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Table of Contents

1. Live Chat Session: The Marvin Gaye Postage Stamp Movement
2. Live Internet Concert Featuring:
The Music Of The Delphonics

3. Concert Review: Rio Soul @ BB Kings in L.A.
4. Temptations Memories
5. New Release: From Soul Patroler Randye Jones and Francis Colon

6. James Brown's Talking Loud and Saying Nothing: The Greatest Rock n' Roll Song?

A brief introduction to those of you who might be new to The award winning website has been one of the leading voices on the internet in the arena of featuring the best on the net in Soul, Jazz, Slow Jams, Black Rock,Funk, Doo Wop, Neo Soul and about the culture since 1996.

We call the concept...

The publication you are reading now is called The Soul-Patrol Newsletter and it is designed to keep you abreast of news and views regarding this music/culture on a bi-monthly basis. Our objective is to provide you with information (CD Reviews, Concert Reviews, Commentary, Online Events, Offline Events, etc) on a timely basis that will lead to your participation either online or offline in the many musical/cultural things that the great artists we love provide for us.

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1. Live Chat Session: The Marvin Gaye Postage Stamp Movement

The Marvin Gaye Postage Stamp MovementMr. Ron Brewington is the longtime Los Angeles area radio broadcaster/journalist, who developed the concept of the Marvin Gaye U.S. postage stamp. Mr. Brewington is also leading the worldwide effort to have the US Postal Service honor the late/great Marvin Gaye with a stamp. He will discuss with us, in LIVE in the Soul-Patrol Chatroom the strategies/tactics that he has developed and also tell us how we can become personally involved in this great cause!

We will also listen to some of Marvin Gaye's music in the chat room while we have our discussion.

Join us LIVE….so YOU can find out...

WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE: AOL users, be sure to follow the instructions on the main chat page

2. Live Concert Broadcast Featuring:
Will Hart Formerly Of The Delphonics

A Gold Record for Mr. Wilbert Hart of the Delfinics for HEY LOVEListen to a LIVE performance of the following Delfonics songs...
When You Get Right Down To It, Think It Over, Don't Throw It All Away, Somebody Loves You, Ready Or Not, Break Your Promise, Hey Love, La La Means I Love You, For The Love, Didn't I Blow Your Mind.
Check it out this broadcast and let us know what cha think?

Drop me a quick email with your thoughts on this concert?

3. Concert Review: Rio Soul @ BB Kings in L.A.    

Rio Soul' Saturday evening, my husband and I went to hear RIOSOUL live at BB King's Blues Club at Universal City Walk here in L.A. Needless to say, the group JAMMED, as only they can do! The music was great, vocals great, new band member great...the experience was worth waiting for, since it's been a while since we've seen RIOSOUL live. We also saw Soul Patroller and West Coast Coordinator Vernon, and met Soul Patroller ooothatgirl (that's such a unique handle!) who came all the way down from Santa Barbara to see the show! Back to RIOSOUL...the first set was music from 'Rhythms of the Soul', which is always good to hear.

But then---the group surprised and delighted us with music from their upcoming CD, due out in October! I'll be one of the first ones copping's a downright funky, old-school-meets-new-school out! I chatted with Rio between the sets; she told me of exciting live appearances the group will be making in the near future. As always, Rio looked gorgeous, she's a gracious lady, and it was great getting the scoop on what's new with RIOSOUL. When we left the club, it was with the satisfaction of an evening well spent, in the groove...

Sue Porter

A couple of side notes on Rio Soul:
- When their new CD is released in October, it's world premire will be right here on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

- A 'little birdie' told me that Rio Soul will be coming to the East Coast soon to do a series of LIVE shows (stay tuned)

In the meantime, take a listen to some of Rio Soul's music at this link:

--Bob Davis

4. Temptations Memories 

Temptations Memories

Living in Detroit while this music was happening shape my point of view. Somewhere in my library is Otis Williams book on the Temptations, which in my opinion is not very good.

All or at any rate many of us love the Temptations for different reasons. Being in the epic center of Motown means Temptations. In my estimate their best albums - not in this order, are "The Temptations Sing Smokey," which is a tour de force. "My Girl" is of course the greatest Tribute ever sun to women. "It's Growing" is incredible as is every song on this album. Even Paul Williams rendition of "You Beat Me To The Punch" has a masculine sensitivity that marked him as a brilliant vocalist.

The "Temptin Temptations with "Since I Lost My Baby" and "My Baby" - "hair soft like a baby lamb and I love to run my fingers through it," is off the hook. "With A Whole Lotta Soul" was great but so was "In A Mellow Mood." "Masterpiece" was indeed a masterpiece. "For Lover's Only" is an American phenomena. "Cloud Nine" was excellent as was the "Temptations Live" at the Roostertail. "A Song For You" is quite outstanding and Dennis Edwards hits wonderful strokes. Belittling "A Song For You" places one at risk." "Lady Soul" has to be listened to because it is excellent. "Gettin Ready" and "Wish It Would Rain" are remarkable. A recording from "Wish It Would Rain" that did not chart well outside Detroit was "Cindy." "Cindy" is outstanding and establishes a historical period. Even "1999" has its great moments.

How does one critique over 50 albums? I cannot. "Phoenix Rising" put the fellas back on the charts and it took time to grow on me because "For Lovers Only" was devastating.

The best Temptations Album and single is the one you like (hey that's a trademark).

On a side note, the place of the Temptations in musical history is that they made - along with Marvin Gaye, the black male vocalist the premier male vocalist in American society and herein resides David Ruffin contribution to history. Eddie Kendricks is the bar on the first tenor and not falsetto as in the late and later Curtis Mayfield and Prince and Marvin. Melvin Franklin's "I Truly Believe" defines the base singer as does his partial lead on "What Now My Love."

The Temptations are the group that redefined American music.

--Darryl Mitchell

Check out more on the Temptin Temptations on Soul-Patrol at:

5. New Release From Soul Patroler Randye Jones and Francis Colon

Randye Jones   Editor's Note: Randye Jones is a longtime Soul-Patroller and she is also one of the pioneers of the Black Internet space. She also has been a big inspiration to me in what I do on the internet. Be sure to check out her 'great black music from the ancient to the future'

Soprano Randye Jones and pianist Francis Conlon announce the release of their debut recording, Come Down Angels. The compact disc includes 14 Negro spiritual settings by: H. T. Burleigh, R. Nathaniel Dett, Edward Boatner, Hall Johnson, Julia Perry, Hale Smith, Margaret Bonds, Maria Corley, John Carter, Roland Hayes, Undine Smith Moore, Robert MacGimsey and Betty Jackson King.

Recorded during three live recitals held in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, the songs express the gamut of emotions conveyed by the slaves who originally created them. A short history of the development of spirituals into the art song format presented on the compact disc is included.

Released in August, 2003, Come Down Angels is part of The Art of the Negro Spiritual series of performances.

"The Art of the Negro Spiritual is a research project studying the history of art song settings of Negro Spirituals," stated Jones, who is also the project's lead researcher. "The result of the project will be a book of the same title."

"Our goal is to develop a primary source for singers, teachers, and musicologists. The book will discuss the history of the Negro spiritual, biographies of composers and performers, a bibliography of other relevant resources, a discography and an analysis of published scores. Most importantly, we want to discuss the ways these art songs should be performed that is stylistic consistent with the roots of the spiritual.

"Come Down Angels is the first step in the process. We hope to produce other recordings of Negro spirituals set for solo voice, in addition to publishing the book. There are many wonderful works out there that challenge the vocalist both technically and on a personal level. Students and voice teachers are looking for this music, but it is not always easy to find or understand how to perform it. I hope that The Art of the Negro Spiritual will address some of that."

Jones received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Bennett College, Greensboro, North Carolina, where she was named to "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities." She completed her Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Florida State University, Tallahassee, where she studied with Barbara Ford and Enrico Di Giuseppe. She served as a music cataloger for the Florida State University Libraries before accepting a library manager position at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. In addition to her ongoing research on "The Art of the Negro Spiritual," she created and maintains the much-cited Web site, Afrocentric Voices in "Classical" Music. Her professional affiliations include: the National Association of Negro Musicians, the Recording Academy, and the Washington Area Music Association.

Conlon received both his Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from the Catholic University of America. He has played in New York City at Carnegie Recital Hall, and in Washington at such notable sites as the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Library of Congress. He has performed with several orchestras, including the Washington Chamber Orchestra, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, and the Washington Sinfonia. His awards include the National Society of Arts and Letters competition and the Jordan Awards Contest in Washington. He has served as official accompanist for the National Symphony Young Soloist Competition, the National Opera Institute Auditions, and the National Federation of Music Clubs Contest. His teaching duties include his current position on the music faculty of The George Washington University in Washington.

Visit for more information about Come Down Angels. To learn more about The Art of the Negro Spiritual, go to

Media Contact: Randye Jones, 202/904-3635

6. Talking Loud and Saying Nothing: The Greatest Rock n' Roll Song?

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing: The Greatest Rock n' Roll Song?

In my opinion certain things are just best left alone.
(and the music of James Brown is one of them :-))

The song...
Talkin Loud and Saying NOTHING

Is without a doubt my favorite James Brown song. And tonight as I have been sitting here working on the SP Newsletter, I have been listening to the song...

Talkin Loud and Saying NOTHING

OVER and OVER and OVER again. And now after listening to it for the "ELEVENTEENTH TIME IN A ROW" tonight.

I've been listening to it because it appears on the brand new "Jungle Groove" release from our friends at Universal Music. I have decided that I STILL can't get enough of the damn song :)

The music of James Brown becomes problematic, because it..

Hell, take this song:
Talkin Loud and Saying NOTHING

Living Colour produced a SMOKIN cover version of the song.
(and even they can't hang)

Hell, even James Brown can't duplicate this song.

This groove is both "WILD and TIGHT" at the same time.
Just like the best piece of...
(yes I censored

This song is surly what the archetects of rock n' roll, must have had wet dreams about in their minds in the early 1950's. It's a perfect rock n' roll song if there ever was one

Should James Brown be honored?
Of course he should. Put a damn statue of him at the entrance of EVERY damned "Martin Luther King Boulevard", in EVERY city in the United States.

I would like to see James Brown live to be 100 years old.
I love James Brown.
I don't wanna see him work himself into an early grave...Let him just enjoy the fruits of his labor! I hate to repeat myself, but I thought this might be a good time to repost the link to the review I wrote of the song...

Talkin Loud and Saying NOTHING

I realize that the people at Rolling Stone magazine might get angry about this review. I also realize that the people at Ebony Magazine might get even madder at me for saying this...

:::::AS THE BLACK:::
::::Talkin Loud and Saying NOTHING::::
::::::IN THE HISTORY OF::::::
:::::::::ROCK N' ROLL:::::::::

(not even by James Brown himself)

Hence I am not sure who can play it?

Now mind you....
This is just the opinion of one FUNKATEER
Your opinions may vary with mileage :-)

But mine are RIGHT ON THE MONEY, for the car I drive :-)

Anyhow, here is the review I wrote of the song a couple of years ago....btw, just in case you have never heard this AMAZING SONG. Take a listen to it, playing in the "blackround" at the following link...

--Bob Davis

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