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Table of Contents

1. December 5 @ 12m est Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis & Kevin Amos LIVE On The Bev Smith Nationwide Radio Show
2. New Soul-Patrol Sponsors: Wade O. Brown, Persuaders and Legendary Escorts

3. Concert Review: Children On The Corner (11/26 NYC)
4. Why Is It A Big Deal For The Dells To Be in The RRHOF?
5. Concert Review: Rio Soul (11/21 NYC)

6. Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix (11/27/42)
7. R.I.P. Donald Mullins

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1. December 5 @ 12m est Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis & Kevin Amos LIVE On The Bev Smith Nationwide Radio Show

Kevin Amos and Bob Davis





That's right...
This Friday 12/5/2003 you are going to be able to hear yours truly along with the Funkoverlord, Kevin Amos on the nationally syndicated Bev Smith radio program from midnight till 2am est.
(Chris Moore will be subbing for Bev that night)

The show is broadcast on radio stations nationwide!

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· Dothan WAGF-AM 1320
· Greenwood-Greenville, MS WZYQ-FM 101.9

You can also listen in via the website of NYC Radio station WWRL 1600 AM
NYC Radio station WWRL 1600 AM
(just click on the button that says Live Webcast" on the left side menu)

You can call into the show with a question, comment or just to say hey at the following number:

I am told that we will be able to discuss whatever we want to and that we will be able to play whatever music we want to during the show.
(That means you can expect to hear the NEW music of Soul-Patrol's sponsors)

Here are some of the topics from the world of "GREAT BLACK MUSIC FROM THE ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE" that you can expect to hear us discussing:

* The MIGHTY Dells and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
* Musical/Cultural Theft Via "Internet File Sharing"
* Elvis Presley
* Why We MUST Support Independent Artists
* Culture Banditry
* Why Black Americans Have Abandoned Their Classic Artists
* Prolifiration of Fake Groups
* Doo Wop, Blues, Jazz (and other stuff that Black people don't want to discuss)
* The Fascism of Knee-Gro Radio Stations
* Great NEW Music That YOU Should Be Buying (and where to go to get it)
* The Role of Non Government/Non Corporate Controlled Media
* and other topics taken directly from the Soul-Patrol Digest

So join us if you are up and about this friday night at midnight est.
Should be a lot of fun
(and maybe we all can learn something in the process?)

Write down the date and the time!
12/5 @ 12m est Soul-Patrol's Bob Davis & Kevin Amos LIVE On The Bev Smith Nationwide Radio Show
Spread the word...

--Bob Davis

2. New Soul-Patrol Sponsors: Wade O. Brown, Persuaders and Legendary Escorts

Wade O. Brown, Persuaders and Legendary Escorts I just wanted to take a moment to announce 3 BRAND NEW SPONSORS here on Soul-Patrol. And we are PROUD indeed to have them aboard. Just in time for the annual Christmas/Kwanza buying season...

All 3 are INDEPENDENT ARTISTS, with NEW music available from their websites that you should feel free to order as many copies of in order to FILL as many stockings of those you hold near and dear, during this season of giving :)

* WADE O. BROWN is an exciting new artist (on the independent GrooveUnited label) who hails from Toronto Canada and captures BOTH the "Nu Soul" grooves and the sound of "Classic Soul" in his music. You will be able to find WADE O. BROWN'S links EVERY DAY on the Soul-Patrol Website & the Soul-Patrol Digest Daily Mailing List and bi-monthly on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter

* The PERSUDERS & the LEGENDARY ESCORTS are no strangers to Soul-Patrollers. Not only are they legendary figures in the history of OUR music, but many of you met them in person when they performed at this past summer's SOUL-PATROL EAST COAST CONVENTION. You will be able to find links for the PERSUDERS & the LEGENDARY ESCORTS every two weeks on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Check out WADE O. BROWN'S Debut INDEPENDENTLY RELEASED CD 'Complete' from our friends at GrooveUnited
Check out the LEGENDARY ESCORTS new INDEPENDENTLY RELEASED CD called 'The R&B Menagerie'
Check out the PERSUADERS new INDEPENDENTLY RELEASED CD called 'The Persuaders Greatest Volume 1'

We are of course talking with some other artists and entities and we will let you know about them as soon as they are ready to come on board. As you all know these sponsors are extremely important to Soul-Patrol. Without their support, NONE of what we have here would exist...

There would be

(and I would spend my evenings watching C-SPAN, instead of doing all of this

Please click on these links and if you like what you see when you get there, not only do I want YOU to BUY THE PRODUCTS...BUT ALSO share them with your friends on the Internet. That is MOST important.

I don't ask yall for much.
But this is one thing that I don't have a problem in asking you to do.

Take this email....
(and ask them to forward it to 10 more...)


Thanks in advance....

--Bob Davis

3. Concert Review: Children On The Corner (11/26 NYC)    

Children On The Corner As many of you know, Soul-Patrol has been following the ongoing effort reunite the legendary Miles Davis Band of the 1970's, which has resulted in the formation of the group now known as 'CHILDREN ON THE CORNER' (named for what was perhaps Miles Davis most controversial LP, 1972's 'ON THE CORNER').

Last Saturday night on 11/26/2003 Children On The Corner played a show at Joe's Pub in NYC and here is my review…

1. The show was off the hook. ("voodoo/doo-doo funk" for days)
2. The band was much tighter than they were when I saw them a year ago in Los Angeles
3. The spirit of Miles Davis permeated the room
4. It was a standing room only crowd

My thanks to Sara Hill and the Management of Joe's Pub for granting me the honor of introducing the band and it's members from the stage just prior to the second show. And of course a special thanks to Soul-Patrol's very own Michael Henderson who has been laboring for the past few years to do the impossible and make a dream come true.
* He came up with an idea to extend the legacy of the music of Miles Davis into the future.
* He put together the players (Michael Henderson, Sonny Fortune, Michael Wolff, Badal Roy, Barry Finnerty, and Victor Jones)
* Booked the performance dates.
* And he made that idea into a reality, with the help of Sonnace Records CEO Rick Frimmer.

Everybody had a great time!
In fact, bro Selah was sitting next to me and he was so into the groove that he was banging. the silverware on the table, keepin time' with Victor Jones. Carlton Smith, who was sitting a few tables over said that he didn't even realize at first that it was Selah, he thought that it was part of the percussion in the

Funniest moment...
After the show I asked Micheal Henderson what the set list was...
His reply...

(I said, that was the correct

Sorry, but I don't really have a 'set list' for you.
The music simply flowed from one song to the next, although I certainly recognized when they were getting off on some of the Original Miles Davis 'On The Corner' songs (ex: New York Girl, Black Satin, etc)

This was a little different than the LA show that I saw last year...

1. At the LA show, they pretty much stuck to the script and just played the songs from the original 'On The Corner' LP in order

2. At the Saturday night Joe's Pub show, they played the music from On The Corner, but there was also a great deal of improvisation, including several foray's into 'blues-rock' territory (courtesy of the guitar work of Barry Finnerty), that were AWESOME

3. Micheal Wolff had BOTH a B3 organ as well as a Fender Rhodes to work with and he KILLED it with some MUCHO MACHO FUNK. On this night he seemed more comfortable in his role, as I have stated before, he's got the most difficult job of all in this band, because he has to in effect 'replace' Miles Davis.

4. Badal Roy and Sonny Fortune's solos gave me 'flashbacks' to the 1970's.

5. Victor Jones didn't miss a beat, serving as a replacement for the ailing Ndugu Chancellor (who I'm told will be back soon)

For myself that STONE COLD FUNK was making my hips, arms and every other part of my body quiver. It was an evening filled with nothing but love and positive energy for all who were there, both performers and fans. A PROUD evening indeed for Soul-Patrol & thanks to the "lurkers" and "non lurkers" who showed up last night.

One quick story, I gotta tell you all right quick...
At the end of the evening, I was sitting at the bar with Micheal Henderson and 'Spaceman' (of the BRC) doing a kind of 'post mortem' of the show, and Mike leans over and says...

"Bob, here is someone that I would like to introduce you to, Mrs.Gil Evans..."
My heart dropped. And she said..."I've been hearing some very good things about you young man, keep up the good work..."
(Now THAT really made my day....)

For more info about CHILDREN ON THE CORNER, go to their website at:

And don't forget, you can listen to some of the PRIME CUTS from their NEW CD called 'REBIRTH' right here on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio at the following link...


NP: Miles Smiles
(And I truly think that he was looking down last night and smiling)

--Bob Davis

4. Why Is It A Big Deal For The Dells To Be in The RRHOF? 


This may be off topic here for some of you?
If it is, just scroll past it and please accept my apologies in advance for intruding on your time and space. If you think it is some value, then feel free to pass it along to your associates here on the Internet. Obviously all of us here on Soul-Patrol are absolutely ecstatic about the MIGHTY, MIGHTY DELLS being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. It's an honor that has been long fought for and long overdue!!!

There was once a time here in the United States when we couldn't:

· Go to the same hospitals to be born in as white people
· Go to the same churches as white people
· Go to the same schools as white people
· Play on the same teams as white people
· Go to the same restaurants as white people
· Go to the same bathrooms as white people
· Be buried in the same cemeteries as white people

In other words, the "segregated experience", was from cradle to grave, legislated by the government and enforced by the rules of Amerikkkan society...

Somehow along the way, a HUGE industry called "Rock n' Roll" was created by the "Mighty People of the Sun" and then stolen away by the people who created the so called "music categories", which enforce segregation among music fans up and down the radio dial, record store bins, concerts, clubs, etc. These "categories" act as "de facto code words" and help to maintain the reality of segregation between people who actually have much more in common with each other, then they realize!

At some point in time during the 1980's these same people having milked this concept dry, looked up and realized that it's heroes (Dylan, Stones, Beatles, etc) were all getting older and/or starting to die off, while at the same time the talent coming up as replacements simply weren't quite up to par. Record sales overall were slipping and new genres (Alternative, Rap, etc) were completely out of touch with the core demographic (baby boomers) that was being focused on.

The "1980's baby boomers" were not only buying fewer records, but those who were, were now starting to get into things like Blues and Jazz (albeit in watered down versions) The whole situation had really gotten out of control. (from their perspective)

.... and so they created something called the "Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame"

It was a masterstroke of marketing genius because at the same time they were also able to create a whole nostalgia market, enabling them to create "franchises" like Classic Rock radio, "themed restaurants/nightclubs (House of Blues, Hard Rock cafe, etc), even TV commercials and
as a result and entire new industry focused NOT on the marketing of the music, but on the idea that Rock n' Roll has a past (although it's future might be shaky) and that the best way to honor that past was to create "products" that YOU the consumer could purchase.

So where do the "Mighty People of the Sun", the people who are "Darker than Blue" fit into this equation?
(same place we always do) WE END UP ON THE ZERO SIDE OF THIS EQUATION.

And as usual, since we have been taught (quite well) by our "massa" that ROCK N' ROLL IS FOR WHITES ONLY, we don't realize any of the economic benefits of this new industry! We actually have been BRAINWASHED so badly that some of us don't even believe that the artists that created the Rock n' Roll industry even should be in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and be able to take advantage of the economic benefits of being there. Some of us prefer the segregation, it's "easier" and more "comfortable". So lets just create our own and "imitate" the massa, rather than compete with him and TAKE BACK what is rightfully ours.

Personally, I'm opposed to segregation. Too many people died so that I wouldn't have to deal with it. Thurgood Marshall and others fought the good fight and proved that "Separate is NOT equal". People like Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix and others, literally sacrificed their careers and their
lives to make the same statement about "Rock n' Roll".

Next month to kick off the beginning of the new year (and as we ease our way into Black
History Month), Soul-Patrol is going to be focused on some of the events of the music of the

We are going to have:

* Special chat sessions with 1950's performers
* Special radio broadcasts featuring 1950's music
* & more

All designed to help us all to learn more about the origins of Rock n' Roll and just what the contributions of Black folks have been and continue to be.

Then during Black History Month we are going to....
(I can't tell you yet what we are going to do during Black History

And in March once again, we are going to be covering the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction
Ceremonies. There are 16 people who are members of the Soul-Patrol Mailing list who are members of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Each one of them will tell you that it quite an honor to be inducted and it's one of the high points of their lives.

* For example, take a listen to the interview that Mike Boone and "nightrain" did with Tommy
Hunt, which is playing up on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio at:
Tommy Hunt Interview

* Ask Johnnie Carter of the Dells, when he was inducted as a member of the Flamingos, how he felt?

* Ask Harvey Fuqua how he felt when he was inducted?
Harvey and The Moonglows

* Ask our favorite Funkateers, George Clinton, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins, Ray Davis or Grady Thomas how they felt when they were inducted?
Original P-Funk

* Ask Freddie Stone how he felt when he was inducted?
Sly Stone/Little Sister

* Ask me how PROUD it made me feel when I visited the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and saw not only the names of many Soul-Patrollers enshrined as members, but also many other of my favorite artists?
A Visit To The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame In Cleveland

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
As a music fan, and as a Black man..

The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland is the BEST Black History Museum in the United States. (bar none)

If you go there, I guarantee you that you will walk away from that place with your chest stuck out and feeling about 10 ft tall, beaming with pride.  Despite my criticisms of the induction process to get in, once you get in...
They treat US like the African Kings & Queens that we are!

That is because, unlike the people who do the voting...


The best part about it is that it will be there (Osama bin laden not withstanding) 100 years from now! (perhaps even 1,000 years from now)

* It will be there long after all of the artists we are speaking on here are dead.
* It will be there long after all of us here are dead.
* It will be there long after all of the 45's of all of the artists we are speaking on here are no longer in existence.

100 years from now, some little kid will be able to go there and listen to ALL of the 45's of the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones, Martha Reeves, the Flamingos, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, etc...


Personally, I think that is an amazing thing and I don't think that people who deserve the honor should be "excluded" or have to accept a "second class status".

Go there and see for yourself and you will know why it's important

-- Bob Davis

5. Concert Review: Rio Soul (11/21 NYC)

Rio Soul In NYC On Friday November 21,2003 my wife and I embarked on a journey from Philadelphia to THE CITY to partake in the performances of Rio Soul,and Every Anything (I hope that's right).It was a pleasure to see Soul Patrol in the house, and well represented. Always good to see Bob, and Mike as well as Cheryl Page ,and bro. Baron Keels. I also met Bro. Selah too! All good peepo!

This is a well polished definitely READY-FOR-PRIME-TIME aggregation of musicians. And let me say what will probably be repeated over ,and over again(...and that's all right cause it NEEDS to be repeated!) Rio is FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEE. Now let me put this all in it's own proper perspective. I know from fine cause my wife is FIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNEEE as well (you gots-ta have one to know one). Any way, brother Dra (Rio's HUSBAND) wanted to know who this was I was with...gushin all over the place about how fine my woman is, and I'm busy tellin him that he's GOTS ta be crazy with that fine-ass woman you got for a life partner...let's just say we had a mutual admiration society. Rio is J-Lo circa the Selina years (her prettiest IMHO)....including that bottom (baby got back!!!!!) Ok now that I got that out the way...on with the show.

Each musician in this band is very good on his or her respective axes. I especially liked the drummer's pocket playing grooves, as well as his unobtrusive soloing. Nice hi-hat work as well. I wish the house mix on the drums were a little more distinctive though. I've heard mixes like this before, and they do nothing for a cat if he's not a banger...somebody that likes to do nice cymbal patterns gets lost in the sauce...but I heard ya bro! Unfortunately I did not bring a pencil and paper to write down my favorite tunes, but let's just say that it was all-pleasant enough. The bass player was a little loud, but very good, and funky. He held it down for the drummer.

The guitar player was MY KIND of guy....he had an infectious smile as well as a well mixed guitar with some fresh guitar sounds (everything from Ernie Isley-type squeals to Country Kellum strokes to mellow Curtis Mayfield type meanderings). Nothing better than seeing a tall cat who's NOT afraid to step and mix it up with the rest of the band onstage. A lot of guitarists are relatively reclusive...not this brother...he brought personality plus to EVERY tune, and his overall stage presence was a joy to behold! The background vocals of Andra,and 'Barney Rubble' were more than adequate. In fact 'Barney' is an excellent vocalist as well as keyboardist who might benefit from more front ground opportunities. When given the chance this cat showed that he can riff with the best of em.(As the Funkadelics used to say...) His keyboardactics were innovative, clear, well mixed, and tight. In short I enjoyed his playing.

I could not decipher Andras playing in the mix so I can't tell you exactly what he was playing...but he sang his ass off! Which leads me to the beautiful one herself..Ms Rio!
Full of personality, good looks ,and a body to boot this lady served in her capacity as front woman well. Unfortunately her vocalizing (IMHO) is not on par with her looks or presence. She is on key, and possesses enough's just that this band can't be stopped....and when you got cats layin down grooves like these you can't just sing with the groove but you gotta push these cats to the next level! I feel it's not so much what she does as what she does NOT do that makes these well-written (with an eye for commercial sales I might add) tunes less dynamic than they could be.

Finally ,in the what-could-be dept.: Rio Soul feels like a band that is holding back. Whether it's on recording or live the stuff I heard sounds like it's just itching to tear somebody a new a--! I mean you ARE independent right? Then why not let your hair down more? There was a tune (I think it came before something called He Lied) that featured a kind of jungle groove, and a drum solo. The whole band was swept away by the power and majesty of what they were creating right there on stage. More of this and the love, money, and blessings will continue to flow to and for this musical aggregation called Rio Soul

6. Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix (11/27/42)


This commentary came in from a website vistor. This person checked out our page called: Jimi Hendrix Funky Discography

On that page is a discography of what I consider to be Jimi Hendrix most FUNKIEST material, along with some short reviews. Over the years my review of the LP called 'CRASH LANDING' has generated much controversy among some Hendrix fans. This web surfer's review of the LP is the only one I have ever seen that agrees with mine :)

--Bob Davis
Jimi Hendrix's Crash Landing album is perhaps one of the greatest funk albums ever, period.
Despite the album's review from Hendrix purists, the Crash Landing album is and was very underrated. I'm a Jazz and Hendrix fan when I heard Crash Landing I could tell were Jimi Hendrix was heading. Jimi Hendrix was not only a Rock guitar revolutionary. He was definitely a representation of an electric Funk guitar Virtuoso who innovated the sounds that Jimmy Nolen (from James Brown's band), Johnny"Guitar''Watson and Wes Mongomery started and took it to another level. To proceed, I'm going to be really straight out about this subject the only reason this album did not made it big is because, one he was blackman living in a white world and second Hendrix's fans were made of mostly white listeners and for them to hear such Funkafide jams was too much for them.

To conclude your article on Hendrix's Crash Landing is great and I agree with you.

For more on the life, music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix, Click Here

8. R.I.P. Donald Mullins  

Donald Mullins Sorry to have to report this sad news.

The father of our good friend and longtime Soul-Patroller Daryl "Moon" Mullins passed away yesterday. Normally here on Soul-Patrol we acknowledge the deaths of the family of our members, but this time we also have to pay tribute to the career of Donald Mullins, who needs to be recognized as one of OUR legends.

Donald Mullins was a legendary Black radio pioneer in the city of Buffalo, who was instrumental in helping to mentor such Black radio legends like Gary Byrd, Frankie Crocker and others!

Many of you had the chance to meet Daryl Moon and "press the flesh" with him during the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention last summer. As you all know, he was one of the sponsors of the Convention and we have worked jointly with him on many different projects over the years. In addition Daryl served as one of the on the participants on our panel for independent artists and is generally recognized as a PIONEER in the arena of BLACK OWNED E-COMMERCE SITES. He has dared to enter into an area (selling OUR music online) where ONLY the "culture bandits", "bootleggers" and "bottom feeders" like Dus*yGr**ve are supposed to be at.
He had entered the world where they still say...


And he's winning in a tough world where even some 'knee-gro artists' STILL think that...


Check out his website at:

More importantly, you have learned from his postings here over the years (under the name "Moonthangz"). Drop him a line and let him know that you care.
Here is his email address:

Thanks in advance...

--Bob Davis

If you have a news item, update, review, commentary, etc that you would like to submit
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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts for
local events, Soul-Patrol website updates/chat sessions or breaking news in between, as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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    * Radio BRC @ Soul-Patrol #11 
    * Soul-Patrol Jazz #2 
    * Ted Mills/Blue Magic Interview 
    * Mike and Baron Talkin Soul With Songs
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