Soul-Patrol Chat 12/14/2004
Guest: Geraldine Hughes
Author: REDEMPTION: The Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations



Autumn: What's up? I can't wait to chat with Ms. Hughes; this chat is major news…

Nightrain: Tonight's chat session will officially start at 10 pm est, When Geraldine Hughes arrives but I'm glad to see all of you here so early :)...My name is Bob Davis and I am the owner of Soul Patrol....(for those who don't know me)

Nightrain: That's fantastic, the more the merrier, should be a spirited discussion?

Autumn: Ms. Hughes laid that ish down in that book...And it's about damn time too...

Nightrain: I don't think that her book has gotten enough publicity

Nightrain: We are also going to have some newly released Jackson Five music tonight

Autumn: and what some punk bitch named Ray Chandler ...WHO WASNT EVEN THERE...who hasn't spoken to his nephew in a near decade...who hardly speaks with his own damn brother writes a book full of shit and HE GETS MORE EXPOSURE THAT Ms. Hughes got...

Nightrain: (well he's white, so the news media gives him more credibility?)

Autumn: The difference between Ray Ray and Ms. Hughes is that Ms. Hughes WAS THERE and Ray Ray wasn't

Autumn: I can bet that that's probably part of it Bob. The media is so racist it's not even funny. Any person with OPEN EYES can see that....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Mymj: well, I'm not gonna lie, the media DOES favor us white people, but not every white person is like that. Sorry that my white people leave everyone else out in the cold, :(

Nightrain: well hopefully more folks will start to realize that they don't really have all of the facts

Autumn: No...not all white people are like that...**I'm white too**...But shit...I mean honestly it's soooo damn disgusting. Anyone with have a functioning brain cell can see this case and the 93 case for what it was and WILL ALWAYS BE...A SHAM!

Mymj: By the way, I'm Jacque, the girl who's starting the "bear project". Have u heard about the bear project. well, what I'm trying to get people to do is go to the nearest Build-a-bear workshop to them and build a bear that reminds them of mjj. they have a thing where u build a sound and you can put a message to michael from u in it..

Angelfire: Of course.. We gotta be here early.. Otherwise, This chat would be flooded if we got here on time LOL

Nightrain: In addition we will be listening to some BRAND NEW MUSIC FROM THE JACKSON FIVE, previously un released 1973 live concert in Japan CD, courtesy of our friends at HIP-O Select, via EXCLUSIVELY Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

Rib: I am so happy to see so many out so early

Geradine HughesGhughes: I am here to answer questions about my book "Redemption: The Truth Behind the (1993) Child Molestation Allegation"
Hello everyone and thank you all for joining in on tonight's chat. Bob, can we start?

Nightrain: Welcome to the Soul-Patrol Chat Room and our special chat session about the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, say hello to our special guest, Author: Geraldine Hughes (REDEMPTION: The Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations).

Sean1980: all for Michael man..
Queen_sarah: rib- its 1:44pm here lol
KarenS: Miss Hughes welcome
Nightrain: Welcome Geraldine Hughes
Sean1980: welcome Miss Hughes.. I love your book... seriously..
Mymj: omg, hi Mrs. Hughes

Dollbaby: Glad we are all here.

KarenS: So do I thank you so much for it

Maureenpeach: Mrs Hughes its a pleasure to meet you

BlackGirl841: HELLO to the WHOLE room:)

Dwms: hi ms hughes thanks for the chat

Angelfire: Hi Ms.Hughes.. Thank you so much to take time out to speak in this chat.

Queen_sarah: so many ppl in here, wow that was a chat overload

TheMusicLady: Wow, a lot of people are here... yeah

Spankey: hi Miss Hughes

MJsPanda: We see u Ms Hughes

Trish73: Hey Geraldine

JohnSly: I'll be back

Queen_sarah: hello miss Hughes how r u

J5master: Hello Ms Hughes:D


Queen_sarah: so where can i buy this book?

Nightrain: Everyone here should have a copy of this book:

Sean1980: round of applause..
Richard: Hello GH
TSColdMan: Hi Geraldine Hughes
J5master: *claps*
Jessie: *claps*
Queen_sarah: *claps*
Alwaysfan: clap
RAiN: yahooo*claps*
BlackGirl841: Geraldine, what a lot of people have been wondering is if Jordy will testify?

Baron: I read the book. Has any1 here read it?

Angelfire: Hi Ms. Hughes.Thank you for your wonderful book

Queen_sarah: is it available in Australia?

Ghughes: Firstly, you should be able to order the book on or at any borders also...

MJsPanda: Hi Ms Hughes

Dollbaby: This book answers many questions, and I have read it twice

Geradine HughesGhughes: My sources tell me that Jordy will not testify unless made to and if so, he is backing Michael's innocence.

Jessie: wow. really?

TSColdMan: great news!

Spankey: wow

Queen_sarah: he's backing his innocence?

BlackGirl841: I love hearing that his testimony will back Michael! I know that his testimony would make a great difference in the way the case has been going. We can pray, Geraldine that jordy will come forth with the truth

J5master: Great, wow

Jessie: *jumps up to dance*


Alwaysfan: why of course

KarenS: He might be doing that to friends and such

Nightrain: Geraldine Hughes, the sole legal secretary of Barry Rothman, comes forth to set the record straight about what really happened behind the scenes in the 1993 child molestation case against Michael Jackson. In her book, called Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, Hughes reveals facts that have never been made public, court documented information, public statements and records that she insists prove Jackson's innocence.

Baron: it's real deep. I'm not surprised no major newspaper has taken any excerpts 2 say that mj is innocent

Jessie: so glad you put that book out, ms. Hughes

J5master: I heard that Sneddon is trying to bring 93 into the case (not sure if that's absolutely correct) but if it is so, he's didn't a bigger hole for himself, right?

Jessie: haha..yeah, i guess. The sodium amytal issue is common knowledge now...

Geradine HughesGhughes: Sources close to Jordy is saying that he defends Michael's innocence.

Jessie: that is such good news!

Queen_sarah: if he defends mj will he have 2 pay him back the $$?

JJ999: will he testify even if 1993 is not brought in?

BlackGirl841: Geraldine, were you at the Jackson home a few months ago when they came out and the cameras were across the street?

Queen_sarah: JUST ORDERED THE BOOK, I can't wait 2 read it!!!!!!!!

BlackGirl841: I would like to read the book too; I'll try to get it tomorrow

Dollbaby: Great Sarah, you will be glad you did. That book answers many questions. And it helps to put the 1993 case into perspective

Moonwalk4meb: 41 people, dayummmmmm

RightOn: Is GH's book available at bookstores?


Richard: I am a MJ fan, but are you all blind to the fact that he has put himself in some bad situations w/kids

Geradine HughesGhughes: Barnes & Nobles and some Boarders should be able to order it.

Dollbaby: Richard, it is the ignorance of the people who want to make good into bad that puts MJJ in a bad situation

Rib: Richard it goes along with a person's nature... often we place ourselves in a situation, which in hindsight we regret but that doesn't make them wrong or bad

Karl: Thanks, I would consider myself a fan, but Michael is a money machine so why so much negative press?

Mjfan4ever06: Hello Mrs. Hughes, I'm Jacque

BlackGirl841: well, this is surely fun

Dollbaby: Read MJJ' book Dancing the dream page 45 to answer why he hangs out with children Does hanging out with children make a criminal

MJJFan: Hello Mrs. Hughes

KarenS: I thnk it has more to do with our society then Michael

RightOn: Hello Mrs. Hughes. How are you?

Kevvydreds: Ms. Hughes do you personally think that these allegations have hurt him musically meaning the quality of his work

Alwaysfan: if hanging out with children is a crime then all parents that care is guilty i am involved with my children and their friends

Nightrain: (to listen while we chat)

Dollbaby: In our selfish society people don't accept acts of kindness for what they are

J5master: I think peeps need to focus on the peeps maliciously prosecuting others, fueled by vendettas and racism...that is the real issue, NOT about a man hanging out with kids Richard

Richard: Michael is brilliant... he is also a very messed up individual

Karl: Karen S I don't, Michael makes these decisions and he will have to live with them and bear the consequences...

Rib: Richard that can be said of many of us in this room

Richard: amen Karl

RAiN: and you say this because of the way he looks, if he looked like you, no one would say a word

Dollbaby: These persecutors have oppressed MJJ for 22 months now.

J5master: There is a bigger issue at hand and MJ "hanging out with kids" is bringing it into the forefront

Nightrain: What issue J5master????

Dollbaby: Yes, and it is time for us to come together and look at the situation for what it is

Richard: j5 - are you a race conspiracy fanatic

KarenS: We place children so high up that we fail to see that kids can be rotten and they lie

Karl: Yeah they are messed up and may not be able to afford help !!

J5master: Abuse of GOVERNMENT POWER nighttrain

MJforLife: Ghughes why did you write this book?

J5master: Richard, I'm not a conspiracy fanatic, I'm stating what is

BNSilly: Ms. Hughes, What happened with the promotion of the book? So many of us ordered it and had our orders cancelled and such.

MJforLife: Ms. Hughes why did you write this book, what inspired you to do so????

Dollbaby: Yes J5master, very obvious

Geradine HughesGhughes: I was the legal secretary in 1993 to the attorney and I witnessed the extortion scheme against Michael Jackson. I came forth in 1993 and gave my information to the investigators, however, when the case settled, it went nowhere.

Jessie: you saw everything?

Alwaysfan: because the truth needed to be told. i am glad she did write the book

Richard: Tell us about the extortion

Mya: Ghughes, Thank you for the privlage of being able to ask you questions. One of my many questions is "WHERE IN THE WORL DO I GET YOUR BOOK, AND WHO DO YOU THINK HAS SENCORED IT?"

MJJFan: Mrs. Hughes let me say that I do love the book and I am happy that you weren't afraid to let the truth be told.

Geradine HughesGhughes: I knew that I was carrying information about this case that most people didn't know. Information that pointed to Michael's innocence.

RightOn: Have you been on any major talk shows to promote the book? Which ones? Why not?

Nightrain: You can order the book online at the following link...


Angelfire:Ms>hughes... What has this experience taught you?

Geradine HughesGhughes: I did ALL major talk shows, MSNBC, Scarborough Country, Bill O'Reilly, etc. However, they aired my interview once only!

RightOn: Don't you believe Feldman and Sneddon are aware that these are scams?

BlackGirl841: oh wow, the concert is banging...:)

Spankey: people asking stupid questions

BlackGirl841: see that's not right for them to only air you once Geraldine

RightOn: Don't worry GH.. once MJ is cleared, they won't be able to ignor you

MJforLife: ty for the book and speaking out

Johnlucas: bob musta shut somebody down

TheMusicLady: Yes, the book is surely well worth it

Mjfan4ever06: Ms. Hughes, what part of the book excites you the most..

Geradine HughesGhughes: My favorite part of the book is "A Ram In The Bush." I am explaining why I was in the right place, at the wrong time. I further explain how God is on MJ's side because God gave Michael something he didn't give his accuser, a witness!

BlackGirl841: but Geraldine weren't you @ the jackson home that morning a few months ago?

Kevvydreds: Ms. Hughes do you think that Michael puts himself in these positions because of his lifestyle

Geradine HughesGhughes: The most exciting part of the book is "The Ex Parte Motion." This part tells exactly what triggered them to launch the child molestation allegation against Michael.

Mjfan4ever06: who's Jordy

RightOn: Have you ever been in contact with MJ or MJ's people?

Ghughes: I did an interview at the Jackson's home, but back in April or May. Not recently.

BlackGirl841: Jordy is the guy who first accused Michael back in 93 mjfan

JJ999: the witness?, elaborate?

TruthSeeker: Hello.

MJforLife: hughes i think i speak for all mj fans that i say th for speaking out for mj youa re special in my eyes

Geradine HughesGhughes: I've done an interview with Jermaine and Mr. Joe Jackson. While doing interviews I've met some of MJ's family. I haven't met MJ as of yet.

BlackGirl841: Geraldine, I haven't had the opportunity to read your book yet, but I would think they started this molestation lie because they wanted more from Michael and they couldn't get it

Stef: Geradline: If they bring the '93 allegations into the current 'case', would you not be a credible witness for the defense?

Marie: yes, stef. good q.

BlackGirl841: Geraldine, does Michael have a copy of your book?

Firebirdfree: I agree black girl but after 1993 a person in his position should learn a lesson.

TruthSeeker: Ms. Hughes, do you happen to have any documentation of the custody battle that ensued between Evan and June Chandler?

Geradine HughesGhughes: I believe Jordy will testify ONLY if made to. If so, my sources tell me that he is on MJ's side and defending his innocence.

Dollbaby: Firebirdfree why should MJJ be blamed for the filthy minds of others

RightOn: But if Jordy testifies for MJ .. doesn't he risk getting his father & his uncle into legal trouble?

Marie: Hughes: can you tell us why jordy is on mj's side now?

Sally: Sorry, what's the link for the music again?

MJforLife: yes it is jess

KarenS: Miss Hughes can you give us your views on Evan and June?

Geradine HughesGhughes: I've been told that MJ has read my book and loves it! However, because of the gag order, he is unable to do anything to assist or comment.

Firebirdfree: i didn't say that

Nightrain: The link for the music is...

RightOn: But if Jordy testifies for MJ , doesn't that mean Evan is in trouble?

BlackGirl841: evan should be in trouble righton

Geradine HughesGhughes: I've been told that Jordy is estranged from his father. I don't know if true or not!

BNSilly: I wonder why that is so, Ms. Hughes. If Jordan would give favorable testimony, why will he be forced to do so? Shouldn't he just do it?

RightOn: Why doesn't MJ do his own special on the scam? You and others could participate.

Stef: Ms Hughes: If the '93 allegations are brought into the current 'case', would you not be a credible witness for the defence?

Firebirdfree: What i'm saying is when you are mj your career and your rep is always on the line, there is nothing wrong with caring about children, just do it from a far.

MJJFan: Mrs. Hughes I see a copycat here in this case but do you agree that in this case the way the prosecution has handled it from the beginning is extreme?

BlackGirl841: He probably is estranged from his dad Geraldine, that's why he's wanting to tell the truth

Geradine HughesGhughes: In order to testify in MJ's favor, he has to go against his father. That is hard for anyone to do.

Sally: Court date is Jan 31 but the defense ia tryin to delay it

BNSilly: And - Ms. Hughes - wouldn't he also have to be going against his own mother?

RightOn: What do you thnk of Tom Sneddon and Larry Feldman?

Dollbaby: But if you are forced to testify, then you are obligated to tell the truth, so it makes it easier.

Baron: I hope mj is cleared. & when he is,i hope he will get the help he needs

Marie: hughes: do you think as of now that you will be called as a witness?

BNSilly: Ms.Hughes, immediately after the 93 case settled, June Chandler Schwartz virtually disappeared. Do you know anything of her today?

RightOn: GH... is the Sodium Amythal story about Jordy true?

Ghughes: No one that can really help Michael's case is being subpoenaed by the prosecutor.

Johnlucas: Really Geraldine? That's interesting....they seem scared

Ebonyeyes: These people brainwashed by the media's false reports kill me thinking Michael needs help. How the heck would you know Michael needs help...because some hater said so?

Kelly: How long do they expect the case to go on?

RightOn: GH.... is MJ in any way to blame for these accusations?

BlackGirl841: I love this music from japan

JJ999: How reliable are your sources, Geraldine?

Mjfan4ever06: Ms. Hughes, are you going to attend the court case in Jan?

Marie: I have so many questions I don't know where to begin.

Nightrain: I am glad that the book exists, something is needed to offset the media barrage

Stef: The book, more like

Geradine HughesGhughes: I don't buy the Sodium Amythal theory because it was put out by Evan Chandler. I believe his statements "we're moving according to a certain plan that is not mine."

Richard: Who is the witness you referred to GH?

TruthSeeker: Say what? The sodium amytal theory was put out there by Evan Chandler???

BNSilly: Ms. Hughes, Ray Chandler has criticized "Redemption" in the worst way. Do you think he still has connections to Evan Chandler and got information from him for his book?

Jessie: Wow. the sodium amythal theory was put out by chandler??? i thought it was just what came to light...

Baron: I let some of my coworkers read the book & now they believe mj is innocent

Geradine HughesGhughes: I've returned to work full-time. Unless something changes between now and the end of Jan, I don't see being able to attend the court hearings.

RightOn: Do you think you may get called as a witness?

MJJFan: Mrs. Hughes what is your opinion on the second raid and how the media is handling this new alleged evidence?

Mjfan4ever06: Ms. Hughes, have you heard of the recent Jay-kid?

TruthSeeker: Ms. Hughes, when you say the sodium amytal theory was "put out" by Chandler, do you mean as in disputed? If so, when did this happen? I must've missed it.

MJforLife: ohHUGES the new aligation with mj and the porn mag. what is that al about????????????

Richard: GH - Who is the witness that you referred to?

Nightrain: (that;'s a GREAT IDEA BlackGirl!!!!!!)

Dollbaby: While we wait for some of Ms. Hughes answers to the many questions thrown at her, and I don't know how she will choose which ones to answer, I want to thank her for all of us

RightOn: No. She's saying she thinks Evan made up the SA story... probably to cover his butt

Geradine HughesGhughes: I am the only one disputing the Sodium amytal theory. I saw something entirely different take place.

Marie: what was that hughes?

BNSilly: The administering of Sodium amytal would preclude Jordan from testifying under oath.

TruthSeeker: Do you happen to know when exactly Mr. Chandler took his son to the dentist? I don't believe that was addressed in your book.

Stephanie: I have a question is it here where the lady that wrote mj's book well be

RightOn: Was there ever a time you were afraid for your safety GH? Are you afraid now?

Mya: Mrs Hughes could you please explain the Sodium amytal theory?

KarenS: Miss Hughes can you give us your views on June Schwartz nd Evan Chandler?

Nightrain: Not a problem Dollbaby, Geraldine's story needs to be heard and heard in a BIG WAY.....personally I would love to see her be called to testify in the current case

Nightrain: Geraldine Hughes, the sole legal secretary of Barry Rothman, comes forth to set the record straight about what really happened behind the scenes in the 1993 child molestation case against Michael Jackson. In her book, called Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations, Hughes reveals facts that have never been made public, court documented information, public statements and records that she insists prove Jackson's innocence.

BlackGirl841: I gotta get that book

RightOn: What do you think of Sneddon?

Johnlucas: Geraldine are you having trouble getting your book in stores & libraries?

Stef: O lord

RightOn: Are you going to do a "book on tape"?

Dollbaby: Oh, by the way, I want to tell youall that we had the privilege of bringing Ms. Hughes to our location for a book signing. If you are interested, you could do the same if you are interested

Firebirdfree: i haven't read her book yet, but still would like to hear what she has to say, let her answer the questions one at a time, this is a mess.

Sharonjones: book on tape would be awesome

Rib: yes GH how are doing with distribution of your book?

JJ999: Ms Ghues drop a bomshell for us, we can hang our heads on tonite

MJforLife: GH--- what is going to happen with the new alligiations with the porn mag.???????? will it hurt him ?????????

Mjfan4ever06: Ms. Hughes, what is the recent information you have recieved from anyone!!

Stef: I think it was regarding the contact the chanlder brothers have had

Geradine HughesGhughes: Redemption has run full gambit. I would still recommend everyone to read so you can thoroughly understand what really happened in 1993.

Karl: Michael may be innocent, but he has contributed to this perception, he has done some weird thangz !!

Dollbaby: It is my understanding that Ray Chandler's information is all 3rd hand, or even worse.

BNSilly: Ms. Hughes, Ray Chandler has criticized your book very harshly. Do you think he still has connections to his brother for information about his own book?

Nightrain: go here to order the book -

RightOn: GH... was the book as successful as you had hoped?

Spankey: i kinda expected it

Geradine HughesGhughes: Ray Chandler spent a lot of time trying to disprove the main points in my book that proves MJ's innocence.

BNSilly: Do you think he speak still to his brother for this information?

Stef: Ms Hughes: If the '93 allegations are brought into the current 'case', could you not be called as a credible witness for the defence?

Mjfan4ever06: ok, sorry, i'm not firmilliar with the 93 case

RightOn: I'd love to see you and Ray in a one-on-one debate... like Kerry and Bush

TruthSeeker: Ray is the uncle of Jordan Chandler. And please don't ask who the heck that is.

Nightrain: Several of those previously unrevealed facts include: The custody battle between Dr. Evan Chandler and his ex-wife, June Schwartz, over their 13-year-old son was a key part in the child molestation allegations. In order for Chandler to obtain the millions he was requesting from Jackson, he had to have custody of his son. Otherwise, the money would be under Schwartz's control.

Geradine HughesGhughes: In spite of the media downplaying it, it was quite successful due to MJ's supporters all over the world.

Dollbaby: Most of the time when there is something negative in the media, it is soon refuted with the truth

Ghughes: I will give credit to whom credit is due at the end of this chat session.

Dollbaby: The lies are always mentioned repeatedly, and the truth is mentioned once, if at all.

BNSilly: Ms. Hughes, June Chandler Schwartz has virtually disappeared. What was her role in the 93 civil suit?

Karl: I am not a fan of the media when it comes to black folk

TheMusicLady: Geraldine has spoken out when so many in the public eye are so silent, and I respect her for that.... the truth is the truth.

MJJFan: Mrs. Hughes do you personally feel that Michael should have fought those charges instead of settle?

RAiN: I just want to say that on behalf of everyone, I stand up an give many claps..its a beatiful thing you are doing

TheMusicLady: As fans... supporters, read the book... get the book

Geradine HughesGhughes: Everyone disappeared after the false allegations were launched; mainly because MJ has fans all over the world and they were afraid for their safety.

BNSilly: What role did June Chandler Schwartz play in the civil suit?

BlackGirl841: everyone, like who Geraldine?

TruthSeeker: so they they can argue that it is the fans who scared them away and not the fact that they had no real case to present?

Geradine HughesGhughes: My book explains why MJ was forced to settle in 1993, which was at the advice of his attorneys. But he DID NOT pay the $$$ settlement. It was paid by his insurnace company.

RightOn: So Ray is being truthful when he said they settled, in part, because of threats from fans?

Amanda: Geraldine, I was wondering what you think of today's youth, as their view of MJ and so on... I am 14, and pretty much every teen I know hates Michael. Do you think that it is a result of the media, what our parents have told us, or just ignorance? And do you think that we, as a whole, can idolize someone respectable, like Michael, instead of people like Eminem?

Dollbaby: Truthseeker, you are correct, they had no case to begin with. They wanted money, and MJJ gave it to them so they would leave him alone

Jessie: same here amanda

J5master: Amanda it is a result of the media, and ignorance...most teens don't know enough about MJ to understand him

Dollbaby: Out of court settlements are the most convenient way to resolve a legal conflict. It is by no means an admission of guilt, but a method used by thousands every day.

J5master: Although there are a lot of teens who DO like MJ and just too shy to admit it...I know some of them lol

Marie: ms. Hughes. Why do you personally think that your story haven't gotten more media coverage?

Geradine HughesGhughes: The entire civil case was about money.

Amanda: woohoo lol

Jessie: lol

JJ999: What's up with the fingers on porn thing?

BlackGirl841: yeah, from what I understand, those civil cases are always about money

Geradine HughesGhughes: I do not have evidence. I was an eye witness. While Ray Chandler's book tried to discredit me, inadvertently proved my contentions.

BlackGirl841: I'm loving this CONCERT all over again...

Firebirdfree: i believe the first case was about money, however why pay it or allow your insurance company to pay it for that matter when you know you will probably beat the case anyway? I mean had he not settled the first time his innocence wouldn't be so much in question now.

Sally: Geraldine, did you ever go to Santa Barbara and/or Neverland to interview folks?

TruthSeeker: Ray Chandler actually filled in some gaps for me. Whenever I see him, I'll thank him for that....ha!

Dollbaby: that story comes from Diane Diamond who has lied more than once before

Dollbaby: Besides, what does finger prints on a magazine prove

Geradine HughesGhughes: Jordy was a 12 year old, easily influenced child at the time. He was also interested in making movies, like his dad. So he had a very vivid imagination, capable of creating believable story lines.

Rib: Blackgirl you are so right the concert in the background is a killer

Amanda: Geraldine... Was it ever hard for you to decide whether to publish the book or not? Did you ever fear any backlash, and if so, what made you decide to pursue it anyway? That takes a lot of guts, and I applaud you for it. There are a lot of haters out there, especially with prominent positions in society.

Dollbaby: Diane Diamond was working for Hardcopy when she reported a lie about MJJ and he later sued and won a settlement of $2.7 million

KarenS: Is she involved in anyway with this case now?

Firebirdfree: Look I it would have been worth it to me to have my reputation in tact rather than to pay extortion money just to be don with it.

TSColdMan: Diane Diamond's 'reliable sources' happen to be the National Enquirer Tabloid Magazine

J5master: Doll, she said that MJ didn't win that suit LOL!

Geradine HughesGhughes: My book "Redemption" explains clearly why MJ was forced to settle. If the court system was working for him, he would have stood a chance in court. However, as many of you know, for African Americans, sometimes the legal system doesn't work for us like it should.

Alwaysfan: Diane is still involved she some how gets leaked information that is suppose to be held for the gag order

Dollbaby: Karen Ms. Demon involves herself any time she can in anything that works against MJJ.

Spankey: exactly Miss Hughes

Rib: amean Sistah Hughes

Nightrain: Thank you for saying that Geraldine!!!!

BlackGirl841: oh my goodness, I was about to say that again Geraldine

J5master: Exactly Hughes...some people can't get that through their heads lol

Marie: I'm going to get your book, ms Hughes. Thank you for your questions.

RightOn: GH ... are you going to author or co-author a follow-up book after this "case"?

Firebirdfree: I've been trying, but you all are just a bunch of mindless idol worshipers

Rib: This chat session will be posted on

Geradine HughesGhughes: My next book will be about the 2003 case called "MichaelGate: The Conspiracy Theories." This book will explore all the possible conspiracy theories that most people believe is fueling the 2003 case.

Kelly: I'm offended by that comment

Nightrain: What is your point Firebird?

KarenS: We are hear to let Miss hughes talk not share our views on what we would have done diffrent

J5master: Wow, cool Hughes

RAiN: *stands up and claps*

TSColdMan: When will that book be released, GH?

Alwaysfan: Michael Jackson has inspired and helped people all over the world

Firebirdfree: yes their are

Jelena: I have to go now to eat some food, lolz, but i just wanted to thank you Ms.Hughes for publishing the book, thank you for actually defending Michael and for allowing us all to see the truth behind the 1993 scam. I cannot explain in words how grateful we all are to have a person like you on this earth. THANKYOU!!! :) byes :)

Johnlucas: That's a bombshell Geraldine writing about this 2003 case!!!

Nightrain: The book is available online at the following link...

Ghughes: Before everyone goes, I'd like to thank Dollbaby; The MusicLady, Bob Davis, Yolonda, Trish, and everyone that bought Redemption and/or supported it.

Firebirdfree: my point is this that even though I'm a fan, i'm also not braindead, I understand about his love for the children, but after 1993, why even put yourself in that position again, I mean help them as much as you want but keep a reasonable distance...@nighttrain

Nightrain: I strongly urge everyone here to read the book and then draw your own conclusions!!!!

Dollbaby: TRuth, I think that is one of the primary goals of the MJJ persecuters, to have him broke, but it won't happen

Trish73: Geraldine we THANK YOU for doing all you can for Michael, his family, and his fans.

TheMusicLady: You are welcome.. Ms Geraldine we are so happy to have you here.. so happy

Amanda: GH, I am going to buy your book, I have wanted to for a while... But I'm going to copy random pages out of it, and put them around my school.... spread a little truth around, hopefully!

Karl: Man this CD is great, they mastered it well, it is uncommon for a live album to sound like this, thanks Nightrain!! And thank you Ms. Hughes for your patience and due diligence !

Alwaysfan: Geraldine thanks again this is your Tulsa connection

Nightrain: Well Firebird, perhaps he is guilty of bad judgement in having these children as friends, but that doesn't mean he committed a crime

BlackGirl841: Geraldine, if you're in encino again soon, please stop by and have some gumbo with us

Dollbaby: Firebird, he never slept with the children, but the media twists the truth

Rib: Just remember to buy the book ...... Ms Huges ain't a Jackson and deserves to get paid for her hardwork

Johnlucas: Geraldine, a friend is asking me...have you gotten any information about this current case?

JJ999: I will buy the book..thanks

RightOn: I will buy the book .. a good Christms gift :)

Geradine HughesGhughes: Gumbo, did someone say gumbo! Where?

RightOn: You should write a movie script based on the book GH .. it's bound to be better than MITM movie

BlackGirl841: I said if you're near us in Encino, stop by and have some gumb with us:)

Nightrain: lol....Geraldine

JJ999: MJ is guilty of "no intelligence"

Karl: Michael is not naive...please !!!!!

Dollbaby: Firebird I agree with some of what you are saying, but they have been seeking an opportunity to falsely accuse him again.

JJ999: Definition of intelligence = learning from the past

RAiN: Dang ya'll come on

Sally: Geraldine, were you able to go to Santa Barbara and/or Neverland to interview folks for your books?

J5master: I think MJ should have the right to befriend who ever he wants. If he wants to have kids as friends, he shouldn't be punished for's not about his friendship with kids. If it wasn't about the kids, people would have got him for something ELSE

Ronyyy: in todays society u have to be extra careful how u deal with kids

Alwaysfan: ms geraldine i have a question why is it so hard to send the book out of the states i sold a book and it came back as a public threat from austria do they really feel the book is a threat?

Geradine HughesGhughes: I believe that MJ will be totally vindicated. I just heard from another inside source that said THEY HAVE NOTHING!!!

TruthSeeker: Some of y'all are tripping if you believe that Naive bull. Learning from the's when people don't know what is going on around Michael to even determine if he's "learned" from the past is when people start talking out their behinds.

MJforLife: huges about how much does your book cost???

Alwaysfan: are they trying to stop the book that bad?

JJ999: is it worth it to have kid pals after 1993..he is in his 40's, asking for trouble

TSColdMan: Of course they have nothing. Which explains Sneddon's latest raid and bizarre behavior

Geradine HughesGhughes: Redemption is only a threat to those who do not want to hear the truth.

Joli: I just want to say I haven't read your book, but I know that MJ is cmpletely innocent, he is a wonderful soul and it is very sad that he has to go through these things in this life

BlackGirl841: they have nothing, because they're still trying to find something

Dollbaby: MJJ has a call to humanity and if it causes people to see him as naive, or less than intelligent, then so be it.

JJ999: He should be making music not being lynched by the white man

RightOn: If MJ is totally vinicated, his popularity could skyrocket. That will help sell your book.

Geradine HughesGhughes: While researching MJ's life, I found out that he has spent his life caring for the children of the world, not hurting them. He has lived an impecable roll-modeled life in front of the cameras HIS WHOLE LIFE. We've never heard of him on drugs, alcohol, etc.

J5master: All I know is that if MJ needs to be punished for being "Niave" enough to help and befriending children, it's a bizarro world, for real

JJ999: I'm just being honest. See where we are after 10+ years. same ole story

Geradine HughesGhughes: I did know all of this about MJ before writing the book. After completing the book, I sat back and cried. I couldn't believe that anyone would accuse him of ever hurting a child, when he's spent his entire life helping them. He did not have to submit to the body search in 1993. He suffered the humiliation of it "just to prove his innocence."

J5master: Really? He didn't HAVE to? Wow, i didn't know that. AMAZING

RightOn: That;s an important point about the body search. I never knew he didn't have to submit to it.

Mjfan4ever06: Innocent


MJforLife: innocent

Dollbaby: INnocent

TruthSeeker: bloody Innocent!

J5master: innocent

TheMusicLady: INNOCENT.... innocent

Firebirdfree: Nothing is wrong with giving, but why he got to be sharing beds with these kids and all that? This is the kind of thing that is being used against him that a 40 some odd year old man should not be having pajama parties with children, because even though he doesn't feel it's wrong there are plenty of others who do and what about the people whose motives are not pure.

Geradine HughesGhughes: They say you know someone by their music. "Heal the World." "Man In the Mirror; Make that change." "It doesn't matter if your black or white." What about the "Earthsong." This is who MJ really is. A caring individual that truly cares not only about children, about mankind all over the world.

Firebirdfree: like the parents of some of these children viewing him as an atm machine and using their children to get to him?

Selah: Look, Michael may not be a child molester, however, he is the same man who was smart enuff to beat the beatles at their own game and buy up their catalogue. Smart enuff to buy uo Sly's catalogue. He sd be smart enuff to know that a guy in his 40's doesn't sleep with kids that are not his own.

MJJFan: Mrs. Hughes I want to say that Michael has visited my hospital ward when i was hospitalized in May of 84. When the con artist so called accuser came out with his allegation I was Shocked and upset.

Rstokes35: So has there been a new development with the case this week??..

Firebirdfree: thank you selah....sheesh, some of these folks just don't get it, it ain't hating to look at the common sense side of this thing either.

RightOn: Good luck in the future GH.. and thank you for your hard work. :)

Geradine HughesGhughes: I have ministry children who spend the night at my house all the time. I am only careful with the opposite sex (boys) because I don't want any assumptions or accidents. However, when my girls come to my house for sleep overs, they march straight to my bedroom and take over my bed, my remote control, my popcorn. Maybe it's the children that insists on sleepovers and treating MJ like he is one of the boys and not vice verse.

J5master: Sooooo there are others who feel it's wrong, there are others who felt it was wrong that MJ bought that ATV catologe and he got punished for that...(album getting sabatoged). MJ had too much power and SOME peeps didn't like that. And he faced the consequences. You see MJ doesn't follow. And MJ does what he wants. I think there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with a society if a simple sleepover is warped into something nasty. Problem is, MJ doesn't think that way. Now....also this case isn't even FUELED by the sleepovers cuz MJ never shared beds with the current accuser ANYWAY lol

Selah: I mean it's about the appearance of impropriety. It opens you up to all sorts of allegations.

TSColdMan: Michael also said on the Oprah interview that he never 'invited' children into his room and that he has guest rooms. But the children love him for who he is and thus they absolutely want to sleep in Mike's room

Joli: If nothing was going on sexually it doesn't matter, and I believe it was completely innocent

JJ999: But GH, if u get accused of molestation before and humiliated, u wont even put kids on your bed..

Alwaysfan: there is a good ole boy system in the hills of Santa Barbara and they are jealous because Michael owns almost a half of the land and one of the biggest employers in the area the good ole boys feel threatened

Geradine HughesGhughes: No false allegations will ever stop me from loving my children.

RightOn: GH.. Did you get the new MJ boxset .. TUC?

Nightrain: What about the responsibility of the "parents"???

Mjfan4ever06: Well said Ms. Hughes

Firebirdfree: i blame the parents too even more so.

Kelly: the parents then should have questioned him first before leaving them with him, but I don't believe he did no harm

TheMusicLady: Michael did nothing wrong.... and I'm so sure Geraldine has either...

J5master: MJ has a right to be left alone if he isn't breaking the law. No sleep overs "fueled" this case. It was a powerful man's vendetta. He's been after MJ for YEARS. THIS is the cause of the 03 case. And a lot of other players that are in it for the $$$

JJ999: Well, I know that MJ is fighting for his gawd damn life over trumped up charges

Firebirdfree: yeah where are the parents in all this? but none the less Michael is supposedly a grown man a intelligent man, he needs to guard himself all the time.

Spankey: nobody wants to talk about the real deal. the fact that a black man is victimized by racist law enforcement

Mjfan4ever06: Ms. Hughes if you could describe this entire situation in one word, what would it be?

Christina: mikes just a big kid, and nobody wants to accept it, except his fans

Alwaysfan: the good ole boy white system which i am white but they have felt like Michael is not worthy of land ownership because of being black

Kelly: why is always things like this have to do with racist, this world is ate up with racisim

Dollbaby: Kelly, because racism is alive in our country

Christina: i don't like it either when they have to get racial about everything......or even pull the racial card,ya knwo

Joli: my one word would be EXTORTION

Dollbaby: There is also proof of the racism in this conspiracy against MJJ

J5master: What's the bigger issue here people? What should we really be worried or discussing here? MJ befriending kids or having sleepovers? Or a racist powerful DA doing illegal things to get an innocent man in jail? Or the biased media willing to do anything for a BAD story on MJ? What is the real issue here?

TruthSeeker: "when they get racial about everything...." wow. that was sensitive.

Geradine HughesGhughes: We are living in a witch-hunt society that loves to see a giant fall; especially if that giant is a Black megastar named MJ.

TheMusicLady: yes... it is surely a issue with MJJ.. when it comes to racism

Mjfan4ever06: This is a question for everyone... if you could put this entire situation in one word, what would it be

Ronyyy: enjoyed my 1st SP chat hope to do it again soon.Keep up the good work Ms Hughes

Spankey: the fact that a black man owns 2,700 acres of prime land in that town

Johnlucas: amen Ms Hughes!!

Firebirdfree: i agree with that Ms Hughes

MJJFan: Yes Mrs. Hughes you are right

Sally: Spankey, and he's done LOTS of illegal building on Neverland

RightOn: I don't think it's all racism -- concerning seeing giants fall... People enjoyed what happened to Martha Stewart.

JJ999: stupidity, jealousy, racism, vendetta, Beatles catalog, Elvis revenge for marry Lisa Marie

Alwaysfan: well you know it was kinda funny they interviewed people around Santa Barbara and they said Michael was one of the greatest employers in the area

Geradine HughesGhughes: I said ESPECIALLY if that person is black, not solely.

Firebirdfree: and when you are as big as mj there are always elements waiting to see you fall and to help you do it.

Nightrain: The book is available RIGHT NOW, order it online at the following link... <---order the book

J5master: MY POINT EXACTLY spanky!

J5master: So u guys are saying that because Big BAd SNeddon is after MJ...and actually the whole freaking world really doesn't like MJ anyways because of their opinions about his lifestyle NOT regarding children, MJ should just be a punk and NEVER get in contact with ANY child. (b/c u know, child molestation doesn't just happen in the bedroom *rolleyes*) and just halt his life and what he believes in? No that's not MJ, not by a long shot.

Mjfan4ever06: hello 1984

JJ999: But I will buy the book. GH, for sure...after tonite on Amazon

Mjfan4ever06: thx Nightrain, and that's a good word

Johnlucas: Geraldine do you think your mother is looking down on your proudly for writing this book...i remember she was the one who prodded you to go forth with it

J5master: And didn't one of the attorneys that was maliciously prosecuted by Sneddon say that Sneddon said he was gonna "run that *n word* out of Neverland" and that MJ shouldn't own Neverland in the first place? Things that make u go hmmmm.

Dollbaby: Yes J5 I know about that, and I call that racism

Nightrain: Thanks for checking this chat session out, we will have more in the future; keep an eye out for the announcements on the Soul-Patrol Newsletter

Geradine HughesGhughes: I believe God used her to get me to write the book and it was her courage that allowed me to go forth.

Spankey: put up or shut up

J5master: Racism. Exactly.... think about that Sneddon comment next time peeps say that the "race card" is being played

Geradine HughesGhughes: If there are no more questions about the book, I will be checking out! Anyone wanting an autographed copy of the book, email me at and I will give you mailing instructions.

J5master: And not only that...passing pics of MJ from the strip search around a TABLE.... hmm...aint' that a bit ILLEGAL? Considering those pics are supposed to be sealed?

Nightrain: Everyone say thanks to Geraldine Hughes (applause!!)

Spankey: thank you Miss Hughes for your time

TruthSeeker: bye Ms. Hughes

JJ999: GH, thanks alot sistah

Sharonjones: Thanks Geraldine for your time!

TSColdMan: Thank you Ms. Hughes the book will make a great xmas gift!

Firebirdfree: thank you Ms. Hughes

TheMusicLady: I put a link up on our website.. and I've posted a link to your email address

Mjfan4ever06: Thankyou so much Ms. Hughes for your time and patience

MJJFan: Thanks Mrs. Hughes

SallyAgain: Nite, Geraldine, thanks

Spankey: thanks Miss Hughes

JJ999: clap, clap

MJforLife: thank you very much ty for everything

TheMusicLady: Good Night

RightOn: Thank you .. and goodnight :)

MJJFan: God Bless you and keep you

TheMusicLady: Talk soon. And Major Love

RAiN: *claps and thank you again for standing up for MJ*

J5master: *claps*

Joli: thanks GH

Lovelyone: Thank You

MJJFan: Thanks for standing up for the Truth

MAURENPEACH: god bless mrs hughes

Johnlucas: thank you ms hughes!!!! :)

JJ999: He shall be vindicated, fo' sho

Mjfan4ever06: God Bless and may your dreams and your christmas be merry!

Joli: you will be blessed

MJJFan: Have a Blessed Holiday as well

Ghughes: This was all made possible by: Dollbaby!!! Please say a special thank you to her!

Nightrain: Remember, the book is available online at the following url...


Nightrain: well maybe we will have Geraldine back as events in the case warrant it?


Nightrain: I've been a fan since 1969 (I'm an "old fart"

Ghughes: Let's do this again. Keep an eye on Soul Patrol for updates; feel free to frequent chat room. I certainly will do likewise.

Johnlucas: geraldine youre a godsend....cant wait for the next book

Lovelyone: How bangin' was that J5 CD?

Johnlucas: amazing what a bombshell!

RightOn: Thank you so much GH and take care. we really appreicate your effort and heart. :)

TheMusicLady: Yes, and I will post some happenings from Soul Patrol for future purposes


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