Perhaps you chose to stay home and watch a ball drop on TV???

New Years Eve Show

Well, Here is what we did....@ the
(we partied our azzes off...)

Event Review: New Years Eve @ the Music Room in Penn's Landing in Philly, featuring M.F.S.B.

I got back home last night from Soul-Patrol's New Years Eve Party in Philadelphia FULL of M.F.S.B. FUNK, took a look at the email and I saw this message from a site visitor to the web page at the following url....

Yo Bob,

Laughed my ass off at the reprint of the words for Music for my Mother
I mean those are indeed the words
If anybody has a problem defining funk
They should read the words and listen to the record

So thoroughly enjoy this website of yours and the interviews and programs
Love the Cab Calloway and Motor Booty affair cover combo

Keep up the good work
Happy new year brother !

Rob Darnell

Now Rob Darnell is a young man from NYC who has been writing to me for
years. Many years. He is nothing short of a true blue. Red blooded American STONE COLD FUNKATEER

The web page that sits at: an example of "elegance in simplicity"

- To those "who don't know", it might not even make any sense at all
- To those "who do know", it says it all, without saying a single word about what its ultimate meaning is!

This website was born out of a need to make such a statement for the benefit of BOTH constituencies

- "those who don't know"
- "those who do know"

If you go to the link at: will see what I mean!

"Sometimes in life, it's complexities must be boiled down to their essence, stripped raw down to the bone, in order to achieve a level of clarity that is sometimes hidden, in order to facilitate understanding in it's purist form..."

The Soul-Patrol website is something that is rather complex on one level, yet it is ultimately a very simple thing. It's schizophrenic, with multiple personalities, operating on multiple levels, serving multiple agendas, all at the same time (much like its

In some ways the Soul-Patrol website is an exercise in excess. In some ways the Soul-Patrol website is an exercise in overkill. The website itself has about 700 individual pages at this point. Plus millions of database entries.

In some ways none of the web pages except for the one at: even required, because that single web page really does make the whole point of what I was trying to express when I started the site. And if you get the point of that page, then you can stop right there and move to the head of the class. It really does contain the answers to any and all questions that anyone might want to pose about the subject matter of the website....

If you don't understand the point of that page, then you need to read the other 699 web pages on the site and take the test at the end...LOL

I can't think of a better way to start of the new year than by referencing the page at: kick things off!

Thanks to Rob Darnell for so eloquently helping me to place things into perspective this morning...

Context truly is everything....

If there is one question that is pervasive for Soul-Patrol is this one...


To me the answer is obvious..."I know it when I see and hear it..."
For others that answer is far too ambiguous for them to comprehend and they need more. Unfortunately the medium of text is far too limited to provide those kinds of people with what they will need. Because what those people need is to experience FUNK. And in order to experience FUNK, one has to be willing to venture beyond what I can provide for you here online. In fact one has to be willing to venture far beyond what can be provided for you by the "masters of black culture", who are employed by entities such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Clear Channel, AOL, BET, VH-1, Yahoo, NY Times, Microsoft, etc....

You see that's because in order to actually experience FUNK, you must go to it's true sources in order to do so and you must experience it LIVE. One of those sources is the backbone of the Sound of Philadelphia!!!


Now M.F.S.B is actually an acronym that at a "family oriented website" like
Soul-Patrol stands for this...
(Mother, Father, Sister & Brother)
But back in my old neighborhood, when M.F.S.B first hit the scene, that acronym actually stood for something quite a bit different and more in keeping with the combination of smoothness and stank nasty funk music uncharacteristically combined in a single package that seemed on paper to make no sense at all, yet when experienced made all of the sense in the world.

In other words...
How is it possible to "sound" like the first day of spring AND to sound like thunderbird drinking brothas shooting craps AT THE SAME TIME?

Well, in the world that FUNK exists in, not only is this combination possible, but it's actually expected. That's because the species known as "Funkateer" travels with the dichotomy of being Black in America as a key component of his daily existence. It's a world of "ying/yang" and it is that duality that is pervasive ("a smile is just a frown turned upside down")

So picture this...

You find yourself on New Years Eve at one of the most opulent/upscale settings imaginable
- People dressed to the nines
- Right on the waterfront
- Great food & drink
- People dancing their be-hinds off

In the days and hours leading up to last night's event I was prepared for a total meltdown to occur.

I wasn't sure how many Soul-Patrollers were actually going to be there....

- Soul-Patrol's Co-Founder Mike Davis couldn't make it, for reasons beyond his control
- Soul-Patrol's Pittsburgh Coordinator couldn't make it, for reasons beyond his control
- Soul-Patrol's Cleveland Coordinator couldn't make it, for reasons beyond her control
- Will Hart couldn't make it, for reasons beyond his control
- Vince Montana couldn't make it, for reasons beyond his control
- Zach Zachary couldn't make it, for reasons beyond his control

Plus the weather was sh*tty
(along with a whole lotta other "bad omens", that usually add up to all of the reasons why I don't usually go out on New Years
So I left my house in Southern New Jersey, with Soul-Patrol.Net radio's Will Chill and his fiancé Carol following me expecting the worst.

And of course the opposite happened.
We arrived to a venue of total opulence, filled with people of good fellowship (hell extra chairs had to be brought in), some I knew and some I didn't.

- Soul-Patrol's Washington DC Coordinator "Zielove" was there
- Soul-Patrol's Philadelphia Coordinator "Dr. Brookenstien" was there
- Our good friend Craig Chapman from was there

Most importantly there were a wide range of ages there...
There were many younger people (under the age of 20) and there were many older people there (over the age of 60). You see this was a crowd that crossed demographic lines that in this day and age arent supposed to be crossed.

You see the lesson here is that...
FUNK can't be predicted......It can ONLY be experienced!

First off the DJ was SLAMMIN…Just the right flow of 1960's & 1970's Funk/Soul music along with early 1980's rap music. This enabled people (including yours truly) to jump on the dance floor to "shake their rumps". Even "Dr. Brookenstien" who revealed himself to be a true "disco king"

And then the music stopped.
The reason why soon became clear.
Something profound was about to happen.
There was an awards presentation.
It was for 4 schools students from Camden, NJ
Camden, NJ is a small city right across the river from Philadelphia
It's quite possibly the WORST ghetto in the United States

The 4 students had come from truly challenging family circumstances to achieve academic excellence and were now on a path towards higher education, with two of them already doing quite well at the University of North Carolina.


It is the "essence of ALL Black music"
And in fact FUNK might even be called..."the essence of Black people"

It's..."the music"…"the people"…"and the one"
(Apologies to Rickey Vincent)

And actually has no literal definition at all!
(But I know it when I see it)

...and with that M.F.S.B took to the stage and played the following SLAMMIN set

- Love Is The Message
- I Love Music
- Wake Up Everybody
- I'll Be Around
- I Don't Love You Anymore
- You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)
- Bad Luck
- Love Train
- Got To Give It Up
- Betcha By Golly Wow
- Heard It Thru The Grapevine
- Thank You (Falettin Me be Myself Agin)
- Your Precious Love
- Love of Money

The clock struck midnight and everyone rushed to the back of the room to watch the SPECTACULAR fireworks display, provided by the city of Philadelphia with the majestic Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the backdrop over the Delaware river, completely illuminating the BOTH the cities of Philadelphia, Pa and Camden, NJ.

By 1am, the room was almost completely empty.

You see my friends; FUNK isn't a kind of music…FUNK is a way of life...
(And it just so happens to be MY way of life)

- Sometimes I want to keep stuff like this private and not tell anyone else about it.
- Sometimes I feel like it's ruined, when people who aren't supposed to ever know about such things find out about them.
- Because then armed with a little bit of knowledge, they suddenly anoint themselves as "experts".
- Sometimes I would prefer for "those who don't know", to continue to wallow in their own ignorance.
- Sometimes "ignorance is bliss".
- Sometimes I would much rather that people be allowed to continue to be "blissful in their existence".
- Sometimes I think that I should have only ever made one web page.

The one at:

But then I remember that might be a disservice to those who "do know".

The Music Room on Penn's Landing had provided for me and the others who were in attendance a moment etched in time to remember what that way of life is. The good news about all of this is that it was a announced last night that there will be future events at The Music Room on Penn's Landing in Philly. It's a plush setting for 150-200 people to experience FUNK in its many permutations.

(and of course Soul-Patrol is going to be a part of them)
stay tuned...



--Bob Davis

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