Gwen McCraeGwen McCrae - "Gwen McCrae Sings TK"
(Southern Soul-Funk-Disco-Jazz-Slow Jams-Kitchen Sink)

How many of yall out there remember TK Records? That great indy label out of Miami that was a Black music hit making machine during the 1970's and 1980's. If you have fond memories of TK Records or if you were too young and have only heard of the great music from this legendary "indy" label, then I have got something truly special for you.

First things first, let me give you the track listing on this one…

Rockin Chair (w/Latimore)
Rock Your Baby
What You Won't Do For Love
Jazz Freak
Please Don't Go
Let's Straighten It Out
Keep It Comin Love (w/ KC)
Why Can't We Live Together (w/Timmy Thomas)
90% Of Me Is You
Clean Up Woman
Party Down
Misty Blue
Honey Honey (w/David Houston)
You Gotta Love Me, Like I Love Me (w/KC)
Rockin Chair

Now let me tell you what you are getting:
You are getting essentially the greatest hits of the legendary Southern Soul-Funk-Disco-Jazz-Kitchen Sink label called "TK RECORDS" as interpreted by the GREAT vocal stylings of the legendary Gwen McCrae, with equally legendary former TK artists as "special guests" like KC, Timmy Thomas, Latimore, Little Beaver and more. All under the direction of the legendary former owner of the TK label, Mr. Henry Stone. I actually shouldn't have to write anymore about this CD (however you know that I am going to….lol). This CD is a must have for lovers of Classic Soul!! In some ways it's kinda like a "manual version of the Motown Remixed CD" from last year. It's always a risk when you mess around with classic songs, but this is a case where it all works. These remakes by Gwen McCrae are especially tasty, because she is accompanied by the original artists. For example take a listen to "Straighten it Out", Gwen is singing her be-hind off and then suddenly out of nowhere about midway thru the song, LATIMORE'S booming voice joins her and it turns into a duet of cosmic proportions that almost makes you forget about the original. Even you disco haters out there will dig Gwen's remake of KC & the Sunshine Band's "Keep It Comin Love". The song is slowed down just a tad, but with the same basic beat and horns, throw KC's voice in there to lend some respect to the original and you end up with a smoking funk jam. And then the song ends and you hear that super stank nasty haunting organ that instantly signals the beginning of "Why Cant We Live Together", realize that it's actually Timmy Thomas playing and singing along with Gwen. I know everyone remembers and loves Sade's remake of "Why Can't We Live Together", right? Well Gwen McCrae's version makes Sade's version sound like it was sung by a little girl. "Party Down" (which is one of my all time favorite songs) starts off with a spoken word intro by Gwen McCrae and then she gets into it (I'm assuming with Little Beaver himself on Guitar coming in with that fantastic riff that George Benson uses all of the time… You Gotta Love Me, Like I Love Me is a MONSTER slow jam w/ KC and so on and so forth. So what more can I say, but "TAKE A TRIP, YA BETTA GET HIP…" (and buy this album!!!)

Gwen McCrae Update

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For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern soul music. Gwen was a pioneering figure in Miami's growth as a center of R&B music in the 70's at the influential TK Records and became an international star in 1975 with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated "Rockin' Chair". Her self-titled 1981 Atlantic album graced the upper reaches of national R&B and pop charts and yielded the smash single "Funky Sensation". Most importantly, it reintroduced this gifted vocalist to the public at large with a set of tunes which spanned ballads as well as upbeat funk. McCrae has performed with a who's who of funk, soul, r&b and pop artists is currently touring with The Miami All-Stars which includes Betty Wright, Lattimore, and Timmy Thomas, along with new soul sensation, Joss Stone.
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September 28, 2003

Current Gwen McCrae Bio:

Ms. Gwen McCrae, Soul Diva, pop icon, and former Grammy nominee, has once again taken her show on the road.
Currently she is traveling and performing with the "Miami All-Stars." The Miami All-Stars is a well rounded soul troop of Rhythm and Blues artists consisting of the great soul R&B icon Betty Wright, "Clean-up Woman", Lattimore, "Let's Straighten It Out", the remarkable Timmy Thomas, "Why Can't We Live Together", and Ms. Gwen McCrae herself "Rockin Chair". These four great artists were chosen to compliment a new and extremely talented R&B pop newcomer, 16 year-old Joss Stone. Promoting her new S-Curve Records/EMI Music release, titled "The Soul Sessions," it is truly a warm, vocally excellent presentation of these individual artist hit records with some great surprises.

This wasn't supposed to be the world's first taste of Joss Stone. As Joss was preparing to record what was supposed to be her debut album, she was introduced to some of the legends whose classic records she loved: Joss put her own album on hold in favor of spending some time in the studio with the architects of the Miami Soul sound. The Soul Sessions is a collection of classics and little known soul gems alongside some contemporary tracks re-interpreted by Joss and her titanic band of accomplices.

The Miami All-Stars recently (Sept 16,2003) appeared on the Conan O'brien Show in New York City, with a record release concert at Joe's Pub (Public Theatre) in NYC. There are planned appearances at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and a west coast swing in late October 2003. So watch for this fantastic performance

Gwen McCrae's Bio

For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has been winning worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern soul music# Born in Pensacola, Florida on December 21st, Gwen is the youngest of five children. Raised in a religious atmosphere, her earliest musical influence was gospel. Gwen sang in cbufcband later joined sever-algroups, while her firsts idols were such artist as the Mighty Clouds of Joy, and James Cleveland and The Caravans. Later, she was strongly influenced by the music of Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Atetha, amf Elvis.

Although Gwen exhibited obvious musical talent at an early age, and even sang in local clubs while still in high school, it wasn't until after she had embarked on a nursing career that show business became a truly serious part of her life. Returning to Pensacola after a few years out in the world, Gwen joined a group called The Jivin' Jets and moved-south to work the small clubs in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. It was there that she was recruited by Miami based TK Records.. The first single, "Three Hearts In A Triangle," was a regional hit, initiating a remarkable string of successes.

In 1969, Gwen broke out nationally with "Lead Me On," followed by such other hits as "Ain't Nothing You Can Do," "He's Not You," "Leave The Driving To Us," "Keep Something Groovy Going On," "For Your Love," and "It's Worth The Hurt," Gwen became a pioneering figure in Miami's growth as a center R&B music in the 70's.

In 1975, Gwen became an international star with the gold-winning, million-selling success of "Roc kin' Chair," which topped charts in the U.S. and around the world. The song garnered Gwen a Grammy nomination and earned her the year's #1 honors from Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World. She subsequently toured four continents, while also appearing on a host of national television shows. Meanwhile, the hits kept coming, songs like "Cradle of Love," "Love Insurance," "Damn Right It's Good," "Tonight Is The Night," and others.

In 1980, Atlantic Records Chairman Ahmet Ertegun brought Gwen to the label, beginning a whole new phase-of her career. Her first Atlantic recording, simply entitled "Gwen McCrae" was released in September 1981. The album graced the upper reaches of national R&B charts, rode the pop listings and yielded the top-charted single "Funky Sensation.'" Most importantly, it reintroduced this gifted vocalist to the public at large with a set of tunes, which spanned ballads as well as upbeat funk.

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