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Philadelphia International Re-releases

Date Tue, 20 Apr 1999 13:05:32 -0500

For those of you who are Philly fans, Westside Records of England will be issuing more albums released on Philadelphia International in the '70s & '80s this year. Most of them are two-fers (two LPs on one CD) and one three-fer.
So far, we've seen Teddy Pendergrass (Teddy w/bonus tracks), the Jones Girls (The Jones Girls/At Peace With Woman/Get As Much Love As You Can/Keep It Comin'), Shirley Jones (Always In The Mood w/bonus tracks), Patti Labelle (The Spirit's In It/I'm In Love Again/Patti) the O'Jays (Message In The Music/Travelin' At The Speed Of Thought/So Full Of Love/My Favorite Person/When Will I See You Again), MFSB (MFSB: The Gamble-Huff Orchestra/Mysteries Of The World), Billy Paul (Let 'Em In/Only The Strong Survive/First Class), Jerry Butler (Nothing Says I Love You Like I Love You/The Best Love) and Jean Carn (Jean Carn/Happy To Be With You/When I Find You Love/Sweet And Wonderful) .

I e-mailed Tony Rounce of Westside and he informed me that more are on the way. I sent him a want list of practically every album that Philadelphia International released, and he told me that many of the ones that I asked about are owned by Sony, and will not be reissued on Westside. Here's a list of what to expect:

  • ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS: Dance Your Troubles Away (1975), Where Will You Go When The Party's Over (1976) Glad You Could Make It (1978) and Strategy (1979) will be out in June or July.

  • McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD: Both albums will not fit into one CD, they have just issued a Best of instead.

    These titles are scheduled for later this year:

  • THE FUTURES: Both albums, Greetings Of Peace (1980) and the other album to which I can't recall the title.

  • THE O'JAYS: The Year 2000 (1980), Love And More (1984), Love Fever (1985) and Let Me Touch You (1987)

  • TEDDY PENDERGRASS: It's Time For Love (1981), This One's For You (1982) and Heaven Only Knows (1983)

  • LOU RAWLS: Unmistakably Lou (1977) and When You Hear Lou, You've Heard It All (1977)

  • THE STYLISTICS: Hurry Up This Way Again (1980), Closer Than Close (1981) and The Stylistics 1982 (1982)

  • DEXTER WANSEL: Life On Mars (1976), What The World Is Coming To (1977), Voyager (1978) and Time Is Slipping Away (1979)

    These discs are issued in England, but all of them will be available in the U.S. as imports at mostly mid-line prices.