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Table of Contents

1. CD Review: Mighty Sam McClain - 'One More Bridge To Cross'
2. Editorial - Rock n' Roll Hall of Shame (black artists please stay home in 2003)

3. Support WHNR- 1360 AM (one of the few) Black Radio Stations Left In The United States
4. Soul-Patroller Ashley Scott Launches - Philash Entertainment
5. Mandrill's Upcoming New Single - Pre-Nuclear War Blues

6.Concert Review: Fertile Ground at HotHouse (Chicago)
7.Obituary: 'Mama' Stewart (Mother of Sly, Freddie, Rose Stone & 'Little Sister' (Vaetta Lazell Stewart - Reese)

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Feel free to email me with any ideas, suggestions or complaints about this publication

--Bob Davis

1. CD Review: Mighty Sam McClain - 'One More Bridge To Cross'     

Mighty Sam McClain - 'One More Bridge To Cross'All of you need to go there and buy this new CD, it's SLAMMIN.
In fact, I think you should buy 2 copies!
One for yourself and another one to turn a friend on with!

'One More Bridge To Cross' is much like Soul-Patrol itself…
Don't be fooled by any preconceived notions. It's equal part blues, funk, soul, gospel (and even a taste of rock).

It's one of the best CD's I have heard this year. And it's got a few surprises on it, as you will all hear, right here on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Our special internet broadcast featuring NEW music from Mighty Sam McClain's new CD called ONE MORE BRIDGE TO CROSS, featuring the songs: Are You Ready For Love, What's Your Name, I Thought I Heard Your Voice, One More Bridge To Cross, Witness, Most of All, Been There, Done That. You will also hear analysis/commentary of Mighty Sam's music from a historical perspective, covering influences from Little Walter, Johnny Guitar Watson, Santana, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding and others.
And when your done listening to our special internet broadcast of One More Bridge To Cross, by Mighty Sam McClain, go on over to his website, read more about his story and then buy the CD directly from there. It's sure to be one of the best Soul Music releases of 2003!
It is VERY important that EVERYONE here get behind this CD and ORDER IT ONLINE DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE.
Since it's an independent effort, Sam's website will be a primary distribution mechanism. If you are a Soul/Funk/Blues/Jazz/Gospel DJ, journalist, etc be sure to contact Mighty Sam via his website during your visit to arrange for interviews, promo copies, press kits, etc.
Thanks Sam McClain, you are an inspiration to all of us here on Soul-Patrol. We plan to walk with you as you CROSS THAT BRIDGE...

--Bob Davis

 2. Editorial - Rock n' Roll Hall of Shame (black artists please stay home in 2003)

(New York Daily News) The Police and surviving members of the Clash will reunite Monday to join AC/DC, the Righteous Brothers and Elvis Costello and the Attractions for induction into the Class of 2003 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

ZERO Black Artists will be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Shame in 2003, it is an ABOMINATION.
This year Soul-Patrol will NOT be covering the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductions, as we have done for the past 3 years. I did not reach this decision lightly.

We won't be providing our usual coverage this year, because of the people who run the inductions decided to give a...

SLAP IN THE FACE (with brass knuckles) to

Soul-Patrol will NOT be covering these year's ceremonies.

I have spoken to several artists who are directly affected by this, and I can tell you that although they won't say so publicly, they are all quite HURT by this....

SLAP IN THE FACE (with brass knuckles) to

Perhaps the people who control the inductions just drank some 'bad kool aid' or something this year and will perhaps perform an act of 'self correction' next year?

(we shall see what we shall see)

What's the criterion to enter the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?

Is it based simply on popularity (number of hit songs?)
Or is it based on 'influence'?

Let's just explore this for a moment....

You need 25 years to be eligible, right?


Who had more hits?

The Clash? or The Marvelettes?

Who had more hits?
Delfonics? or AC/DC?


Seeing as how the DOMINANT form of music today is rap music & teen pop (boy bands, teen queens, etc)....

Who do you suppose has more influence on today's popular music?

Who has had more influence on rap music?

Mandrill? or Elvis Costello?
Ohio Players? or The Police?
Chic? or the Righteous Brothers?

On the 'boy bands'...

Dells, O'Jays, Moments, etc or AC/DC?

On the 'Teen Queens'?

The Chantells? Or The Clash


* How about Jessie Stone?
Perhaps creating Atlantic Records will never be enough?

* How about the 5 Royales?
Perhaps influencing Jimi Hendrix, Sam and Dave and James Brown doesn't count?

* Prince had his first LP in 1976?
My math tells me that he's got the damn 25 years.
Does Prince belong in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame?

* Donna Summer had her first hits in the mid 70's.
Maybe she didn't have enough hit songs?
(she just created a brand new radio format called Disco)

Hell, Kool and the Gang had more hits than ALL of this years inductees combined.
I guess they don't deserve to be in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame either?

Maybe you just have to PAY to get in?

(That would be the Amerikkkan way?)

--Bob Davis

 3. Support WHNR- 1360 AM (one of the few) Black Radio Stations Left In The United States     

WNHR - 1360 AM' I realize that BLACK radio isn't very popular anymore here in the United States.
It has been supplanted by the overwhelming popularity of various KNEE-GRO radio station formats. During the middle portion of the 20th century, these kinds of radio stations were the primary source of music, news and information for the Black community.
These stations were usually owned by local businessmen who lived in the community, on the 'the other side of the AM dial', with weak signals, GREAT soul/funk/jazz/blues/gospel music & DJ's with actual personalities, and a high level of community involvement and concern.

I grew up listening to stations like this in NYC (WLIB & WWRL) and what I heard on those stations as a kid, still resonates with me today!
Perhaps you did as well?

My now distant memories of this kind of radio is a part of what inspires me to do what we do here on the Soul-Patrol website and of course on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

Well one of the last surviving Black owned and operated radio stations of this type in the United States is Black owned WHNR-AM in Winter Haven Florida

Please take a few moments of your valuable time, go to their website and sign their guestbook.
(I see that a few of you already have done this)

Let the folks there know that you appreciate the type of commitment to bringing high quality radio to OUR community.

I'm asking people that I know who can reach people in Winter Haven, Florida to support WHNR-AM and Frankie Grover. They station is in arrears because of personal health issues. But, he's trying to restore the station to profitability. The 'Powers that Be' doesn't want him to make it. Another Black station will be taken over, and we'll lose a voice in the community.
--Thomas Anderson: VP Magnatar Records

Everyone can at the very least go to their site and sign their guest book.
(I just did)
Black owned WHNR-AM in Winter Haven Florida

Thanks in advance...

4.Soul-Patroller Ashley Scott Launches - Philash Entertainment 

Soul-Patroller Ashley Scott and popular Philly DJ Doug Henderson

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the launch party for a brand new business entity here in the Philadelphia area.
The Philash Entertainment Group - Owned by Soul-Patroller Ashley Scott.
The party was off the hook.
You know, the typical gathering of local Philadelphia area, artists, media types, athletes, politicians, etc, with lots of music, food and networking...

Ashley Scott has been a member of Soul-Patrol for about 5 years and I first met him in his capacity in the marketing department at the Dell East theatre.

Here is the scoop on his new company.

The Philash Entertainment Group LLC is an entertainment company specializing in Entertainment Promotions, Event Planning and Artist Management.
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Philash Entertainment Group is looking to revolutionize the music and entertainment Industries with is quality events and musical artists.

Marketing and P.R. for artists of all genres includes:
* Above includes standard professional management
* Support from a management team with a strong educational profile in music and business
* Immediate launch and public relations with moguls and pioneers of the music and entertainment industry.
* Reliable and professional quality marketing and promotions

Ashley Scott
CEO and Founder

As you might imagine, I get dozens of emails like this from people on the net each day. People not known to me, from various cities and who are on the promotions/management side of the music business.

So what's different here?

1. Ashley is not a "Johnnie come lately" to Soul-Patrol. I have known him for a long time and in the past he has been extremely helpful to us, especially when there was absolutely no reason for him to do so.

2. Everything that he said in the 'blurb' above is true. I have personally seen him 'with moguls and pioneers of the music and entertainment industry' and he is well known to ALL of the artists here on Soul-Patrol (Mandrill, Billy Paul, Dells, Ali Woodson, War, Ray, Goodman and Brown, etc) who have done performances at the Dell East in Philly.

3. He is a person of character and integrity (something of a rarity these days)

Obviously we are going to do as much as we can to assist Ashley as he launches his new business.

Go on over to his BRAND NEW website at:

1. Save it to your favorites
2. Take a look around.
3. Sign his guestbook.

And if you are going to Philly, drop him an email :)

5.Mandrill's Upcoming New Single - Pre-Nuclear War Blues 

Mandrill backstage at the Dell East in Philly (w/Ashley Scott and Bruce Rush)
I have the following press release for you from the Wilson brothers of MANDRILL about their new anti war single called "Pre War Anti Nuclear Blues" and about the history of activism that is one of the primary components of the Mandrill philosophy...


Nuclear war (PRE-NUCLEAR WAR BLUES) is merely the latest in a string of socially conscious, radical issues addressed by Mandrill/Wilson Brothers over the last three decades. From its inception, this legendary group has embraced the philosophy of Malcolm X: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything!" Using their music to promote peace, justice and human understanding, Mandrill stands strong in its beliefs and has helped raise awareness around the world.

In 1970, their debut album featured two songs protesting the Viet Nam War-- a risky and unprecedented move for an emerging group. However, audiences responded well to WARNING BLUES and the famous PEACE AND LOVE suite which commanded attention when featured in one of Mandrill's New York Philharmonic performances accompanied by an 80 piece symphony orchestra
and a 200 voice choir that was broadcast via the BBC and Voice Of America throughout Europe.
PEACE AND LOVE remains a concert favorite.

Mandrill participated in a platinum album for the United Nations that raised funds for international refugees.

Police brutality and racial profiling spawned the DRIVING WHILE BLACK AND BROWN (DWBB) CD.
Acclaimed rappers from the Underground Poets Society and other spoken word artists join Mandrill to shine the spotlight on this important issue facing young men of color.

THE BATTLE IN SEATTLE is a call for anti-globalization and commemorates mass demonstrations in Seattle, Washington against the World Trade Organization/NAFTA in 2000 that sparked international protests against corporate domination.

The group is currently campaigning to highlight the plight of its namesake, the mandrill (west African baboon), which has been classified as an endangered species. Benefit concerts are in the works.

Proudly representing their African/Caribbean roots, Mandrill's lyrics promote positive self-esteem for Africans throughout the Diaspora and love for the entire human family.

In 2002, Mandrill created an eclectic film score for the soon-to-be-released movie "Civil Brand." A Lions Gate Entertainment ("Monster's Ball") production, "Civil Brand" is the riveting story of young Black women fighting abuse, exploitation and the prison/industrial complex. The score stands along with Mandrill's movie soundtracks for "The Greatest" (Columbia Pictures biopic of controversial boxer Muhammad Ali) and Paramount Pictures' cult classic "The Warriors."

Busy working on their 17th album, Mandrill continues to thrill sold-out audiences all over the world. Just back from the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, they climaxed a week of performances by such notables as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and David Bowie.

In August 2002, Mandrill brought the Summer Unity Festival in Philadelphia to a rousing close. 15,000 funk-loving fans overflowed Robin Hood Dell East to see Mandrill and their special guest, War.And-- Mandrill is constantly being sampled by the hottest rap and hip hop artists around. Bold, courageous, innovative.
Mandrill is an important voice in music today. For information about Mandrill, music and more, please contact


--Wilson Brothers (Rick, Carlos, Lou, Wilfredo)

6.Concert Review: Fertile Ground at HotHouse (Chicago) 

Fertile Ground Live Hey, y'all... I went out last night to see Fertile Ground at HotHouse. This was Part 1 of my delayed Birthday/New Year celebration/gift to myself. Had a great time, too, in the end :)...

All things considered, I'm glad that I saw this group. The place was packed (SRO...), the air was kinda stuffy, it was hot up in there, and I had to stand during the performance. But, I made it through their 1.5 hour set, and ended up being quite entertained. Last night was the first time that I'd seen Fertile Ground, although they've come to town in the past. They came highly recommended to me, via comments from S.P. folks (here and elsewhere, e.g., Bro. Charles and GT), as well as people I know on other forums. And, I must say that I was not steered wrong. So, thanks y'all! You know who you are...LOL!

IMHO, Fertile Ground has a sound/groove that (I) cannot (and refuse to) classify in one particular music genre. As I listen to their music, I hear strains of soul, R&B, some gospel, and (at their best) lots and lots of African, Latin, Caribbean (especially, reggae...) rhythms. The messages in the lyrics seem to be consistently positive, uplifting, (often) spiritual, and not trite/trivial. I love the energy & spirit that this band gives on stage.

Although the musicians (by themselves) are first-rate, I must say that the lead vocalist, Navasha Daya, is a stand-out. Sista Queen can SANG, y'all!
BTW, I DON'T use the term, "Queen", lightly, either :)... And, for those of y'all that have an "ear" for these types of things, one can tell that she has had some vocal training, somewhere along the line. Plus, sista girl has lots of stage presence, as well as a gift of song interpretation. Overall, I got the idea that everyone on stage was overjoyed to be there, and, as a result, they gave their best to the audience in the time they were given to perform. This band seems to love what they do, and they just DO IT, ya know?

Well, needless to say, I was very impressed. So, I bought a CD at the show (their first one, of only three released so far...). I'm playing it now, and I'm very, very pleased with what I'm hearing. I already have FG's second release, "Spiritual War", and, now, I'm listening to it again, in tandem with "Field Songs", their first release (the one I bought last night...). Fertile Ground has a third CD out there, but I haven't yet purchased it. BTW, FG had all three of their CD's for sale at the show last night for only $12.00 each! All things considered, I'd say that's a bargain...

Some of y'all may ask about a song list for FG's show. Well, sorry to say,
I can't give ya a complete one since, at this point, I'm still not that familiar with much of the band's work. However, I DO remember that Fertile Ground performed "Sentimental Groove", as well as "Be Natural", among other selections that (apparently) came from all of the 3 releases that they have out, so far. Plus, FG performed (at least) one new cut that Navasha said was new, and not on any of their previous CD's. Towards the end of the show, the band did a number, where she sang a-cappella, that had such a feel/groove to the point where I almost thought I was in church, about to feel the Holy Ghost :)... Ya had to be there... A lot of folks were stompin', clappin' and such... 'Twas a beautiful moment, as far as I was concerned :)

--Debra Walker

7. Obituary: 'Mama' Stewart (Mother of Sly, Freddie, Rose Stone & 'Little Sister' (Vaetta Lazell Stewart - Reese)

Mother Stewart Mother Stewart was a devoted wife to the late Deacon K. C. Stewart for 69 years. She loved and cared for her husband until his death on September 20, 2001. Mother Stewart was a gracious, kind and warm person who loved her family unconditionally. She showered them with her love and devotion. There was no road too long, no night too dark and no need too great that she would not attempt to do when it concerned her children and relatives. She was a surrogate mother to many and was affectionately called "Big Mama." Mother Stewart leaves a legacy for future generations. She was known for her beautiful personality, listening ear and most of all her words of encouragement.

Mother Stewart leaves to cherish her memory five children, Loretta Saffold of Sacramento, Sylvester "Sly" Stewart of Hollywood, Rose Stewart of Los Angeles, Pastor Frederick (Melody) Stewart of Vallejo, and Vaetta Stewart-Reese (Stephen) of Vallejo; 17 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, one great-great grandchild; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, church family and friends. Go to the official site of 'Little Sister' at:

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Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts as required.

If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

Bob Davis

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