Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On

  • "As I reminisce about our joyful summer together and the promises we made of a daily letter...."
  • "I'm ready for you to start doin the things that BLOW MY MIND...."
  • "Owwwwww honey tell me what you missed........cum here SUGA & GET TO THIS....."
  • "Girl you been gone away too long...I nearly went outta my mind...."
  • "I contend that SEX IS SEX and LOVE IS LOVE.When combined,they work well together,if two people are of about the same mind. But they are really two discrete needs and should be treated as such."--Marvin Gaye




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    • Boy I sure remember this one! How about you? If you're too young to remember, get this and listen to it with your main squeeze. You'll never be the same!!
  • This is the classic "3am FUNK" album of all time !!

    Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On


    1. Lets Get It On
  • Please Donít Stay (Once You Go Away)
  • If I Should Die Tonight
  • Keep Getting It On
  • Come Get To This
  • Distant Lover
  • You Sure Love to Ball
  • Just To Keep you Satisfied

    Anybody ever hear this one? Any special memories?


    • Whewwwwwwwww....this one was in my book as "Trouble Funk"...(veg)

    1.Lets get it on...

    2.Keep gettin it on

    3.Distant Lover

    • ohmyohmyohmy.....If my mama I would have been in serious trouble !!!!!
  • Fond memories of "You Sure Love to Ball" for obvious reasons. j......was a young whipper snapper back then!!! (gg)
  • Somehow it doesn't surprise me one bit that this is your favorite song on this album. I like it myself...I like the whole thing . Back in the day we used to sometimes "run the whole album" at a party......:) Did they do this in other cities ?
  • Is there such a thing as a Marvin Gaye tune that didnt make ya wanna "get it on"....or "keep gettin it on" ??
  • I remember those parties...Blue lights...turned down way low or maybe even off !! slow grindin with Marvin in the background...they just dont make em like they used to !!!
  • Sure do, especially on 95.9FM, they are just some Marvin Gaye loving fools over there.
  • Marvin Gaye was a master at the slow jam. In the book "Divided Soul" - David Ritz (which I HIGHLY recommend!!) Marvin says that his favorite type of music is "1950's doo-wop" & that is what he had in his mind as he composed the songs for the album "Let's get It On".
  • He goes on further to say that he first experimented with what he called a "modern form of doo wop" when he wrote & produced the songs "The Bells" & "Baby I'm For Real" for the Originals. Once again Marvin wasn't quite sure just how far Berry Gordy would allow him to go in this direction, so he tried out his ideas first with another group to see how it would work & he was successful.
  • After having the big hit with "What's Going On" he decided to go in this direction because he felt that he had achieved a certain level of artistic freedom to do what he wanted to, so he did on this album & the results speak for themselves.
  • I havenít read this book yet although I would love to.. Iím going to have to see about picking it up...As far as the songs "The Bells and Baby Iím for I know why I liked both of those songs so much I didnít know that Marvin wrote and produced them both. With the writing and recording of Whatís Going On...I feel that Marvin did a very good job of expressing himself and what was going on in society at that time. Do you feel that he "paid the price" for being so outspoken ???
  • I don't think that Marvin paid a price for expressing himself politically/socially on "What's Going On". By the time the album came out the views that he was expressing were pretty much in the "mainstream" of the Black communityÖHad he made the album back in say 1967, then he would have been out on a limb, because Black artists werenít really getting in to politics/sociology for the most part at that time & the few I can think of who were (Curtis Mayfield) were also in the mainstream.
  • It seems to me that Marvin may have had a problem in trying to figure out how to follow up "What's Going On".
  • If I'm not mistaken, his follow up to "What's Going On" was the soundtrack to "Trouble Man". I have never heard the album "Trouble Man", just the single, but I don't remember the album selling very well.
  • I also know that during the time between "What's Going On" & "Let's get It On" Marvin Gaye contemplated retirement. Remember this was the time frame when he "tried out" for the Detroit Lions ??
  • I also remember him being interviewed at the time and asked if he was going to produce another album in the vein of "What's Going On" and he said: "I don't have anything else to say, I said it ALL on the album".
  • This is where D'Angelo and Maxwell got some of their ideas and influences.
  • This is one of my all time favorite albums !! "Distant Lover" was probably my favorite, with "You Sure Love To Ball" as a close second. This was another one of those albums just made for "continuous looping 8-Track technology" !! I wonder if anyone else used the tape in that way ?
  • I loved this album when it came out. I remember the album cover with his denim outfit, red hat, and platform boots, a casual change from the suits and ties we were used to seeing. What about "Come Get To This"? I think it ranks up there with "Distant Lover" and "You Sure Love to Ball".
  • Changing the subject slightly, I feel that "Trouble Man" was an underrated album. Do you agree?
  • Strange as this may seem......I have never heard the complete "Trouble Man" album !! I had only heard the single & liked it of course, but for some reason never felt inclined to buy the album. Would you consider the album to be "essential" ?
  • Trouble Man was a bad recording! I had it on 8-track back in the day. Come Get to This was a favorite of mine Also. You sure you didn't grow up in my neighborhood? We sure think along the same lines!!
  • Marvin is my main man and never fails to get me in the mood... As for D'Angelo, I loved his CD with the exception of 'S***/D***/MF...was there a point to that. I think that cut messed up a totally awesome CD. His vocals and backbeats blend exquisitely.
  • Maxwell, I purchased yesterday. The brother can croon to me any day...SHAZAAM, he's definitely got it going on. I would recommend this as a MUST purchase.
  • I loved those songs also. Marvin was just great. Ahead of his time but great just the same. He sang about love, life, sex and the ways of the world then and now. He was a man ahead of his time musically. He was what you could call a true prophet. He sang about the future as he thought it would be. The future as it is now. We are living the words of many of his songs. If only we would have really listened to his music and took the words for what they are we might have a better world now. He sang as if he had already experienced the future and knew what was to come of it.
  • Marvin thanks for your words. Just too bad that we are listening to them now instead of when you were singing them to us back then when we could have begun to improve on things before they came to be in the present.
  • It was a sad day when he died, just as it seemed that Marvin was on the road to getting his life back together. He was so good that he even made "a certain diva" sound like she belonged in show business !! :)
  • I totally agree with you about Marvin and that certain Diva.
  • Marvin's duet with her did help her out. I wonder if Marvin were around now if he would have had a career in politics. His music friom back when was politically correct. It was the future being told by the prophit Marvin. He sang about save the children. These days our children are being lost to drugs, sexual abuse, guns & other forms of violence.
  • Parents are killing their children because they feel they can't support them. He sang about War. Wars are everywhere. He sang about inner city blues. The inner cities are contaminated with drugs, proverty, illiteracy, gang wars, murder, welfare and etc. You name it it's there and Marvin sang about it. He foretold the future. We areliving his words.
  • Knowing what the future would be like I wonder if Marvin could have made a great politician in D.C. or someplace where he would be heard and taken seriously?
  • He also sang about sex. Yes he had the music to make love to. He sang so many soulful ballads. You sho' love to ball, distant lover, sexual healing and others. The man was a versatile singer. He just sang about everything. If he were around today and had done his collaboration with Barry White I do believe that between the 2 of them we would have heard some totally awesome sounds. After all Barry has always been the man to sing a love song and make you wanna holler throw up both you hands just like Marvin. They have a CD collection in Spec's of Marvin's music. It also includes some unreleased music. It costs about $100. If anyone has heard it let me know how you like the unreleased tunes. Being a Marvin Gaye fan I'm sure they have to be good.
  • Right after Marvin return to the States, I seen him in concert with Luther Vandross. This man was GREAT!!!!!! I agree with you, "Trouble Man LP was well underrated. After seeing Marvin Gaye perform, gotta tell ya,,,,,,, it was a show of a LIFETIME. "Sexual Healing" had made it to the top of the chart, the crowd went wild when he sang this song.
  • I envy you.....I never got to see Marvin perform live at all, of course now it's too late !! I always thought the live version of Distant Lover" that he did was fantastic.
  • I'm sorry to say that I never saw Marvin perform either. He left us at time when his future looked very promising. Sexual Healing was a great album. I'm glad that he left us that and many more great albums. Not many artists are able to package an album the way Marvin did. He was special and will be remembered forever.
  • Let me say, first hand,, ,, Marvin used his voice to express all that he were. When I left the show, his voice ringed in my ears for days, often I found myself humming the music. Marvin not only sang ballads but gave focus, direct and a sense of worth. His songs always reflect the battle that is constantly fought today.... Remember "Whatís Going On" ? Another singer that was way before his' time and he followed his heart. His life wasn't always perfect yet he grew and from that growth, he tried to return a few moments of peace to the world. When I think of Marvin, this quote always cross my mind. "For a star without flaws is a rock with glitters". His inner beauty remain forever intact, which is why his music became so very special, but this is just the vision I seen of Marvin. I'm also lookng for a complete list of ever lp that Marvin Gaye did,,,, if you or anyone know them, I would really appreciate it.
  • There will never be another Marvin...He was truly a musical geniusÖ Listen to HEAR, MY DEAR.. Which when it was released was considered awful, but almost 20 years later, it's a classic. I hate when I see television programs and they do tributes to Marvin and they have all of these NO TALENT people singing...What a mess.
  • I love Marvin and admittedly for a lot of other reasons than that he could sing! The man was SEXY! I did'nt realize until recently that "Hear My Dear" was an stipulation release so that he could pay his wife (Gordy's sister?) a divorce settlement!
  • This was certainly a unique way for Marvin to earn his "freedom" from the Gordy family, wasn't it ??
  • btw - if you haven't already checked it out I would strongly reccomend the book "Divided Soul" by David Ritz. This is a fantastic book which documents "everything you always wanted to know about Marvin.". Marvin certainly led a very interesting life to say the least. While I read my copy, I had the Marvin Gaye box set playing in the background !!
  • VH1 had a special on the master, Marvin Gaye this week. This is not the first special on Gaye I've seen but I loved it. Did anyone find it credible?
  • Sorry I didn't see it, unfortunately my cable operator does not carry VH-1. The special sounds like a good one.

    • I had the opportunity to catch this special. .enjoyed it very much. There were quite a few live tapes of live interviews with Marvin. Its a sad thing to have someone so special and talented and to lose them in such a terrible manner. Even though Marvin had plenty of "demons" to battle in his lifetime he blessed us with a music so rich in feeling and meaning..

    I was in LA the day he was shot, a few blocks from where the murder happened didnít find out till that evening what all the sirens and helicopters were for, I still recall how sad I felt that day. He left behind a legacy that could be so sweet and sexy , very political and eye opening. Marvin Gaye was truly a man of many talents, his music will continue to inspire many generations

    • I saw half of it. It's being repeated on Sunday, 12//29 a9 9Pm NY time. The last half that I did see was great. I intend to watch again tomorrow.
  • I saw it too, it was shown last yr, it was part of a series that was done by one of the cable channels forget which..They did one on Smokey and a few other groups too. But I will say Marvin's story stuck with me the most and Smokey followed a very close second. I managed to tape most of them. Keep watchin VH1, maybe they will show the rest of the series.
  • If we listen to the music of artist from the past especially Marvin Gaye we will find that the music was far ahead of it's time. What he sang about then represents the present and the future. Creating an area where you can discuss real music took the brains of someone that will never forget his roots in pure funk and soul
  • I agree with you wholeheartedly about Marvin Gaye. He truly was an artist ahead of his time !!! When he changed up in 1971, and brought forth Whatís Going On, Marvin changed the musical landscape forever. First of all it was a MASSIVE containing many MONSTER FUNK jams (and also broke the mold of Motown). Secondly the album really set the tone for what was to happen in Black music in the 1970s. Whatís Going On was the very first of the concept albums with a message to be a big hit on both the pop & r&b charts. (Marvin was a funkateer for sure !!! Thirdly, Whatís Going On represented Marvin Gayeís statement of independence from the shackles of Berry Gordy. Marvin wrote & produced all of the music in a mode that we would today refer to a jazz funk. He was able to do this against the wishes of Berry Gordy.
  • By the way.....what do you think of DAngelo ??

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