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Table of Contents

1. Concert Review: Smokey Robinson At The Apollo
2. Celebrate Black Music Month With Radio BRC @ Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

3. Concert Review - Mighty Sam McClain at the HotHouse In Chicago
4. Funk and Drugs Part 33 & 1/3
5. Nina-Dawne Williams - Executive Director of Open Up My Heart Foundation

6. Memories of Jackie Wilson
7. Obituary: RIP Maynard Jackson

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2002 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
July 19 2003, Mount Holly, NJ


Click here and find out how YOU can hang out with us at Soul-Patrol's...

Billy Paul, Bernie 

 Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 

 Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins), Vince 

Montana (Salsoul 
 Orchestra), Ray Davis 

(P-Funk, Temptations and 
 Original P), Sonny 

Boy, Ray, Goodman & 
 Brown, Sarah Dash, 

T.M. Stevens, Harptones, Jazzhole, Michael 
 Henderson, The 

Ebonys, Bettye Lavette, Michael 'Kidd Funkadelic' 


Hampton and Wil Hart (Delphonics)


Also: Legendary Producer/Songwriter George Kerr, The AD LIBS (Boy From NYC), Legendary NYC DJ Ken “Spider” Webb


(2p–6p) AFTERNOON PROGRAM: Interactive panel discussions, presentations and Q/A    Adults: $3:00, Students: No Charge

  • 2:00 pm - 2:15 pm: Bob Davis - Introduction/Overview
  • 2:15 pm - 2:45 pm: Ken Webb - Internet Radio and the Future
  • 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm: Bradley Alston - Panel Discussion: Blues 2003
  • 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm: Harry Weinger (Motown/UME) Marvin Gaye In The 70's
  • 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm: Black Rock Coalition - Panel Discussion #2
  • 4:45 pm - 5:00 pm: Kevin Amos - Preserving Black Music History
  • 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm: (Lawrence Perry) Panel Discussion:  Independent Artists & the Future
  • 5:45 pm - 6:00 pm: Bob Davis - Wrap Up

(8p–1a) EVENING PROGRAM: $20.00 purchase online, $25.00 via check/money order, $30.00 at the door


  • Billy Paul will do a live soul/funk/jazz set
  • Surprise Performances (hmmmmm???)


"great black music, from the ancient to the future..."

  • Billy Paul
  • Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads, W00 Warriors)
  • Wil Hart (Delphonics)
  • Ray, Goodman and Brown (aka The Moments)
  • Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins)
  • TM Stevens
  • Sonny Boy
  • Vince Montana
  • Sarah Dash (LaBelle)
  • Raoul Cita (Harptones)
  • Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations, ZAPP & Original P)
  • Sonny Boy
  • Jazzhole
  • Ebony's
  • Michael Hampton
  • The Ebony's
  • Bettye Lavette
  • Michael Henderson
  • George Kerr (Escorts, Moments, Linda Jones, Whatnots and more)
  • Ken "Spider" Webb (Legendary NYC DJ)
  • "Giant" Gene Arnold (Legendary Philadelphia DJ)
  • (A Few surprise guests I can't tell you about yet...)


DJ'S FROM SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO: spinning Classic Soul, Funk, Blues, Slow Jams, Black Rock, Disco and Nu Soul

  •  Will Chill (WBZC - NJ), Kevin Amos (WRCT - Pittsburgh),  Philadelphia’s  Legendary 'Giant' Gene Arnold (WIFI-FM, WEEZ-AM, WCAM-AM, WCAU-AM,WIBG-AM, WZZD-AM, WTAF-TV-29, WPHL-TV-17) , NYC Superstar DJ Mike Boone

FOOD, DRINK & FUN: BYOB, Soul Food Platters & Set Ups Will Be Available, Soul Music History Trivia Contest w/prizes


ALL EVENTS ARE AT THE "AMERICAN FIREHOUSE", a few minutes off of exit 5 of the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95), in Mount Holly, NJ 2 hours from Baltimore, 45 min. from Philly & 1.5 hours from NYC. 

Call: 609-351-0154, for more details, directions & tickets
Or via email

Click Here To Purchase Your Tickets ($20.00 online via PayPal)
If you can't attend, your ticket purchase will go to the Open Up Your Heart Foundation!
Make payments  with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
This year we will have bus transportation from NYC, Washington/Baltimore Chicago and Cleveland/Pittsburgh. If you live in one of these areas, go to the page to contact your local Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator for more information .

Can't make it to the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention? Buy a ticket anyhow and your purchase goes to the Open Up Your Heart Foundation.

Click here and find out how YOU can hang out with us at Soul-Patrol's...


* $20.00 If you buy your tickets online via PayPal. (right on time)
* $25.00 If you buy your tickets in advance via check/money order. ( doin' fine)
* $30.00 If you pay at the door. ('cp' time)    

Last year Soul-Patrollers from 8 different states converged in Southern New Jerseyto not only meet and greet some of the top artists from the world of soul music, but also to have a FUNKY good time, with each other.

At the same time we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Open Up Your Heart Foundation, which was founded by our very own Mighty, Mighty Dells, to provide support for the 'forgotten victims' of the 9/11terrorist attacks on the United States.
Go to the link and check out what we did last year (in audio, text and pictures), order tickets, find out more about the foundation and more.

Click here and find out how YOU can hang out with us at Soul-Patrol's...

If you dig the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, feel free to pass it along to a friend who also has good taste in music and tell them to subscribe too!

--Bob Davis

 1. Concert Review: Smokey Robinson At The Apollo       

Smokey Robinson Live From Las Vegas - Video' Hey Soul Patrollers,

I just got back from a wonderful concert at the world famous Apollo Theater, featuring the great William 'Smokey' Robinson!!!!
Let me tell you when Smokey sings, there no stopping this man!!! All decked out in a light baby satin suit and white shoes, he still the king of Detroit cool. Singing renditions of 'Ooo Baby Baby', 'I Second That Emotion', he coolly tells the story of how Stevie Wonder chased him down at the Motown Christmas party of 1966, to hear on tape, a song he written the music to but had trouble with the words.

Smokey took the tape home and of course came up with the masterpiece cut of 1970 entitled, 'The Tears Of A Clown', which of course was featured in the 1967 classic LP, 'Make It Happen' (later re-titled, 'Tears Of A Clown'). Then Smokey tributes to his wonderful contribution to the world of songwriting with his tribute to the Temptations singing, 'The Way You Do The Things You Do', 'Get Ready' and 'My Girl', which had the whole entire audience in great participation!!!!
As a matter of fact, the audience sang just about every song Smokey put out!!

My favorite part of the show was his beautiful tribute to the great guitarist, Marv Tarplin. Suddenly as the place went dark, there was a spotlight on Marv, sitting on a stool, strumming his heart out to the melody he helped create and shape (let's not forget the Funk Bros.) Marv played the guitar licks he made famous with songs like, 'The Tracks Of My Tears', Baby, Baby Don't Cry', and 'Baby Come Close', while Smokey gently sings to two ladies in the audience, kissing their fingertips!

He then made a speech about how happy he was to be back home in the Apollo and how he missed us. We all screamed back, 'we miss you too Smokey' and proceeded to clap for about 3 to 4 minutes!!! Smokey's eyes then started to water !!!

Afterwards, he introduced another great artist in the audience, Chuck Jackson who then took a gracious bow. Some young lady screamed out for him to sing his 1959 hit, 'Bad Girl', Smokey playfully went right into the song without any hesitation!!! He was such in a jolly mood. His orchestration was great, led and conducted by the great Sonny Burke. Of course he had to include his 80's cuts, 'Being With You', and 'Just To See Her'. Then exit stage left, then returned for an encore performance and did something that totally shocked me!!!

He recited a poem that one of the brothers from Russell Simmons' Def Poetry show (which happens to Smokey's favorite shows), gave to him while visiting his dressing room today!!
Smokey then proceeded to recite a poem about his black heritage for nearly 10 minutes!!!!
Let me tell you SPer's, Smokey rocked that poem!!!
Oh my God!!!!
We gave him a standing ovation!!!!
Boy, he was so deep!!!

Then last but very least, he sang his finale of, 'Crusin', with of course audience participation, dividing the rows into two sections. Myself, Renee (DyvaNaye) (who by the way treated me to this great event for my birthday), including the rest of our section, which was row 2, stood up and shouted; 'I love it, when we're crusin together'!!
We won of course, lol.
It was a wonderful two-hour event.
Smokey still and will always have the magic touch, to please his audience!!!
Thanks DyvaNaye for a nice birthday surprise!!!!!
And thank you too, Smokey!!!
It truly was a special occasion and we can always depend on you to continue to give us more love and more joy in ancient times for years to come!!!!

--Mike Boone (Chancellor of Soul)

2. Celebrate Black Music Month With Radio BRC @ Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio Celebrate Black Music Month with Soul-Patrol.Net Radio and the Black Rock Coillition with some slammin new music from some of your favorites along with some of the soon to be famous.  Critical wax, Seminal acts and Crucial facts from: Earl Douglas, Darrell McNeill, Laronda Davis of the BRC.   Music and information that YOU need to hear....


RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #9 Black Rock Coalition:
Featuring music from Ben Harper, Red Hill Down, The Negro Problem, Michael Hill's Blues Mob, DJ Munz, Maktub, Soulive, Jeffrey Gaines, Tracy Chapman, Femi Kuti, Nile Rogers, Common, Erykah Badu...
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #8 Black Rock Coalition:

Featuring music from The Negro Problem, Cody ChesnuTT, Spearhead, Chango Mango, Michelle N, Terrence Trent Darby, and others
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #5 Black Rock Coalition:

The focus is on great LIVE performances, featuring James Brown, Bad Brains, Donny Hathaway, Jungle Funk, Jill Scott, Jimi Hendrix, Pheobe Snow, Cyprus Hill and more!
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #4 Black Rock Coalition:

Featuring the music of: Vernon Reid, 7 Dust, Prince, Ursula Rucker, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Jimi Hendrix, Tricky/Amber Sunshower, Bilal, and more
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #3 Black Rock Coalition:

Featuring 1 hour of NEW music and commentary from the following artists :Terrence Trent Darby, Buddy Guy, Saundra St. Victor, Saul Williams, and more
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #2 Black Rock Coalition:

It's a tribute of sorts to the 3 compilation BRC CD's that were produced during the 1990's * History of Our Future * Blacker Than That * The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again The show is in effect a kind of "BEST OF 1990's BLACK ROCK"
Listen Here

RADIO BRC @ Soul-Patrol.NET Radio: Show #1 Black Rock Coalition:

Featuring: Living Colour, Band of Gypsy's, Shuggie Otis, Eric Gales, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Angela Davis, Langston Hughes and more
Listen Here

Visit The Black Rock Coalition Web Site

3. Concert Review - Mighty Sam McClain's At the HotHouse In Chicago    

Mighty Sam McClain ' Now that I've had some rest, I can write about Mighty Sam McClain's show at the HotHouse. This was a great treat for anyone that wanted to hear some good music.

Prior before the show started, Karl, Debra, and myself had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sandra and Mighty Sam McClain. They were happy to see us and thanked us for showing up.:-) At the same time, Niles Frantz from NPR station WBEZ walked in. I introduced myself to him, and he was happy I recognized him. He sat with us throughout the entire night. (very cool guy and big ups to him for playing Mighty Sam and other great blues performers on his show every Saturday night)

The opening act was Kenny Brown. Kenny is the adopted son of blues great R.L.Burnside. Kenny has mastered the slide guitar technique very well and his band was on fire. Bassist Takeeshi Imura and drummer Cedric Burnside (R.L.'s grandson) are a powerhouse rhythm section that kept the Mississippi groove going all throughout their set. It was never a dull moment with them on stage. As I sat back and listen to them play, I heard dashes of early Z.Z.Top, Canned Heat, Hot Tuna, Johnny Winter, and of course the traditional down south blues. (Excellent set for a opening act)

When Mighty Sam took the stage, he strolled to the stage very smoothly and looking very dapper in a two piece cream color suit. Now in my opinion, the band was alright with one exception, and that was the drummer.(Perhaps Cedric Burnside made it very hard for the poor guy to play. LOL!) At any rate, I enjoyed the show and Mighty Sam's performance nonetheless.
The rest of the band sounded fine to me and I'm sure they might have a new drummer, the next gig they play. He played a few old sections as well as material from the latest CD "One More Bridge to Cross". Mighty Sam also mentioned that MTV had contacted him to use a few of his songs for one of their programs.(I'm not sure which show) I thought the fact for a network like MTV to be interested in Mighty Sam's music is great. So you see, Mighty Sam's music is started to circulate in other areas.
He did by the way play "New Man in Town' and talk about how that song was used in various episodes of Ally McBeal. Mighty Sam also gave a friendly shoutout to Soul Patrol and Bob Davis.
(I thought that was cool. :-) )

He closed the show out with a very FUNKED UP version of the Doobie Brothers "Long Train Running."

I'm glad I had the chance to witness Mighty Sam McClain and hopes he'll come back to Chicago again. Plus, it was cool hangin' with my SP friends again, on a cold Saturday night in May/June. (and this is suppose to be spring, right?)

After last night, who needs the Blues Fest?

This was good enough for me. :-)

--Gary Tyson

4. Funk and Drugs Part 33 & 1/3 

Funk and Drugs Part 33 & 1/3

The vets (Viet Nam ) brought em home, which fueled, heightened, and in some cases enlightened the masses. These same drugs, consequently were the very agent that totally mystified, emasculated, and basically took the teeth out of our black manhood/revolution. Economically speaking large amounts of money was spent to cultivate, develop, traffic, and perpetrate this fraud on our society. Even larger sums were (are) made. Viet-Nam, and it's subsequent anti-war protest, and the growing dissatisfaction with the civil rights movement opened the door for a new America....and America obliged by opening all the doors.

Every conniving beast of hell got one got out! ...and a generation was literally trapped in it's own s***. The same drugs that tripped out America's suburbs gobbled gang war in the cities, which fueled the Black Power movement, up. Only the suburbanite recovered (sort of) while we in the cities (or those that remained/remain) were totally decimated by this pervasive joker. America basically (through 7 presidents, and thirty years) instituted a program of destruction. All to quiet those that needed quieting most, the dissenters. All the while preaching equality, the constitution, and the American way.

The clean and sober amongst us took advantage, and got comfy, and fat (achieving much knowledge, and amassing large fortunes along the way)...and everybody else grovels in the pit of the have-nots.
The reason that I even considered drugs as a part of this generational demise
(The 60's ended in!) is that I've got living proof. All of you that survived or grew up in that time just go back in your memory banks ,and take a look at the recorder of the times (all times for that matter!)...


Some of the band names (trippy sounding things like Sly and the Family Stone, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath,The Doors, Pink Floyd, Funkadelic, Jefferson Airplane--to name a few), their tunes ( do I have to really give song titles?),and last but certainly not least-the musicians,and artists all told the entire story of deception, addiction, abuse, exploitation, excess, evolution, destruction, sexuality, self-identity, separation, integration, fear, and loathing, that pervaded this society at the time. All framed and guided by drug use (and of course abuse). Who among you don't know at least one person (if not your self) who lived, died, was jailed, recovered, destroyed other's lives, fell, got up, or plain never made it back from the scourge that was (is) drugs.
Remember AIDS/HIV, and Hepatitis C (the more prevalent of the two, by the way) all were borne out of this dope-addled mess.

That's why every politician today has in his/her resume some reference to use/abuse of drugs. This country has ALWAYS been the dope dealers of the planet...after all the slave trade was basically instituted behind one big dope-trafficking-greed/lust for money country.... and while we die they get fat and rich...and the band played on....

--Lawrence Perry

5. Profile: Nina-Dawne Williams - Executive Director: Open Up My Heart Foundation

Nina-Dawne Williams By now, everyone knows that the proceeds of the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention go to the MIGHTY MIGHTY DELLS 'Open Up Your Heart Foundation', which aids the 'forgotten victims' of the 9-11 attacks. Most of you don't know much about the Exeutive Director of the foundation, Nia-Dawne Williams. This sista is someone that all of us who are Soul-Patrollers can be quite proud of. So I thought that here on the eve of the Convention that you all might like to know a little bit more about this accomplished member of Soul-Patrol!

Nina-Dawne Williams is an attorney in private practice in the state of Florida. Originally from the northeastern part of the United States, Ms. Williams lived and worked in the New York City metropolitan area for several years as an attorney/hearing officer for the New York City Board of Education. During her tenure there, she was exposed to the plight of the under-served minority populations that she has pledged to support through the "Open Up My Heart - 9/11 Anthem" Project she created.

This initiative began when Ms. Williams was inspired by the generosity of Louisiana inmates who raised $11,000.00 from their meager prison wages, money that was donated to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Attorney Williams decided to create a project in which a cross section of American could participate, contribute and illustrate that many different fibers make up the fabric of America. A patroness of the arts, Ms. Williams has been recognized by numerous organizations for her efforts including Miami-Dade County, The City of Miami, various churches and ministries. She also serves on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations.

Needless to say, if you are attending the 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention you will get to meet Nina-Dawne Williams .  If you do, please be sure to tell her thanks for all of the hard work and dedication she is putting forth!

6. Memories of Jackie Wilson

Memories of Jackie Wilson

I was privileged to see the great Jackie Wilson live in person several times. Seeing Mike Boone's shout-out in honor of Jackie's bithday in today's Digest brought back memories of the very last time I was his live show. It was at the Valley Forge Music Fair in suburban Philly in the late 70s, about six months before he collapsed into a fatal coma during a show at the Latin Casino (also in suburban Philly.)

I remember that I practically had to beg a friend of mine (a black hippie) to go with me. All the way there, he moaned that the show was going to some lame dinosaur show, something that his mother would go to. I assured him he would not be disappointed.

Jackie gave his usual show. He was incredible--throwing his suit jacket over his shoulder, winking to the women in the front rows, dancing his a** off, falling to his knees, and hitting a perfect high "C" on "Danny Boy." He was drenched in sweat from giving his all.

Needless to say, my friend just raved about the show all the way back to Philly. When Jackie collapsed six months later, my friend was very grateful that he had seen him once. He never stopped thanking me.

You can still see glimpses of Jackie Wilson's greatness on videos from the Ed Sullivan show or the old Shindig show. But they don't compare to the full treatment. Jackie Wilson was a giant.

--Stu Green

Sadly there will never be another Jackie--he was so smoooooooth--his voice, his moves, his style and confidence. The splits and drops that he incorporated into his shows were amazing--much like the moves of the incredible Nicholas Brothers, who Jackie may have seen. And you know that James Brown saw Jackie, who was performing with the Dominoes before James started his own career. And you know that Michael Jackson saw Jackie do his reverse moves that became Michael's trademark moonwalk--thank God that Michael had the sense to thank Jackie Wilson the night he received his seven Grammies!

The most amazing thing about Jackie was that he was able to achieve much of his greatness without the most soulful background singers on many of his records--and while being totally controlled by his manager--but that, as they say, is another story.

--Danny Guilfoyle

 7. Obituary: RIP Maynard Jackson    

Obituary: RIP Manard Jackson'People here in Atlanta are devastated by the loss of Maynard Jackson. This brother typified modern Atlanta and the new south in general. When I first relocated from New York City, Maynard was in the last year or so of his last term and had decided not to run again.

When he was first elected I'm told all Maynard had to do was tell Black folks in Atlanta to jump and the African American community here would ask "how high"? He was that well respected and instilled that much pride. Emerging from the old south rooted in Jim Crow and white privileged I'm told Maynard just electrified Black folks when he stood up to the white power structure.

Maynard had demanded that 20% of all contracts go to African American contractors when the multi billion dollar Atlanta Airport was built. White firms took him to court and WON. No set asides could be earmarked for Black firms who had historically been left out of the process. Maynard said if there were no set-asides for Black contractors he would just not BUILD the airport AT ALL! Finally the white firms did their math and decided anything was better than nothing and agreed to set asides for African American firms.

However since they initially refused the 20% arrangement Maynard insisted on a greater share for non white firms and the Atlanta airport was build with 40% of the contracts going to African American firms. This was simply incredible.

There is an interstate highway that runs thru the city and into the suburbs called I-20. The state legislature decided that they no longer wanted to pay for the lights on the highway and even though it was a state highway it benefited the city and because of that the city should pick up the tab. Maynard said he would not pay a dime for the light bill. The state said they would not either but since he was the mayor they thought he would not allow the power company to cut off the lights on a major highway that ran thru the city. Maynard said "Just try me". I was on the other side of town when I got on the highway and could barely see my way home. The lights had gone out and Maynard said they would stay off if the city had to pay for them to be restored. LOL.
The court once ordered the city of Atlanta to desegregate it's school system. Maynard said the Black folks who now ran the city had nothing to do with the creation of a segregated school system. The state of Georgia had created the madness and the state of Georgia would have to pay to fix it. This was a bad brother. Intelligent, articulate and visionary. He will be missed.

--Ron McIntyre

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