and Original P in Plainfield NJ  

Coming Up On 6/7/03: AWB and Original P in Plainfield NJ

Two Soul-Patrollers:
*Original P
* Average White Band (AWB)

Will be performing at a free concert at Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield, NJ on Saturday, June 7th. Call (908) 436-2900 for more information

You need to be there to PICK UP THE PIECES just prior to the landing of the MOTHERSHIP :)

AWB - New CD Release
You've waited patiently (most of you) and now it's finally here; AWB's first studio album in six years "Living In Colour" was released April 22. This special Preview Edition will not be available in stores, only at AWB shows and on the web site. If you'd like to order your copy, check out their slammin website.

The Original PFunk
(featuring original members of Parliament/Funkadelic)

The original Parliament was formed by Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins, Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon, Ray Davis and George Clinton.  The Original PFunk reunites all but Clinton and Simon to continue the Parliament tradition of popping bass, big horns and propulsive, syncopated rhythms. The Original PFunk can be best described as the "soul" of Parliament Funkadelic.

Having provided the vocal backbone of the early Parliaments in the 60's on through the various mid 70's incarnations of the Parliafunkadelicment Thang. They were an integral part of the well defined sound of George Clinton's budding P/Funk empire. When you attempt to evaluate the P/Funk vibe throughout the 70's, it's hard not to pinpoint the departure of Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon and Grady Thomas after 1977's funk opera, the 2 album "Parliament Live" set.

Ray Davis would actually stay with the George Clinton troupe well into the 80's before joining up with the late Roger Troutman's ZAPP multitude. Ray Davis will also be one of our special guests at the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention on July 19th

 7. Obituary: RIP Sandman Sims     

Obituary: RIP Sandman Sims' I'm extremely sad to learn of the death of Sandman Sims.
Sandman Sims was a member of the Copesetics, the famed Harlem dancers. His specialty was the "sand dance". But I never knew him as a dancer until the great tap revival that took place about 20 years ago. I knew him as the "hook" at the Wednesday night Amateur Shows at the Apollo Theater back in the 1960s. The Sandman occupied the balcony box to the right of the stage.

When an amateur was bad, first there would be some boos. This normally disrupted the performer's composure, and the rest of the audience would start their cat-calls. Then came the coup de grace. The Sandman would stand up in his box and start playing his trombone. And there were chase lights strung around his box that would start flashing on and off. This was the signal for the amateur to slink off the stage. Many times, Sandman would wait and wait before putting the poor amateur out of his (or her) misery. Everything you've ever heard about that Wednesday night experience at the Apollo is not exaggerated.
It was the ultimate tough house.

RIP Sandman Sims, a great performer who entertained everyone who ever saw him.

--Stu Green

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