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Table of Contents

1. Concert Review: Bernie Worrell - Live In Philadelphia
2. EDITORIAL: The Movie Business & Black Culture: 'Only The Strong Survive'

3. New CD - Michael B. Sutton: Hopeless Romantic
4. History Lesson: Leonard Chess
5. New Book: Marvin Gaye, My Brother by Frankie Gaye

6. 2003 First Quarter: Top Ten CD Releases

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2002 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention
July 19 2003, Burlington, NJ

SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins),
Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and
Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens
(so far)

JUST ADDED: Harptones and Jazzhole

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2003 Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention SPECIAL GUESTS: Billy Paul, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk, Talking Heads and W00 Warriors), Pookie Hudson (Spaniels), Soul Generation (featuring Cliff Perkins), Vince Montana (Salsoul Orchestra), Ray Davis (P-Funk, Temptations and Original P), Sonny Boy, Ray, Goodman & Brown, Sarah Dash and T.M. Stevens (so far)

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Last year Soul-Patrollers from 8 different states converged in Burlington NJ to not only meet and greet some of the top artists from the world of soul music, but also to have a FUNKY good time, with each other.

At the same time we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the Open Up Your Heart Foundation, which was founded by our very own Mighty, Mighty Dells, to provide support for the 'forgotten victims' of the 9/11terrorist attacks on the United States.
Go to the link and check out what we did last year (in audio, text and pictures), order tickets, find out more about the foundation and more.

This year we will have bus transportation from NYC, Washington/Baltimore and Cleveland. If you live in one of these areas, go to the page to contact your local Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator for more information. Can't make it to the Soul-Patrol East Coast Convention? Buy a ticket anyhow and your purchase goes to the Open Up Your Heart Foundation.

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--Bob Davis

 1. Concert Review: Bernie Worrell - Live In Philadelphia     

Concert Review: Bernie Worrell - Live In Philadelphia' I had the pleasure of seeing the incomparable Bernie Worrell, and the Woo Warriors last Saturday evening at a place called North by Northwest here in Philly this weekend. The venue is located on Germantown avenue, where Mt Airy meets Chestnut Hill for all of you locals who might be interested for future shows.

Woo : to solicit or entice; to bring about (dictionary meaning).

I must say these jokers' intentions were definitely felt, and well executed.

The Woo Warriors consist of:
John Hinkey: lead ,and rhythm guitars; lead ,and bkgrnd vocals
Brett Bass (like grass): bass...Lubbock Texas by way of Manhattan NYC
Gary (G-Man) Sullivan: drums...Bronx New York
Gregg Finch : Musical Director, keyboards;lead and backgrnd vocals; Plainfield New Jersey

And of course Bernie Worrell : keyboards, ARP synthesizers, Fender Rhoades, clavinet, etc.,etc, lead and background vocals!

This is a tough, tough TOUGH act. All of the guitar frenzy of a Funkadelic concert, but with the added keyboard wizardry of Mr. Worrell it takes on that otherworldly cosmic ness that we all sorely miss at today's P-Funk all-star jams. It was mentioned to me that it would really be great if all of the surviving parliafunkadelicment members would only come together for one more big throw down.

You know Gary, George, Jerome, Bootsy ,Sting Ray, Grady, Mallia, Mike, Cordell, Maceo, Fred ,Kush, Butch, Dawn,...and whomever I left out. As much as I've seen of this band that would be one show I'd HAVE to attend. As it was this was pretty close. I think what makes this band so interesting is the personality of the leader. Bernie's keyboardactics (as George Clinton might say) totally frames and defines the band. Whether he's laying down some under beneath the funk (Thanks Fats Gallon), complementary baselines, or tying-some-eighth-note-triplet-thing together, or going off on some really spacey tangent, it all seems to fit sooooo perfectly. It's tantalizing. It's good eatin...for sure! What also seems to personalizes this act are the ill-a** musical interludes between songs. All of you funkateers from back-in-the-day must remember that that's what he used to do at the old P-Funk concerts. The set (to the best of my recollection) goes a lil sum like this:

1 - Some unnamed funk tune
2 - Musical interlude:Jeepers Creepers...segue into...
3 - Red Hot Mama...segue right into....
4 - Funkentelechy- at this point I needed a towel to clean up the mess I had made on was THAT intense, because this young a**-ed white boy on bass began to solo. The tears ran down my face from the unbridled FUNK that this cat laid down on a simple 4-string bass. Not all of that 5,6 string bass stuff for this guy. No siree, just give him the old James Jamerson funk and turn him loose. This boy couldn't be more than 28 if he was 18!
But could he play?
These cats left the stage...and Bernie told him to take his time (and he proceeded to tell us that he was the newest Woo Warrior...and don't let all of this go to his head). Funkentelechy NEVER sounded this good, NEVER.
*my mind was blown totally now so all chronology ,and everything else is totally out of whack.
5 - What Is Soul?
6 - Ill interlude #2 The Sound Of Music, with Bernie now taking an extended solo with this song as the theme. He alternately 'talked' to the audience, and played his replies back on whatever keyboard was nearest his hands at the time.
All manner of zaps,crunches,crashes, pops,,and buzzes accentuated this interlude into the consciousness of Bernie Worrell.This segued perfectly into…
7 - If You Aint Gonna Get it On Take Yo DAID A** Home (segue into)
8 - Undisco Kidd
9 - One Nation Under A Groove.... I'm thinking that in here somewhere there was a drum solo ( another of the band leaves the stage variety) by Mr Gary Sullivan. First starting with a pocket groove, then escalating into some pretty hip triplets, and double-bass drum patterns. This all sounded like so much thunder under our feet...all the while maintaining the funk up top with his snare and cymbals. Not only was I impressed, but this had to be the best drum solo I've heard in some time. Tasty, funky, and very demonstrative of one who spent some time in the woodshed. It is a pleasure to be in the audience when a musician cares enough to give you this type of expression of his soul. This expertise comes from time well-spent paying dues, and learning ones craft. Job well done.
10 - Cosmic Slop...and what aan end to a killer show!

By the way this show took every bit of 2 hours. I arrived around 10:15, and they must've hit at about 10:30 -10:40...this all ended around 12:40-12:50. I left out large gaping parts because it just got that good. I wasn't prepared for anything to be this good. It's been my experience that these shows aren't all that hot, so it's easy to keep track of things...but this was another matter all together.

Aren't these guys booked for the Soul-Patrol Convention? Well goody-goody for me...cause I'm-a get WOO-ed all over again if they are. I copped my tix this all better get yours!

2. EDITORIAL: The Movie Business & Black Culture: 'Only The Strong Survive'

ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE - Historic Concert Documentary Film with LIVE performances by: JERRY BUTLER, THE CHI-LITES, ISAAC HAYES, SAM MOORE, ANN PEEBLES, WILSON PICKETT, CARLA THOMAS, and--in a final appearance--the late RUFUS THOMAS Historic Concert Documentary Film with LIVE performances by: JERRY BUTLER, THE CHI-LITES, ISAAC HAYES, SAM MOORE, ANN PEEBLES, WILSON PICKETT, CARLA THOMAS, and--in a final appearance--the late RUFUS THOMAS.

Well I can remember back in da day (the 1980's???)
When Spike Lee would get on TV and radio at the time of release of one of his films to talk about the prospects for the movie. Spike would always talk about the difficulties he had as an independent producer in getting his movies made, in securing distribution & marketing from "hollyweird" after the film was made.

(Sound familiar to you independent artists out there?)

He would also talk about how important it was for Black folks to get out and see the movie during thru first two weekends of the movie opening, because the film distributors were operating under many racist assumptions:

- Only Black people are interested in movies dealing with Black culture.
- Any such movies should be pulled from theatres ASAP, if the early numbers/reviews indicate that enough white people don't seem to like it.

So let's fast forward to 2003 and view the current situation with respect to the movie "Only The Strong Survive".

- It's a movie about Black culture (specifically the aspect of Black culture that this mailing list is most concerned with).
- It's an independently produced film, distributed by a major hollyweird company (Miramax).
- The intent of "Only The Strong Survive", has been misunderstood by the so-called "mainstream critics".

Oh the movie has gotten some good reviews, such as the one that appears here.

However, a good review for this movie could only come from a reviewer who had some understanding of what the culture being depicted in the movie was about.

Some of the reviewers seem to think that the movie, "Only The Strong Survive" is supposed to be an expose' of "po, old, toofless, broken, down, black folk" whose lives are saved by "paternalistic white liberals". These critics seem to be disappointed when they find out that it FAR from being that.

Some of the reviewers seem to think that the movie, "Only The Strong Survive".is supposed to take place in an "all Black environment". One reviewer is clearly disappointed to discover Wilson Pickett, the Chi-Lites, etc playing concerts before enthusiastic INTEGRATED crowds.
If they had ANY knowledge of the history of these artists, they would clearly know better than to make such a racially biased assumption about just who is included in the fan base for these artists and their music.

Artists like the Chi-Lites, Wilson Pickett, Isaac Hayes, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Jerry Butler, Sam Moore, etc were some of the BIGGEST selling artists of their time.

- Their music was played on Top 40 radio.
- Isaac Hayes won an Academy Award.
- The Supremes are one on the most popular artists of all time.
- Jerry Butler has been hosting a National TV series on PBS for the past few years
- Sam Moore's career (Sam and Dave) was parodied in one of the most successful comedy films of all time (Blues Brothers)

Some of the critics seem to be disappointed that these artists aren't being depicted "po, old, toofless, broken, down, black folk" appearing in hole in the wall CHITLIN CIRCUIT venues.

They seem to be disappointed in seeing INTEGRATED AUDIENCES.
(I suppose that doesn't fit with their preconceived notions about Black culture?)

Shame on those critics
Shame on us for continuing to allow these perceptions to continue to exist...

"Only The Strong Survive" is a concert movie.
Plain and simple.

It does have a few messages. Those are plain and simple as well.

- The artists depicted in the movie are still viable performers here in 2003.
- The culture that they represent is not isolated to a particular ethnic group.
- Their music is a part of the soundtrack of the lives of the same generation of people depicted in the 1960's Pennebaker concert documentary "MONTEREY POP"

Should Soul music fans go to see this movie?
(of course they should)

Should ONLY "old farts" go to see this movie?
(of course not)

Should ONLY Black people go to see this movie?
How do you think that Spike Lee would answer that question?

ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE - Historic Concert Documentary Film with LIVE performances by: JERRY BUTLER, THE CHI-LITES, ISAAC HAYES, SAM MOORE, ANN PEEBLES, WILSON PICKETT, CARLA THOMAS, and--in a final appearance--the late RUFUS THOMAS.

Go and check out the movie and let me know WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT?
(Screw the critics....)

--Bob Davis

3. New CD - Michael B. Sutton: Hopeless Romantic     

Michael B. Sutton: Hopeless Romantic ' Hopeless Romantic is the definitive music for lovers. This long-awaited debut from Motown's writer and producer Michael B. Sutton is a masterfully produced mixture of blues, funk, soul, get-down dance grooves and just pure, sexy, fun.

Having worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Cheryl Lynn, Dionne Warwick and Anita Pointer, Michael's success and style span over 30 years and he's bringin' it back! Sutton's vocal qualities have been compared to Marvin, Smokey and Vandross, while still maintaining his own passionate style, known as "the velvet voice."

  • Guests on the CD includes Tata Vega (female vocal for The Color Purple) and Gregg "G-Moe" Moore (Maxwell, Whitney Houston, Tupac, Ja Rule)
  • Dance track "I Wanna Sex You" in demand by over 900 club deejays.
  • Worldwide college and commercial radio campaign underway
  • Radio spins at The Hot FM Radio Network, Fayetville, GA, #12 on Ralph Tees 107/8 FM Soul Chart - UK, BBC 98.9 Peter Young show, WMLN-FM Milton, MA, WPTS-FM Pittsburgh, PA, WNAA-FM Greensboro, NC, WGDR Plainfield, VT
  • Video for "I Wanna Sex You" in production for national promotion


    1. Body music
    2. If you let me love you
    3. Give it up
    4. Do that to me
    5. Sweet surrender
    6. Flight
    7. Interlude
    8. Feelin' down
    9. Love me inside out
    10. I wanna sex you
    11. Interlude
    12. Lovers serenade (w/Tata Vega)
    13. Nobody
    14. Hopeless romantic

    Sound interesting?
    Hop on over to Mike's website at: where you can listen to the fracks from the CD and you can also leave feedback for Mike on his guestbook!

    4.History Lesson: Leonard Chess 

    History Lesson: Leonard Chess

    Leonard Chess, and his brother Phil Chess, were the founders of Chess/Checker/and Cadet Records in Chicago. Chess Records, which started out as a store front, was the home of ; Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Billy Stewart, Charles Stepney, The Dells, Minnie Ripperton, Ramsey Lewis, Mitty Collier, Lil Walter, The Radiants, and many many more big artist.

    Leonard Chess built a musical empire in Chicago, which was a major recording studio, his own pressing plants, and radio station WVON (which is still up and running today and gives a Black Perspecive) Leonard Chess also had his own publishing company, which is huge today (Arc Music) and also acquired Vee-Jays Publishing (Conrad) when Vee Jay folded. Arc Music moved to New York and is controlled by Leonard & Phil's sons, Marshall and Kevin Chess.

    Leonard died of a massive heart attack in the late sixties, or early seventies.

    Phil is still alive, and lives in Arizona.

    Some artist said that Leonard wasn't fair, however if you read Etta James book "A rage to survive" you'll know that he was a good man.

    As far as The Dells are concerned, we love him, because he believed in The Dells, when there were many doubters, he invested in The Dells, and it payed off. He also was the first person to give the Dells their very first royalty check, which was $50,000.00 .


    5.New Book: Marvin Gaye, My Brother by Frankie Gaye  

    New Book: Marvin Gaye, My Brother by Frankie Gaye Scheduled for publication by Backbeat Books on June 1, 2003, Marvin Gaye, My Brother is the first biography to tell what really went on in the life of one of the world's most talented and visionary singer-songwriters. Full of never-before-told personal anecdotes, many correcting previously published accounts. This book takes you behind the scenes of Gaye's life, from his childhood, through the dramatic ups and downs of his career, his stormy relationships with women, and finally his descent into drugs and despair.

    Many people know that Marvin Gaye was shot to death by his father. But no one knew the true story behind the shooting?
    No one except Frankie Gaye, Marvin's brother and the person closest to him, throughout his life. Alone at Marvin's side when he died, Frankie heard the Motown legend's final words, which explained the reasons behind the shooting. And before he died in December 2001, Frankie got the chance to set the record straight on Marvin's life and his untimely death.

    The best-selling artist in Motown history, Marvin Gaye has continued to grow in popularity as new fans discover his music, through radio airplay, its prominence in film soundtracks and in the "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" documentary.

    Long-time fans will find new information in Marvin Gaye, My Brother, including revelations about Marvin's "final tour," his close relationship with England's Lady Edith Foxwell, and dramatic accounts of his last love affair with one of the only two women he ever trusted.

    Chapter 6 covers Marvin's rise at Motown as he chalked up one major hit after another. Chapters 7 and 8 detail the heated battles with Motown czar Berry Gordy as Marvin attempted go in a new direction, writing songs about the environment, the Vietnam War, and the plight of the poor. Songs Gordy deemed at odds with the singer's sexy image. The book recounts the mysterious back-door release of the song "What's Going On," which eventually led to Marvin's triumph with the album of the same name. The first R&B "concept album" and a monster seller, What's Going On featured Top 10 hits such as "What's Going On," "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)," and "Inner City Blues (Make Me Want to Holler)." In Chapter 9 Marvin meets Jan, who becomes his second wife and the mother of his daughter Nona Gaye (now an actress who will be starring in The Matrix: Reloaded, scheduled for a May 2003 release).

    Movie rights are currently being negotiated for Marvin Gaye, My Brother. Fred E. Basten, of Santa Monica, California, has written twenty books on Hollywood and entertainment, including Glorious Technicolor, Max Factor's Hollywood, Life at the Marmont, and The Lost Artwork of Hollywood.

    6. 2003 First Quarter: Top Ten CD Releases  

    2003 First Quarter: Top Ten CD Releases

    Sorry I'm a little late on this, but these are my top ten 2003 CD releases thru the first quarter......(IN ORDER)

    1. Global Soul - (Multiple Artist Compilation)
    (Soul/Funk/World Music/Hip Hop)

    This CD is easily the FUNKIEST new release of the year so far, and might just be the one standing tall at the end of the year. It's full of SLAMMIN NON STOP FUNK from around the world, which will have your be-hind movin and groovin from start to finish

    2. One More Bridge To Cross - Mighty Sam McClain

    I have said quite bit here on Soul-Patrol about this CD. However, I'm not done by a long shot. Buy this CD (online) and use it to educate your friends!
    Invite them over for a game of cards. Tell them to go to the fridge and get some liquid refreshments, while you go and put some music on. Put 'One More Bridge To Cross' into the CD carousel along with your favorite Al Green, Otis Reading, Sam Cooke and Johnnie Guitar Watson CD's. Watch their expressions on their faces when the Mighty Sam songs come up in the mix and say...
    "Gee they sure don't make music like they used to anymore, at least while I'm here at home I can play NOTHING BUT THE GOOD STUFF..."
    After the card game is over, pull out the Mighty Sam CD Jewel Box and show it to your card playing buddies. Then tell them...."this CD was just released this year" (watch their jaws DROP TO THE GROUND...)

    3. The Ozel Tapes - Marcus Miller

    This is a 2 CD set but hearing Marcus Miller doing a FUNKED UP version of the Miles Davis classic "So What" all by itself is nearly worth the price of admission alone! Just put this CD of live material on and leave it on, there are many covers, and surprises here on this CD. Sounds to me like Marcus "Jamaica Boy" Miller was inspired by his friend Victor Wooten's "Live In America"?

    4. Spirit - Rhian Benson

    The music industry will want to call Rhian Benson 'neo soul', however we don't want to turn anyone here off by sticking that label on her music. However don't let anything you may read about Rhian Benson's CD someplace outside of Soul-Patrol mislead you. This young lady is the REAL DEAL. She is an authentic soul music artist who can hold her own.

    5. "Only The Strong Survive" - Soundtrack
    (Classic Soul)

    Last year we saw the soundtrack for "Standing In The Shadows" win a Grammy Award. Perhaps we will go "two for two"? This CD features LIVE performances of the stars of the movie (Rufus Thomas, Wilson Pickett, Jerry Butler, Sam Moore, etc) singing some of their biggest hits, thus proving that these artists STILL HAVE IT TODAY.

    6. One Nation Under a Groove - Clinton Administration
    (Stone Cold Funk)

    It's an entire CD of P-Funk covers done by some of the best jazz musicians in the business. Can't possibly go wrong with this one

    7. Circle of the Sun - Jazzhole
    (Soul/Funk/World Music)

    The latest release from legendary acid jazz pioneers Jazzhole called "Circle of the Sun", is not easy to classify. It's equal parts Classic Soul, Funk and World Music. My advice is simply to buy the CD and enjoy it, leave the classification exercise to the yokels who run Rolling Stone. This is a truly innovative group and those of you who DON'T know (betta ask somebody)

    8. Rhythm, Love and Soul
    (Classic Soul)

    A 3 CD compilation set. I suspect that most of you already have the bulk of these songs on CD, 8-track, cassette, 45....
    It's kinda like "The best of Soul Music from 1966-1976", and includes many Atlantic, Motown, Philly International and independent classics from that time frame. This CD would be a good starting point for someone who was trying to program a Classic Soul formatted radio station. For the details on this one see the January Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine

    9. It Must Be Magic" - Teena Marie

    Much more than a simple reissue, this CD contains all digital sound and several bonus tracks. Like Tenna Marie?
    (then you MUST own this CD)

    10. Gotta Rock - Alamo Social Club
    (Classic Rock/Classic Soul)

    Imagine if you could go back in time to say 1967 and listen to an "AM Top 40 Station's Coolest Jock", you know the type I'm talking about????
    (The one jock on the station who would play a solid 1/2 hr "soul music", and call it Rock n' Roll)
    That is what this CD sounds like. Best reference point I can give you is the music of the Fabulous Thunderbirds...

    * Most EROTIC CD of the year so far:
    Whisper My Name - Louise Perryman
    THINK: Laura Nyro meets Anita Baker w/Minnie Riperton's band behind them (more on this one later)

    BONUS TRACKS - (Best individual songs I heard in Q1/2003)

    * China - "Time"
    * Alamo Social Club - "A Fool In Love"
    * Mighty Sam McClain - "Been There Done That"
    * Marcus Miller - "So What"
    * Wilson Pickett - "Midnight Hour"
    * Soul Generation - "Hey Love" (unreleased)

    That's it for now, you won't go wrong buying ANY of the music that I have listed here. There are a LOT of cool releases out there right now folks, a few of which I have run out of space to list here today. Check the Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine for more details on these releases!

    (It's still early in the year....)
    --Bob Davis

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    Bob Davis

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