Candi Staton - Soul-Patrol Chat Transcript

Blanche It's amazing how long long Candi has been around, what a track record she has . Amazing! 

earthjuice Her life story is an amazing one  

earthjuice  with many lessons that we can all learn from 

AAdamsRib I have seen her live 4 times 

 Blanche I have never had the pleasure of seeing her perform. 

earthjuice  Where did you see her at, Rib? 

AAdamsRib a very high energy show ....... she starts out slow but somewhere during her second song she gets the "spirit" .... LOL 

AAdamsRibI saw her in Charlotte, NC in 1973-74 

AAdamsRibI saw her at Symphany Hall in NJ 

earthjuice I have never seen her live either 

AAdamsRib and I saw her in London on a bill I think with Mary Wells JOIN 

Candi-Staton has joined. ( 


Blanche Hello Candi, welcome 

AAdamsRib Clap, Clap, Clap ...... screaming and stomping 

Candi-Staton Hello! 

Candi-Staton How's everybody doing? 

Gary Hello Candi. 

AAdamsRib we are honored to have you visit us Candi 

Mike-Boone Hello everyone, Hello Miss Staton 

Candi-Staton I'm honored to be with you as well Where are some of you all geographically located? 

Nancy I'm in Los Angeles 

AAdamsRib Winston-Salem, NC in the house 

 Blanche Candi, my husband Billy Paul says Hello. He can't type so........ 

Nancy Candi, will you be recording with Bobby Womack again? You two sound great together ! 

Candi-Staton  I would love to record with Bobby again 

Candi-Staton  I recently saw Bobby Womack 

Candi-Staton  and complimented him on his gospel cd 

earthjuice I am in NJ (the EPICENTER OF…… FUNK!!!!!) 

AAdamsRib Bob FUNK was evicted from NJ when they moved off my block ....... LOL 

Candi-Staton  Hi! 

 Blanche Candi-Staton I just saw an old picture of me and Billy Paul with Don Cornelius from back in the 1970s Blanche, please tell Billy hello for me Blanche Good grief! What year was that? 

Candi-Staton  It must have been like 1972 

earthjuice That was a long time ago (I think that I was 6 years old then :)) Mike-Boone What was it like to record at the Fame Studios? 

Candi-Staton  It was wonderful, it was a new experience for me because I was a new artist 

Candi-Staton  I had never been in a studio like that 

Candi-Staton  Before that I recorded with a microphone in the middle of the room with everyone singing around hat one microphone 

Nancy I heard that you had Bobby on your TV show. I wish I had cable, would love to catch your show, does it still air? 

 Blanche Where is your show taped? 

Candi-Staton  It's taped in Atlanta 

Candi-Staton  Lou Rawls is doing a taping with me in January 

Candi-Staton  We've had Denise LaSalle Blanche Keep Billy in mind for your show. He would love to do it! 

Mike-Boone that's so cool 

Candi-Staton  Yeah, the show has been on 15 years on Trinity Broadcasting Network 

bigg-robb do u still have your show 

Candi-Staton  Yes, the show has recently got it's highest ratings 

Candi-Staton  This next taping in January we're having Donnie McClurklin, Tonex 

EbonySatin where is the show aired? 

 Blanche Congrats on your ratings 

Nancy Is it possible to purchase video of any of the shows? 

Candi-Staton  It airs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Monday morning at 7:30 am and Saturday at 2:30 am 

bigg-robbwill you put my friend Shirley Murdock on your show? 

Candi-Staton  Yes, go to my website at we have some stuff on there, not a lot 

Candi-Staton  Can we get her?

EbonySatin Oh that is airs nationally 

Nancy Did Johnnie Taylor ever guest on the show? 

Mike-Boone i work not to far from Trinity Church in manhattan. Do they tape your shows there Candi 

Candi-Staton  She's a great singer! I'd love to have her. Tell her person to call my office at 770-413-8469 

bigg-robb i can get u hooked up with her she is out doin a play right now 

EbonySatin Do you only do musicians as guest? 

Candi-Staton  No, Johnnie never got to do my show. i wish he could have 

Candi-Staton  Yeah, it's pretty much musicians or singers on the show 

bigg-robb i will give it to her husband who is also her mgr 

EbonySatin OKAY...I know an author of Christian fiction that is awesome 

EbonySatin she had opened up a whole new genre of African american fiction that is going to have folks getting saved as they read 

Candi-Staton  No, the show tapes in Atlanta 

Mike-Boone What are some of your favorite songs that you recorded at Fame? Gary Will your early recordings on Fame ever be released on CD?d 

Candi-Staton  I doubt it (laughing out loud) 

Candi-Staton  Rick Hall wants millions of dollars for them 

Mike-Boone Wow!!!!! 

Candi-Staton  He wants $40 million for his old recordings 

earthjuice Sounds like we have another case of "artist abuse" here? 

Candi-Staton  Warner Brothers, Rhino, EMI have all wanted to put out a best of on me 

Mike-Boone sure does 

Candi-Staton  EMI actually put one together, interviewed me for liner notes and Rick Hall 

Candi-Staton  got a court injunction to keep them from putting it out 

Mike-Boone Everything's Kool and the Gang lol 

Candi-Staton  they had the tapes because they were distributing Fame at the time 

Mike-Boone Do you still keep in contact with any of the musicians? 

Mike-Boone they were the best!!!! 

Candi-Staton  Oh, yes! I'm always running into them 

Mike-Boone that' cool 

Nancy Did you tour with David Ruffin on the gospel circuit in those early days? 

Candi-Staton  No, not gospel 

Candi-Staton n I used to ride in David's corvette with him and I was so scared he was so reckless, but i loved him. he was truly a friend. But that was in the 1970s when I was doing disco 

Nancy LOL, but probably not as scary as riding on the motorcycle he had 

Candi-Staton  I could tell you some David Ruffin stories (laughing) 

Candi-Staton  One time me, Roger Redding and David got trapped in a snow storm. We were all drunk and had our drinks to keep us warm 

earthjuice Go ahead and tell (nobody here but us...) 

Candi-Staton  We were in that car all night long, with the motor running 

Nancy sounds like the good ole days 

Candi-Staton  (laughing) I miss David so much 

Candi-Staton  He kept me laughing 

Mike-Boone So do we 

Nancy I loved his voice, did you ever record with him? 

Candi-Staton  He was special. One night he came to the Mozambique Club in Detroit. I was on stage singing and in the back of the room I heard this voice singing "My Girl" and the audience went wild! It was David! He pulled a chair up on stage and sat on the stage and just grinned at me. I couldn't hardly do my show 

AAdamsRib I know I would have lost it ......... still Drooling over Ruffin 

Candi-Staton  The whole audience was in stiches, I don't know if they even knew what I was singing 

EbonySatin Candi....I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your music from the early days until today 

Candi-Staton  Thank you so much Blanche that 's so deja vu! David and Eddie came to Dummy George in Detroit when Billy was playing there, they came up on stage and did My Girl with Billy . Billy was an honorary Tempt for one night. lol 

Candi-Staton  My son Marcus used to play drums for Eddie 

Candi-Staton  It doesn't seem real that they are gone 

earthjuice I have a question that was sent in via email....Does she have any inner conflict about singing both secular and Christian music. If so, how does she resolve it within herself? 

Candi-Staton  I don't think it's a conflict. We're not in heaven yet, we're in this world, so we have to live with each other and be balanced in our thinking 

Candi-Staton  I just released my tenth gospel album it came out 2 weeks ago and it has a song on it called "Shut up and start praying" which is a funny song 

Candi-Staton  it came out 2 weeks ago and it has a song on it 

Candi-Staton The new gospel cd is "Here's A Blessing for you" 

Candi-Staton  Certain secular songs I don't agree with lyrically. All the music is good, but some lyrics go against my Christian beliefs. 

Candi-Staton  I still sing my secular songs that don't go against my beliefs

 Candi-Staton As long as you do things with a positive mond and attention, it's okay. I can't sing about sneaking around with another woman's husband because that's not positive 

Candi-Staton  But I can sing about being in love because that is positive 

Candi-Staton  Secular just means it's not religious 

Candi-Staton  Everything we do is not religious like going to the grocery store, or eating. As 

EbonySatin AMEN...Candi 

earthjuice (makes sense to me) 

Mike-Boone Candi, What do you think about Gospel Rap? 

Candi-Staton  Gospel rap is wonderful. It's just another way of preaching 

Mike-Boone What are some of your personal favorites songs you've recorded? 

earthjuice "One More Chance On Love" is my Favorite Candi Staton song 

 Blanche What about that song makes it your favorite 

earthjuice It's a BADDDDDDDDDDDDD s-l-o-w j-a-m Blanche One more Chance on Love 

Candi-Staton  I had many baaaaad slow jams (laughing) 

EbonySatin Gurl, many may not remember.....but I heard one of your songs the other day and immediately brought back fond memories 

Candi-Staton which songs was it 

Mike-Boone I Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart Than To Be An Old Man's Fool is mine 

Candi-Staton  I like that too. Bobby Womack wrote that 

earthjuice I like that one too, Mike 

Candi-Staton  That's on that Warner Brothers greatest hits cd 

Candi-Staton  I'm looking for an old man, ya'll know of any? 

Mike-Boone What's Dave Crawford up to these days? 

EbonySatin Young hearts run free 

EbonySatin casue my heart was real free back then 

bigg-robb just as long as he takes care of home 

bigg-robb i just heard a remake of that song the other day 

bigg-robb my parents brought this green 45 home one day and it said CANDI STATON ON IT 

Candi-Staton I never saw a green one, I missed that one. Was it on Warner Brothers 

Candi-Staton  There was a remake in the Romeo & Julliet movie 

Candi-Staton  Leonardo diCaprio 's version 

bigg-robb yes u know the green palm trees and stuff i was so young i had to sort em by colors 

bigg-robbwell pat brown from jax miss has just done one too 

Candi-Staton  Oh, I haven't heard that one by Pat brown. How's it doing 

Candi-Staton  Oh, yeah, I remember that 

EbonySatin Candi are you making any gospel albums? 

bigg-robb i also have the music u did with the robinsons from englewood 

bigg-robb how long were u on sugarhill? 

Candi-Staton  I was on Sugarhill for a year 

Nancy What's the name of your new album? 

Candi-Staton  I did an import dance and retro soul cd last year called "Outside In"

Candi-Staton  I had the option to do one more album, but at the time I decided to leave secular music and only do gospel 

bigg-robb good move i remeber the 1st time i saw u on t.v after u made your commitment I WASPROUD 



 Blanche I can relate 

Candi-Staton  My heart grieves for standing over a toilet with the toilet running over and changing clothes in a dirty old kitchen (laughing) 

Candi-Staton  No, I don't miss the chitlin circuit at all:) You never get paid and it's just wild out there 

bigg-robb lol 

Mike-Boone lol 

earthjuice What was the WORST place that you ever played on the Chitlin Circuit?  

Blanche Billy says "Your clothes always smell like fried chicken and the mikes keep cutting off" lol 

bigg-robb but the chicken is always greasy and good and in a brown bag 

Candi-Staton  They were all the same. the worse place was in Mississippi. We had to dress in the car and the audience was mean, nasty, rude 

 Blanche When you DID get any parts of your money, a lot of it was in dollar bills 

Candi-Staton  No, the worse one was when the club owner was the mayor, the chief of police and he sat at the edge of the stage with his gun and made me sing until he got tired. then, he didn't pay me after all of that. 

Candi-Staton  I've never been treated that bad on stage and a fight broke out, he's shooting his gun in the air. And that was in the backwoods of Louisi 

EbonySatin Oh WOW!!!!!! 

bigg-robb yes god is good because all those experiences made you a better soldier 

Candi-Staton  That's why I don't miss the chitlin circuit (laughing) 

earthjuice lol Nancy those are some WILD memories 

bigg-robb and u don't have to do it anymore and you've got fans who love u secular or gospel 

earthjuice I have another question, via email... Where is her church? I've driven up and down Covington Highway here in the ATL and can never find it? 

Candi-Staton  We don't have a church anymore. My ex-husband -- I'm not married anymore -- converted to another religion, so he got rid of the church 

bigg-robb i am a member of solid rock church in monroe ohio have u ever visited 

Candi-Staton  You could toss a coin in the air wherever it drops 

earthjuiceI love the monologue on your new album when you talk about your mother not showing up at one of your shows, it's truly moving!!! 

Gary Have you ever worked with Yolanda Adams? 

Candi-Staton  Yes, I know Yolanda well. She did my TV show for 8 weeks when she first started 

Candi-Staton n and she gave me credit inside one of her early albums 

Mike-Boone What singers inspired you to take singing as a profession? 

Candi-Staton  When I was a kid, Mahalia Jackson, Clara Ward,, Aretha Franklin, Ruth Brown 

Mike-Boone Great Line Up!!!!! 

EbonySatin now that is an impressive list 

Candi-Staton I used to sing "Mama He treats Your Daughter mean" all the time. Also, B.B. King because I love the blues 

earthjuice Ruth Brown = "R&B" 

bigg-robb i would like to say thank you Ms. Staton for your dedication to your craft and for being one of my first musical heroes 

Mike-Boone Right On! earth! 

Candi-Staton  I used to sing everything I heard on the radio even country music like Roy Acuff and Hank Willaims 

EbonySatinhere here!!! 

Candi-Staton  That's sweet, thank you re: Carman 

Suzon Hi Candi, have you everworked with Carmen on TBN before? 

Candi-Staton  Yes, many times. 

bigg-robbi just produced a song on a blues artist named mel waiters maybe one day can do some retro positive r&b with you 

Candi-Staton  Okay, we'll see 

bigg-robb who was the best producer you worked with 

Candi-Staton David was by far the best producer. I loved him and I loved his muscical arrangements 

earthjuice Candi, are you still in touch with Clarence Carter? 

Candi-Staton Clarence is still working, he has his own label and I talk to him once a month 

Candi-Staton  Oh, yes, we talk about once a month, we have a son together 

AAdamsRib Clarence helped Soul Patrol out with a tribute to Curtis Mayfield last Jan the ice storm didn't help us though 

Candi-Staton That was sweet of Clarence. I admire his abilities as a blind man 

Candi-Staton  Yes, Clarence is working steady every Saturday night (laughing) 

earthjuice Candi, what are some of your thoughts about the overall impact of the DISCO MOVEMENT? 

Candi-Staton  I think it's the best music in the world (laughing) it's happy music!_ 

AAdamsRib Candi did you ever work with Gloria Gaynor? 

Candi-Staton  Yes, I was with Gloria about 6 months ago in London 

Candi-Staton  I've known Gloria since the 1970s 

Candi-Staton  She stayed at my house for a while and she came to my daughter's wedding -- but she didn't sing (laughs) 

Candi-Staton  I don't know if it would have been appropriate for her to sing "I Will survive" at a wedding (laughing) 

AAdamsRib Candi I met Gloria and Linwood in 1970 I also saw you for the first time that year too 

Candi-Staton  Really? Where were you at Rib? 

AAdamsRib I saw you in Jackson, MS ...... in NC and in London 

earthjuice What about the social impact of DISCO (if any?) 

Candi-Staton  It made regular club goers feel very important, they didn't have to look to a stage or a star to be entertained. Everybody was a star 

Candi-Staton  The music was the star and you didn't need a person there as long as you had your dj and your vinyl 

earthjuice That's very true.......some folks say that DISCO'S helped to promote racial harmony, any thoughts on that? 

Candi-Staton  Yeah, I think it did. You saw everybody on the same dance floor dancing to the same music 

Candi-Staton  I never really thought about it that way, but that did help bring down the walls of segregation in music in a way 

AAdamsRib Candi I just did an interview with Don Covey ...... his spirit and faith are awesome 

 Candi-Staton  Oh, wow! I have not seen him in years. What is he doing now? 

AAdamsRib Don asked about you ....... he is in a wheel chair but he has a real testimony to share 

Candi-Staton  Did he? I sure would love to talk to him 

AAdamsRib I will give you his phone number after the chat 

earthjuice Everyone here should know that Candi wrote a beautiful Eulogy for Johnny Taylor that appears on the Soul Patrol web site at: carlos Do they call you Candi because you are so sweet? 

Candi-Staton  (laughing) partly. My real name is Canzetta and when we were kids Mavis Staples couldn't pronounce it so she started calling me "Candi" 

Candi-Staton  and the name stuck Thank you:) 

AAdamsRib Candi I have owned 4 or 5 copies of Young Hearts" on a 45 ....... it was my theme song 

Candi-Staton  Well, you better keep `em, you can't find old wax like that too much anymore carlos mrs staton, do you have nice memories of the time you spend at fame studios of rick hall? 

Candi-Staton  Yes, i do. Rick was my first producer and he introduced me to the sceular world. 

Candi-Staton  Rick did a lot for me and he got me my first Grammy nomination for "Stand By Your Man" in 1971 

Candi-Staton  I have very fond memories of Muscle Shoals. It was a lot of work too because Rick might have you do a song 50 time sun till I was good and hoarse to create the sound he wanted 

Candi-Staton  That hard, bluesy sound , raspy like 

Candi-Staton  Well, it's been nice talking to the Soul Patrolers 

Suzon  Are you getting ready to leave us Candi 

Candi-Staton  Yeah, I'm going to catch the rest of this O.J. Simpson movie 

earthjuice Thanks Candi...Everyone give Candi some love 

Gary It's been fun. I have to get ready for work. Candi, thank you, God bless you, and I'll play one of your songs next week on my show. Goodnight everybody. 

 Blanche I too must say goodnight.. Candi I will contact you re Billy doing your show. Nancy Candi, it's truly been a pleasure to chat with you. I'll be sure and get over to your website. Thanks Bob. Goodnight all John-E--Bunch-II Thank you Candi 

Suzon You have a good night then :} 

Candi-Staton  This has been a lot of fun, you all reminded of things I'd forgotten about

AAdamsRib Candi thank you for being YOU ......... 

AAdamsRib your music has given us all years of memories and love 

EbonySatin Ms has been a sheer pleasure to chat with you this evening. I must run 

Carlos peace and love candi thanks for your wonderful music 

AAdamsRib G'night 

Mike-Boone Me too thank you for such a wonderful evening 

 Blanche Ms Staton, It was truly our pleasure 

GoldenRump Nice talking with you Candi!! 

Candi-Staton  Thank you. Goodnight It's been nice to be with you all Peace and love to all of you 

Candi-Staton Thanks for your support over the years and for taking the time out of your evening to talk with me 

Candi-Staton You all are welcome and it's because you all keep buying it that I can keep making it 

Candi-Staton  Thanks for remembering me 

Candi-Staton  Goodnight God bless 

earthjuice We love you Candi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candi-Staton  I love you all too

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