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  LISTEN TO: Click here and listen to an EXCLUSIVE 'sneak preview' of samples from four NEW songs by Soul-Patrol's very own soul/funk/jazz/rock/nu soul/black rock/whateva self contained band called RIO SOUL.

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 23 - 29, 2003

Doo Wop In DC, Ray, Goodman and Brown (aka Moments) in DC, Gwen McCrae in NYC, Michael Henderson (Children on the Corner) in NYC, Christmas Uptown in Pittsburgh, Lester Chambers (Chambers Brothers) in DC, Rio Soul, Everyanything, Real Silk Band in NYC & Pittsburgh

Table of Contents

1. 11/21/2003 NEW YORK CITY: EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMIT (w/Rio Soul and everyanything), At The KNITTING FACTORY
2. 11/23/2003 PITTSBURGH: EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMIT (w/Rio Soul and (Real Silk Band), At LOUNGE 7101

A brief introduction to those of you who might be new to The award winning website has been one of the leading voices on the internet in the arena of featuring the best on the net in Soul, Jazz, Slow Jams , Black Rock ,Funk, Doo Wop , Neo Soul and about the culture since 1996.

We call the concept...

Welcome to a special edition of The Soul-Patrol Newsletter
Rio Soul that STANK FUNK band from LA is coming east this month to do gigs in Pittsburgh and in NYC as a part of the EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMIT tour. This is the first of several emails that you will be getting from me personally and from Soul-Patrol regarding this east coast swing.
(so just delete them if you aren't interested)

On second thought, if you aren't interested, forward the damn email to at least 20 people that you know. At least one of them will want to come out and support one of OUR artists who will be taking OUR music straight ahead into the next generation!!!!!!!!!

However it is my hope that you will find the time to not only read these emails, but also to ATTEND THE SHOW either in NYC or Pittsburgh.
Ticket prices are DIRT CHEAP!!!!!!!!!

Soul-Patrol.Net radio will also be featuring the NEW music of Rio Soul for your listening pleasure.

In case you haven't heard them before, click below and get a taste from their first CD...

RIOSOUL: RHYTHMS OF THE SOUL- New CD from the LA Based Soul/Funk band. Think of a combination of Slave, Brand New Heavies, Sade with a splash of New Birth

I will be co-hosting the show in NYC and I will also do my best to make the show in Pittsburgh as well.

--Bob Davis

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--Bob Davis

1. 11/21/2003 NEW YORK CITY: EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMIT (w/Rio Soul and everyanything), At The KNITTING FACTORY

74 Leonard St (Between Church & B'Way)

Also on the bill is "Everyanything" - Another up and coming soul/funk band that I have seen in the past and reviewed before on Soul-Patrol at the following link...

* Info: 212.219.3132
* Admission is $8.00 in advance and $10.00 day of the Show
* Doors open at 9:30pm
* RIO SOUL hits the stage at 10:00pm

Tickets are available at the Knitting Factory Box Office or at

I will be co-hosting this show on stage along with Kim Knox of Meleninium Entertainment.

The show is being promoted by Soul-Patroller KREGG AJAMU of FUNKSHUNAL Entertainment!!!

Tickets and info

--Bob Davis

2. 11/23/2003 PITTSBURGH: EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMIT (w/Rio Soul and Real Silk Band), At LOUNGE 7101

EAST-WEST-SOUL-SUMMITWho said that there was no FUNK in Pittsburgh?

On SUNDAY 11/23/03 - RIOSOUL will be in PITTSBURGH to do an INTERVIEW with our own FUNKOVERLORD KEVIN AMOS on WRCT in the morning, from 6am - 12 noon.  Kevin will also be the emcee later that night...

Then later that evening, Rio Soul will be performing live in Pittsburgh along with the great jazz funk group from Pittsburgh The Real Silk Band!

The venue is called Lounge 7101, located on 7101 Frankstown Rd, on the corner of Lang.
(yes folks that is in HOMEWOOD!!!)
Lounge 7101 was formally called Too Sweet and was one of Charlie Earland's favorite places to play here in the 90's. The club holds about 150 and will be a good spot to play on Sunday; it's also one of my old stomping grounds during the time I lived in Pittsburgh.

* Info/tickets: 412.481.8302 x-129 or 412.731.5707
* Admission is $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door.
* Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 7pm
* RIO SOUL hits the stage at 9:00pm

The show is being promoted by Soul-Patroller STEPHAN BROADUS of Courier Entertainment!!!

Look for ad's for the show on WAMO (Pittsburgh's historic Black Owned Radio station!) and in the New Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper (America's Legacy Black Newspaper). Stay tuned for more info and of course, let us know if you are coming...

--Bob Davis


Rio Soul, The Cure Some people are so caught up in 'categories', that they simply must put an artist into a single category. For example click here and listen to an EXCLUSIVE 'sneak preview' of samples from four NEW songs by Soul-Patrol's very own soul/funk/jazz/rock/nu soul/black rock/whateva self contained band called RIO SOUL.

I have always questioned why this type of categorization is required? Duke Ellington said that there are only two kinds of music... (good and bad)



What do you think about these 4 cuts from Rio Soul's New CD called 'THE CURE'? (#1 'Cool Baby', #2 Feel It', #3'Free', #4'Breathe')
I simply can't decide which one I like best...

Do YOU like this music?
Click Here and Listen To Samples From Rio Soul's Upcoming CD called 'THE CURE'

  • What 'category' would YOU put this music in?
  • Which one of the 4 songs do YOU like the best?
    (#1 'Cool Baby', #2 Feel It', #3'Free', #4'Breathe')

    Drop me a quick email and let me know what cha think?

    btw....if you like what cha heard in this special sneak preview, stay tuned for an upcoming special broadcast of the complete CD!!!!

    --Bob Davis

    4. Upcoming Soul-Patrol Events: Week of November 23 - 29, 2003

  • Monday, November 24, 2003
      Lester Chambers
      ( All Day )
      Location:  9:30 Club - 815 V St. N.W,.Washington, D.C
      Tell Us The Truth Tour featuring Lester Chambers, Steve Earle, Billy Bragg and others for Media Diversity, Fair Trade and Democracy. Go to for Ticket Info.
      For further information contact Zenobia Leviston.
      Last Updated: November 14, 2003, at 10:35 am ( Server Time )
    Tuesday, November 25, 2003
      9:00 am - 11:00 am ( EST )
      Location:  JOE'S PUB: NYC


      TUESDAY, 11/25/2003
      DOORS OPEN AT 9:00PM, SHOWTIME 9:30pm

      CALL 212-539-8717 for ticket info @ The Public Theater

      425 Lafayette St. New York,NY


      For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern soul music. Gwen was a pioneering figure in Miami's growth as a center of R&B music in the 70's at the influential TK Records and became an international star in 1975 with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated "Rockin' Chair". Her self-titled 1981 Atlantic album graced the upper reaches of national R&B and pop charts and yielded the smash single "Funky Sensation". Most importantly, it reintroduced this gifted vocalist to the public at large with a set of tunes which spanned ballads as well as upbeat funk. McCrae has performed with a who's who of funk, soul, r&b and pop artists is currently touring with The Miami All-Stars which includes Betty Wright, Lattimore, and Timmy Thomas, along with new soul sensation, Joss Stone.
      This event is presented in association with
      Sista Factory -
      Menagerie Talent -

      For further information contact Bob davis or go to GWEN McCRAE ON SOUL-PATROL.
      Last Updated: October 25, 2003, at 11:19 pm ( Server Time )
    Wednesday, November 26, 2003
      Christmas is Comin' UPTOWN
      8:00 pm - 12:00 am ( EST )
      Location:  Pittsburgh/Garfield-Penn Avenue/Penn Theater
      This play is adapted from Dickens A Christmas Carol. It is directed by Eileen J. Morris and Kevin Brown stars as Scrooge. The run for the production will be from December 4-28.

      There are group rates for 25 or more. The theater seats 100. There are dinner packages, Saturday matinees, and Sunday afternoon performances.

      For more information and to reserve tickets call Renaissance Publications at 412.391.8208.

      Be sure to mention you saw it on the Soul-Patrol Events Calendar. Also...if any Pittsburgh Area Soul Patrol Folks are interested in going as a group for any performance, contact me by e-mail or call SP Pittsburgh at 412.363.0173 or 412.363.4459

      For further information contact Kevin Amos.
      Last Updated: October 18, 2003, at 2:31 am ( Server Time )
    Saturday, November 29, 2003

    Children On The Corner Featuring: Michael Henderson: bass, Ndugu Chancleor:  drums, Barry Finnerty: guitar, Sonny Fortune: sax, flute, Badal Roy: tablas, Michael Wolff: keys

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    Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
    We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

    If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

    Bob Davis

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