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Table of Contents

1. 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention Pictures, Highlights & More...
2. Tribute Song To Barry White (From Will Wheaton)

3. A Barry White Memory
4. Concert Review: Average White Band At B.B. King's - NYC (7/19/03)
5. The Watts Summer Festival

6. Looking Back: 1972 The Sylvers - 'Wish I Could Talk To You'
7. Happy Birthday: George Clintion (Audio Interview)

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The publication you are reading now is called The Soul-Patrol Newsletter and it is designed to keep you abreast of news and views regarding this music/culture on a bi-monthly basis. Our objective is to provide you with information (CD Reviews, Concert Reviews, Commentary, Online Events, Offline Events, etc) on a timely basis that will lead to your participation either online or offline in the many musical/cultural things that the great artists we love provide for us.

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 1. 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention Pictures, Highlights And More...   

Here are a few memorable pictures from our annual East Coast Convention, held on July 19th, in Mt. Holly New Jersey. For the full story on our 12 hour event, featuring highlights, text/audio highlights, exclusive pictures, highlights from the panel discussions and presentations, performances from some of the legends of Soul Muisc, become a subscriber to the monthy 50 page online Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine...
Check out this photo of Ric Wilson (Mandrill), Nina-Dawne Williams(Open Up My Heart Foundation), Darrell McNeil (Black Rock Coalition) and Kevin Amos (Soul-Patrol Radio) from the Preserving Black Music History Panel Discussion at the 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention. This was one of several highly informative panels/presentations/seminars we had at this year's convention, during the afternoon program. Others included:

  • Blues Music - Bradley Alston (Soul-Patrol Radio)
  • Marvin Gaye in the 1970's - Harry Weinger (Universal/Motown)
  • History of the Black Rock Coalition - Laronda Davis, Darrell McNeil and Rob Clark
  • The Internet and the Future - Ken 'Spider' Webb
  • Independent Artists and the Future - Moderator: Lawrence Perry (Soul-Patrol), Shel Riser (SonnyBoy), Eddie Bowman (AG Music Magazine), Daryl Moon ( and Cliff Perkins (Soul Generation)

    For more details, pictures, audio and more on what happened during the EDUCATIONAL/INFORMATIONAL portion of our 2003 Convention, join the online Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine
  • Ric Wilson, Nina-Dawne Williams, Darrel McNeil and Kevin Amos from the Preserving Black Music History Panel Discussion at the 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
    Check out this photo of the LEGENDARY PERSUADERS, as they treat the crowd of Soul-Patrollers to an awesome rendition of their classic hit song, 'THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE'!
    Other Soul-Patrol Artists hanging out with us during the evening program included: Billy Paul, Wil Hart (Delphonics), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins), Sonny Boy, Vince Montana (SalSol Orchastra/MFSB),Raoul Cita (Harptones),Ebony's, Michael Hampton (P-Funk), The Ebony's, Bettye Lavette, Rick Wilson (Mandrill), The Legendary Escorts, The Ad libs, Ken 'Spider' Webb (Legendary NYC DJ), 'Giant' Gene Arnold (Legendary Philadelphia DJ) and we were treated to some special performances by Billy Paul, the Legendary Escorts, the Ebony's and more...

    For more details, pictures, audio and more on more on what happened during the ENTERTAINMENT portion of our 2003 Convention, join the online Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine
    The Persuaders singing I's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate live at the 2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention

    2. Tribute Song To Barry White (From Will Wheaton)

    Tribute Song To Barry White (From Will Wheaton)Take a listen to a demo of the new single from our own resident LOVERMAN, Mr. Will Wheaton (as you can see Shiela E. can't keep her hands off of brotha Will!!! :)).

    The song is called,  'Do My Thang' and it's a tribute to late Barry White, one of his musical inspirations... It's playing for your listening enjoyment RIGHT NOW at the following link: via Soul-Patrol.Net radio

    * Let us know what you think of the song?
    * Would you buy it if it was available in your local 'wreackastow'?
    * Would you buy it if it were available on the internet?
    * Would you reccomend it to a friend?
    * Would you throw it into the mix at '3 am while entertaining your signifigant other' ?

    Take a quick listen to the new Barry White tribute song, by clicking on this link:

    Drop me a quick email with your thoughts?

    3. A Barry White Memory    

    Barry White' I got a Barry story for you. My best friend since elementary school, Paul and I were double dating in the late seventies. Actually, Paul had the date and she had a cousin and they were trying to hook us up. So Paul and I go to this newly constructed high rise in East Harlem overlooking the river. The moon is big and round and full and yellow and just sitting there suspended like a helium balloon behind Roosevelt Island, it's reflection dancing on the river. It's warm outside. The sky is that beautiful blue/black it gets in the summertime.

    We ring the bell and a luscious sister answers the door looking like a cross between Halle Berry and Vivica Fox with a Latin thang thrown in. We go inside, and sitting at the dining room table is Halle Fox's Latina twin, I mean, they said they were cousins but they looked so much like sisters, it was really hard to tell them apart. Now between the two of us, Paul is definitely tha Mac man. I am actually the shy retiring type but I got an intellectual thing going on that gets me over. So we engage in idle chit chat while imbibing in the requisite ganja, Cordon Negro Champagne, beans & rice, and barbecue chicken wings.

    One of the "twins" put on Barry's new album. He hadn't had anything out in a while and this was a bit of a switchup for him. The cut that she played was "Playin Your Game Baby" and we started slow dancing to it. Well, it turns out that the girl that Paul was supposed to be there for, liked me.

    While her cousin, who was supposed to be for me, liked Paul. So we all looked at each other, laughed, and we switched, All the while spinning "Playing Your Game Baby" over and over and over again. The weed, champagne, Moon and the River were a potent mix. And Barry put it over the top. I have other Barry stories, but this was the tamest I could tell.

    Thank you Barry for those memories. You were truly the Man.

    --Selah Eric Spruiell

    Remember, take a quick listen to the new Barry White tribute song by our own Will Wheaton at the following link...

    Drop me a quick email with your thoughts on the song?

    4. Concert Review: Average White Band At B.B. King's - NYC (7/19/03) 

    Funk and Drugs Part 33 & 1/3

    At 9:15pm, the Average White Band started their set with a funky instrumental of hot sax riffs and tight drumming, dedicated to the great Maceo Parker!! "What You Gonna Do For Me?" had some good vocals by the keyboardist/guitarist and some solid bass lines. "Walk on By" was okay, and that song was followed by a jazz tune with great saxophone and organ riffing. "A Love of Your Own" was a tender ballad with some very good lead vocals!! "Person-to-Person" was good, but better was the signature tune, "Pick Up The Pieces" (a real crowd pleaser as every ass in B.B. King's was swingin' to and fro!).....the sax was good, but there should have been some more horns!

    "Schoolboy Crush" was good, but "Cut The Cake" was the absolute bomb....the bass was way too FONKAY!! (The funk was so thick, you could barely cut the funk with a knife!!!!) The encore song featured the fiery lead guitarisms in the Isley Bros. song "Work To Do"!

    The show was over at 11:00pm.

    --David Brooks

    5. The Watts Summer Festival

    Wattstax WATTS, CALIFORNIA. A national and historic treasure, the Watts Summer Festival has long been recognized as the oldest African American cultural festival in the Unites States. This year, the festival will fill your cultural palate with 3 days of family fun and entertainment. The dates are August 8-10, 2003, on the grounds of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC), 10950 South Central, Watts, CA. Having created the global stage to display the artistic achievements of community artists to the world in the mid-Sixties, starting the careers of Richard Pryor, Diahann Carrol, this year the festival will present 11 programs under the theme, "A Tribute to Old School and Future Possibilities." The programincludes the Art Exhibit hosted by nationally recognized curator Cecil Ferguson, Carnival & Games, Community Forum, Concerts - R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Film Festival, Children's Village, Fashion Show, Social Services, Senior Village, Sports Village and Performing Arts. In keeping with the theme the festival will pay tribute to our 2003 Honorary Chairperson, Miss Libby Clark, nationally syndicated Food Editor for the Los Angeles Sentinel and the Los Angeles community's living legend.

    This year, Hollywood revisited an historic event that spotlights WSF to an international audience; namely, the documentary "Wattstax-The Living Word." WSF opens with the re-released version of the re-mastered soundtrack, retimed film, and most importantly the lost ending featuring the soul/funk innovator Isaac Hayes performing his 1970's hit, "Shaft." This version of the film is in limited worldwide theatrical release and other ancillary markets. The name "Wattstax" is title of both documentary and soundtrack that spun off WSF's annual festival concerts in Will Rogers Park and Stax Recording artists seen in the film. It memorialized the first major concert ever held by a black cultural organization in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, hosting over 100,000 festivalgoers. At the Hollywood opening recently, it was lauded by noted director Mel Stuart as the "iconic classic that defines the Sixties . . ." mindset and fashions. Warner Bros. is providing the documentary for inclusion in WSF film festival.

    All WSF events have always been free to the public, including film festivals, concerts, admission and parking. We're still seeking major Hip Hop, R&B and Blues artists for our concert.

    WATTS SUMMER FESTIVAL, INC. 944 West 53rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90037
    Tommy Jacquette, Executive Director Media (323) 789-7304

    6. Looking Back: 1972 The Sylvers - 'Wish I Could Talk To You'

    Memories of Jackie Wilson

    It's NEVER too late to talk about 1972 :)

    In 1972 I was in the 11th grade and I worked as a volunteer for George McGovern campaign. I was a serious student of politics, history and engineering.
    However I was also a fan of the SYLVERS back in 1972 as well!!!!

    This is one of my all time favorite..S-L-O-W J-A-M-S
    (and I KNOW that I am not alone)

    The Sylvers get the shaft from some of the 'black music experts' who write for publications like Rolling Stone Magazine and others. They are often stereotyped as a "disco group" and these "black music experts" often ridicule their clothing and hairstyles, as examples of 1970's "fashion excess".

    And this was the song that FIRST turned me on to them.

    Quick story...

    A few years ago (1998) the folks from the Prodigy "Nubian Chat Room" and the "Urban Sounds Funk Chat Room", decided that they were going to throw an "old skool offline party" in Philadelphia.

    (You had to come in "1970's garb", the requisite "blue light bulbs" were in place, and of course there was plenty of WILD IRISH ROSE and THUNDERBIRD
    This party was held in Philadelphia at the home of our own Karen Quinones Miller...

    Naturally I was asked to be the DJ....

    I put together a cold-blooded "3:2" mix, which included...'WISH I COULD TALK TO YOU' - THE SYLVERS

    Well let me tell you...that dance floor was JAM PACKED with some SERIOUS GRINDERS.

    Naturally I smiled when I saw this, but I felt even better when near the end of the song a brotha yelled out...

    (Which I gladly

    So despite the opinions of these 'black music experts', the SYLVERS and their music are fondly remembered by the folk who were their original fans. The ones who were their fans BEFORE they became "crossover artists" later on in the mid 1970's.

    (People like me)

    --Bob Davis

     7. Happy Birthday: George Clintion (Audio Interview)    

    George Clinton Interview on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio'Seems that lately this space in the Soul-Patrol Newsletter has been used for obituaries. However, this time out we are using it instead to celbrate the birthday of one of OUR LIVING LEGENDS!

    Celebrate the birthday of Funkateer George Clinton, by listening to an interview we conducted with him earlier this year. Listen to the George Clinton Interview on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio, at the following link... Feb./2003 Soul-Patrol Interview with P-Funk creative force, George Clinton from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation Pioneer Awards. Includes an analysis of P-Funk influences, past present and future, from Doo Wop to Hip Hop. George provides commentary on artists ranging from Sly Stone, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Slapbak, Chambers Brothers, Eminem, and Mystikal. Also includes the classic FUNKADELIC songs: "Hit It and Quit It" and "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On". Check it out and let me know what cha think?

    --Bob Davis

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