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    Last Updated: 11/15/2001

  • Commentary: (MJ vs. Prince)

    I know that a few of yall are bored by these series of postings, but I have more to post, but since I'm an old man I have to pace myself (so bear with me) and just scroll by them if you aren't interested :)

    One of the things that flares up on this mailing list from time to time is what I regard as a rather silly comparison that some people like to engage in between the "gloved one" and the "purple one".

    Personally I have never understood the need to do the comparison.
    They are both two different kinds of artists...

  • One is a musical genius who plays nearly EVERY instrument, sings with an incredible hi/lo vocal range and has a musical vision that encompasses nearly every musical style imaginable. He was a big pop music star in the 1980's who continues to create new music today, but now seems less interested in being a pop star, than in establishing himself as a "role model" for independent artists who are out to BUST the monopolistic system of slavery that the major media companies hold artists under.

  • The other is a singer who was also a big pop star in the 1980's who frequently makes news today because of what appears to be an obsessive desire to reclaim his former title of "King of pop", an the resulting public acceptance. He is quite literally the "poster child" of an artist who is so controlled by the whatever record label he happens to be with, that his current status on the pop music charts seemingly dictates his every move.

    None of that is the reason why I am making this posting...

    The reason for the commentary has to do with "roots" and why they might be important to some people and not to others.

    On Wednesday of the R&B Foundation Pioneer awards as the formal press conference was ending and we saw that there was going to be a lull in the activities, we decided to take a break for lunch over in nearby Times Square.
    After we ate, we decided to go and check out the Virgin (largest in the city I think?) record store located on Broadway, we discovered that the store was closed.
    It was closed because the "gloved one" was supposed to making a promotional appearance there. We were told that he was inside of the store, but that nobody was allowed in.
    We asked when the store was going to be re-opened, and were told that the store would be re-opened at 7pm.
    There was a HUGE crowd of people standing outside as well as camera crews from ALL the large international/domestic media operations.

    As we returned to the now nearly empty lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel, I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps the "gloved one", could find it in his heart somehow to have someone drive him over to the hotel and perhaps give the R&B Foundation some much needed publicity?
    Perhaps that might be too much to ask of him?
    Perhaps he's got more important priorities?

    The next night at the actual awards ceremony, when Paul Shaffer announced that Prince was in the house, I was hardly surprised.
    Prior to the Pioneer awards, most people were asking if Sly was going to show up.
    I had pretty much figured that he wouldn't
    But I KNEW that Prince was going to be there!
    He understands a little something about his historical connections, and he acknowledges them.
    He wasn't there at the Apollo on Thursday night to get any publicity or to draw any attention to himself.
    In fact, I didn't even know he was there till Paul Shaffer announced it.
    He was just sitting in the audience with the rest of the Apollo patrons that night (and I am certain that he probably also has an "Apollo ticket office" story to tell as well.....lol)

    He doesn't shy away from them, nor does he think that "other priorities" are more important.
    Hell, he even thinks that what we are doing here is important, he has shown up in my chat rooms both here on Soul-Patrol and on Prodigy MANY TIMES.

    If I am not mistaken, I read here on Soul-Patrol that Michael Jackson owns the rights to the music of Sly & the Family Stone.

    If so, could this be the "MASTER" that Larry Graham was referring to during his acceptance speech?

    As I left the Apollo that evening, I felt like a much wiser man that night, because now I understood why the "gloved one", didn't bother to show up to support the R&B Foundation...

    He is "one of the MASTERS" and as such, he's got...
    ...."other priorities"

    --Bob Davis (11/2001)

    "STAND and in the end YOU will STILL be YOU…"
    --Sylvester Stewart

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