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Table of Contents

1. Soul-Patroller Billy Paul Kicks Gamble and Huff's Butt In Court
2. Will Wheaton/Urban Contemprary Radio

3. Concert Review: The Kings of R&B (Butler, Chandler, King, Price) In Atlantic City 4/25
4. CD Review - Surrender To Love: Kindred-The Family Soul
5. CD Review: 97th and Columbus: Doc Powell

6. Tears For A Legend: Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul

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2002 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
July 19 2003, Burlington, NJ

SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins),
Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and
Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens
(so far)

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2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins), Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens (so far)

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YOU can hang out with us at Soul-Patrol's...FUNCTION AT THE JUNCTION!!!!



Last year Soul-Patrollers from 8 different states converged in Burlington NJ to not only meet and greet some of the top artists from the world of soul music, but also to have a FUNKY good time, with each other.

At the same time we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Open Up Your Heart Foundation, which was founded by our very own Mighty, Mighty Dells, to provide support for the 'forgotten victims' of the 9/11terrorist attacks on the United States.
Go to the link and check out what we did last year (in audio, text and pictures), order tickets, find out more about the foundation and more.

This year we will have bus transportation from NYC, Washington/Baltimore and Cleveland. If you live in one of these areas, go to the page to contact your local Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator for more information. Can't make it to the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention? Buy a ticket anyhow and your purchase goes to the Open Up Your Heart Foundation.

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 1. Soul-Patroller Billy Paul Kicks Gamble and Huff's Butt In Court     

Billy Paul Kicks Gamble and Huff's Butt In Court ' Folks, I have got some TREMENDOUS NEWS for you!
Go Here...
Billy Paul Kicks Gamble and Huff's Butt In Court
That's right. The federal court said that Gamble and Huff must pay
Billy Paul $500,000 owed to him!
As I have told you all many times...

So there you have it...
Billy Paul Kicks Gamble and Huff's Butt In Court

And when you get thru reading it, please do us all a favor and pass this one along to ALL ARTISTS that you know!
And be sure to tell em that it is indeed possible for the "good guys to win one every once and a while"...(And for the "media barons" to LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And then...
Why not drop on by Billy Paul's official website at:


And drop him a quick email of congratulations...
Billy's been down with Soul-Patrol for a LONG TIME now and in my opinion, this couldn't have happened to a nicer person…

--Bob Davis

2. Will Wheaton/Urban Contemprary Radio

Will Wheaton/Urban Contemprary Radio' Those of you in Los Angeles have the rare
opportunity to check out Soul-Patrol's resident
LOVE MAN Will Wheaton on May 30th & 31st at Stevie's Creole Café, located on 16911 Ventura Blvd. In Encino, Ca. 818 528 3500 R.S.V.P.

NOTE: Stevie's Creole Café is a 100% BLACK
, with excellent food and service. I have been there before, met the owner and I think that it's a GREAT establishment for music, food and entertainment. If you go there, please tell Stevie I said hello!

So just who is Will Wheaton anyhow?
I'd be willing to bet that many of you here are not familiar with his music or his career, nor do you care.Because that is the case, I am going to tell you exactly why you should care about the music of Will Wheaton…

Let's take a look at the "Adult Urban Contemporary" format for a moment.
This is the radio format that is out there that is supposed to appeal to a person
such as myself. Let's examine the stats:

* I am 46 years old Black male.
* I live in New Jersey, the state with the highest population density (and therefore the most "urban" of the 50 states).
* Till recently, I also worked in NYC (the most "urban" of all cities).
* Although I like pre 1980's music, I am also the type who is willing to "experiment" with newer music.
* I have lived thru both the Civil Rights and Hip Hop eras.
* I spend quite a bit of my disposable income on "conspicuous consumption"

In short, I suppose that I fit the profile of what some folks used to call a "buppie".
(and I suppose that many other folks here on Soul-Patrol do as well)

Yet (as most of you know), I can't stand listening to more than a few
minutes of any "Adult Urban Contemporary" radio station. That's
because the music that they play SUCKS and is an insult to my

So that means that there is one less "buppie" available to these kind of stations in the radio markets that I live in. Obviously the management of those stations isn't too concerned about the fact that I am not listening.

* They don't change their play lists
* They don't strive to become the kind of radio station that I might develop some loyalty for
* In short they don't care if I put a tape in and listen to it instead of the radio.

They are just fine with that because they realize that most of their target demographic is simply UNWILLING to ever change the dial on the radio or to put in a tape instead. And that is really a shame. Because the only real difference between me and most of the other "buppies" across the United States is that I am exposed to and listen to a great deal more "Urban Contemporary Music" then most of them do.

And I'm here to tell you all, that Mr. Will Wheaton CD, CONSENTING ADULTZ is one of the best of the current lot. His music is one of the tapes that I consistently find myself reaching for during my daily commute to work.His style is something of a "throwback" to someone like Teddy Pendegrass. However it isn't "retro" in the least.

* His music is all about RAW SEX APPEAL.
* He is direct
* He is straight to the point
* He is in command
* Somehow he manages to do all of this without being vulgar or profane.
* It has just a hint of jazz
* It has just a hint of funk
* It has a singer with a voice that is certain to lead to "spontaneous combustion" in the bedroom

In short, it would be perfect modern day "Quiet Storm" material, if a radio programmer were to be bold enough to put Will Wheaton into the rotation.
Unfortunately, Will Wheaton can't afford to pay the going rates for payola that
these stations want to charge him so that you can become exposed to his music. That's the bad news...

The good news is that you can actually listen to the music of Will Wheaton,
at the following link... .Once you arrive there, you can take a listen to most of the CD: CONSENTING ADULTZ

I endorse the music of Will Wheaton.
Know why?
Cuz I like it, and I'll bet that more than a few of you out there would like it
also if you were willing to give the music a chance!

And now that you have visited Will Wheaton's site, checked out some of
his music and more…GO AND SEE HIM LIVE!!!!!!!!

Will Wheaton represents the future of Urban Contemporary Radio!!!

Check out Soul-Patrol's resident LOVE MAN Will Wheaton on May 30th & 31st at Stevie's Creole Café, located on 16911 Ventura Blvd. In Encino, Ca., 818 528 3500 R.S.V.P.

And if you do go, email me back a concert review to let me know what
you thought of the show. --Bob Davis

3. Concert Review: 4 Kings Of R&B, Atlantic City NJ 4/25/2003     

4 Kings Of R&B' Ok...
Where in the hell do I begin with this one?
I'm not quite sure but here I go :)

Who are the 4 Kings of R&B?
They are...
Longtime Soul-Patrollers Gene Chandler, Jerry Butler and Rock n'
Roll Hall
of Famers Lloyd Price & Ben E. King.

Here is the set list as best I can remember:

* Killer Joe, * Boogie Wonderland

(This band was about as FUNKY AS A MOSQUITER'S TWEETER)

* Stagger Lee, * Personality, * My First My Last My Everything

* He Don't Love You, * Never Gonna Give You Up

*There Goes My Baby, * Spanish Harlem, * How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)

* Duke of Earl, * Groovy Situation, * God Bless our Love

SHANE (background singer who should be singing up front):
* Wind Beneath My Wings, *Heard It Thru The Grapevine (done Gladys Knight style w/Price,
Butler, King and Chandler singing background as the "PIPS")


* Moon River, * Your Precious Love

* Misty, * Lady Miss Clawdy

* Stand By Me

And then....


* I Only Have Eyes For You

* Wonderful World, * Sitting On The Dock of the Bay, * Pride and Joy, * Can't Turn You Loose


* Only The Strong Survive

* Rainbow
(Which was nearly as good as "I Only Have Eyes For You")

At this point I stopped writing, but I do know that the show ended with everybody on stage singing....

(boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka, boom shakka lakka lakka)

From a musical perspective, there wasn't much more that I could have asked for in this show.
(except for Ben E. King to have done "SUPERNATURAL THING and Gene Chandler to have

I am probably a bit biased, but our good friend MR. GENE CHANDLER IS THE STAR OF THIS SHOW!!!!!!

'The Duke' looked like an Olympic athlete as he danced, leaped and sang his way across the
stage all night long. He dropped to his knees, bumped & grinded to the audience and generally won the crowd over with his infectious humor and manner. Of course he did the classic "Duke of Earl" (top hat, cane and cape) routine that comes from another era of Black entertainment.

I had never seen it before live and as good as he was I found myself sitting there and wondering what Gene Chandler must have been like on stage 35 years ago?

Separately each one of these men is a superstar of Classic Soul.
Together in this show they quite literally represent the very definition of the genre.
This show is filled with a LOT of love, respect and class!


Backstage after the show I spoke with all four men at length.
* Of course I have known Jerry Butler and Gene Chandler for many years and they are members of Soul-Patrol.

* I have met Lloyd Price several times.
* I met Ben E. King for the first time last night.

I was indeed in the presence of FOUR LEGENDS of OUR music!
None of that mattered; it felt like I was right at home last night :)

--Bob Davis

4.CD Review - Surrender To Love: Kindred-The Family Soul 

CD Review - Surrender To Love: Kindred-The Family Soul

I WILL say that all pre-conceived notions about artists described, as neo-soul should be tossed aside in the case of Kindred-The Family Soul. This is a real R&B record with real vocalists and real musicians. This project harks back to a better time for R&B, with only the subject matter updated for current times.

Considering the glut of garbage littering the airwaves and record racks, "Surrender To Love" is a lyrical masterpiece. Aside from the King Britt remix of 'Rhythm of Life' there are no true 'dance tracks'. This is 'head music' lyrics and music that invoke thought. Depending on life's circumstances, some tracks may bring a tear to the eye or a simple smile...but most will make you grab the hand of that special person in your life in a "we've been there" clasp.

The inevitable question is "Who do they sound like?" I won't go there...Kindred-The Family Soul is unique. I will say this: Kindred will take you back to your 8-track days of...


--Wicked 1

5. CD Review: 97th and Columbus: Doc Powell 

97th and Columbus: Doc Powell
This is really a nice CD. It's got kinda of a 'Saturday night, bid whist playing groove' to it!  It's also got some pretty heavyweight musicians who accompany New York native Doc Powell. (Harvey Mason, Marcus Miller, Luther Vandross, Ron Brown, Patrice Rushen, Benny Maupin and others).

The title of this CD is a reference to the legendary NYC nightclub
called Mikels, which was located on '97th and Columbus'.
This CD also includes some very tasty cover versions of classic funk songs like George Benson's 'Breezin', Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going
On' and Ramsey Lewis/EWF's 'Sun Goddess'.

I think it's important for Contemporary Jazz artists to include a few covers of FUNK songs on their CD's. When they do that it's almost like a hidden message to someone like myself that screams out..


Well Doc Powell, I listened to your original material, and I don't think you are a 'smooth jazz
artist'. I think that Soul-Patrollers would dig your music.

For example, the song 'Let's Jam', which features Doc Powell on guitar, Harvey Mason on drums, Benny Maupin (remember him from Headhunters?) on on bass clarinet/soprano sax and the living legend, Patrice Rushen on keyboards is a 'stone cold funky joint'!

Yet another standout cut is the 4:00 'Upward Bound'.

Check out Doc Powell's, '97th and Columbus'.
My guess is that you will dig it…

Track Listing For: 97th and Columbus: Doc Powell

1. The Flavour
2. Breezin
3. 97th and Columbus
4. Two Hearts
5. Sun Goddess
6. Thank You
7. Let's Jam
8. Ode To Chet
9. Upward Bound
10. What's Going On

Looking for a funky jazz CD, this one might just be one to add to your list!
In the meantime look for some cuts coming soon to Soul-Patrol.Net Radio

(I told yall this was going to be a good year for jazz....)

--Bob Davis

6.Tears For A Legend: Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul 

Tears For A Legend: Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul I am deeply saddened by the passing of Nina Simone. I heard of her transition just this evening and was moved to tears. The first and only time, I recall, ever shedding tears for a "celebrity", but Nina was like family. My earliest musical memories, apart from the nursery rhymes mama purchased me, were of Nina Simone. In fact, Nina's music played a larger part of my pre-school music appreciation than did the nursery rhymes mama bought. Mama's music library was not extensive, but she had her favorites, and Nina topped her list.

I was raised on Nina live at Town Hall, (one of the better recorded examples of her keyboard skills), Nina at Newport, The Amazing Nina Simone, Nina Simone's "Four Women", and Nina's "Forbidden Fruit", as part of my daily pre-school ritual, especially on rainy days and during those winter months when going to the park was out of the question. It was because of them (mama and Nina) that I have an appreciation for that music and artistry.

It was said that Nina was a difficult/eccentric personality. I've heard more than a
few stories about her sometimes-disagreeable behavior, from either those who knew her or had witnessed an occasion. But, she was a phenomenal talent who used her gift in advocacy the struggle of Afrikan people in America. Even when
the winds of social justice and civil activism began to change, she remained
unflinching and unapologetic in her commitment to the "cause".

I saw her perform live only once. About ten years ago, mama and I saw her in concert at the Beacon Theater in NY. The theater was packed, mama cried, and Nina was magnificent. That night I finally understood what she meant by
"Mississippi Goddam". She sang it with an intense reminisce that could only have been inspired 30 years before. I am grateful having had that experience and am not eager to bear the news of her passing on to my mama tonight.

It's ironic, in my most recent trip to the Carolinas, I found two used c.d.'s of some
of her earlier recordings, predating the Colpix and RCA records. It was a
collection of bluesy-er selections I was unaccustomed from Nina. I debated which one to buy and wound up buying both. After listening to them, repeatedly, over the ensuing weeks, I was glad I did and am anxious to share them, as well as others in my collection, (thanks in large part to mama, who entrusted me her collection of vinyl) with my listeners.

I won't be on air this friday night but plan an extensive tribute to this soul jazz blues sista upon my return Friday May 2nd. I just wanted to say thank you Nina Simone, High Priestess of Soul, job well done.

Kwabena Dinizulu
'For Lovers Only' aka 'The FLO'
Friday Nights, Midnight - 3am
Community Radio WMNF 88.5 FM simulcast

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