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Matte - Hypmotized - High Pyramid Records The music world is in for a treat. Newcomer Matte', pronounced like the gourmet delicacy patte', has arrived with a sound that will set record industry on fire. This lady sings a love song in the tradition of Diana Ross and Natalie Cole, lofty names in deed, but she truly belongs in the neighborhood.

Her infectious contemporary rhythms might be compared to many legendary ladies of song but actually, emanate from her roots in Memphis, Tennessee, and the strong desire to succeed and do well, that is part of her family life!

Coming from a very large and talented family, she was pointed toward music early. I was greatly influenced by my brothers who play guitar and sang. "I have a brother who sang in the group with William Bell," Matte' said. "And then there's my sister the story-teller, my sister the artist and my husband the multi-talented producer. So what else was I going to do but be an entertainer," she laughs.

Matte' might be new to the general public but not to the business itself because she has worked with and been influenced by some very gifted and legendary names in the business. Maurice White, renowned artist and leader of Earth, Wind and Fire; Larry Lee, a blues artist and guitarist, gave Matte' her first studio exposure, and later she would sing background vocal for Al Green.

In addition, Matte's husband "John "Kousi" Harris was a member and leader of one of the mid 60's top group." The Brothers Unlimited" Matte' and her family resides in sunny Pensacola, Florida, with white sugar beaches. While living in Pensacola, Matte' and her husband formed a new record label High Pyramid Record.

"Being around all of these positive and talented people has been the greatest shaping force of my life and I feel I have to do well just to satisfy my debt to them," she mused.

The word multi-talented was coined for this lady who writes, operates a successful business, manage a home, but most of she can sing!

"I'm bringing a vocal style that soft, sexy and really raw, but it's all me," Matte' said while explaining her style. But you can believe that when you hear her you will agree she's a Star!

The picture shown above is the album's first single release featuring the songs; "Hypnotized and I Still Love You and I Don't Know Why."

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